From: Diane Richardson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: FBI: Proof Obama born in Kenya; a Communist; a CIA agent in Pakistan not at Columbia, and preselected to be President

Date: May 7, 2014 at 6:21:51 PM EDT


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To the FBI, Secret Service and List

These articles, found by my web site partner Laura, provide information that proves, once again and more definitively that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya (is not a US citizen); is a Communist that was groomed for decades by the Progressive members of the Democratic Party to become President of the United States; and that at ages 20-25, he was actually in Pakistan as an agent of the CIA, traveling on a Kenyan passport. He was not at Columbia during those years where no one from those days know him, and his false US identity has been carried out in part by the use of a phony birth certificate and many Social Security numbers.

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So, the question is, Are the FBI, Secret Service, and Congress still run by Americans that will take action to remove this impostor, and imprison all the conspirators? Or, are we to continue this charade until the damage is so bad and so obvious that even fools can see this?


Diane Richardson


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