From: Diane Richardson [Email address removed]

Subject: Follow-on to Yesterday's email to the FBI

Date: December 10, 2013 at 8:27:22 AM EST

To:, "" <>,, "" <>, "" <>,,, "CNN.Digital.Communications" <>,

Cc:, RSC <>, House Republicans <gop@HOUSEMAIL.HOUSE.GOV>, Senate Conservatives <>,,,,,, FreedomWorks <>, Congressman Peter King <>, "" <>, Philip Berg <>, Orly Taitz <>

Bcc: List.

To the news organizations copied in yesterday’s email to the FBI and Secret Service,

You may think that you can control this news as you do so many other issues, but I assure you that Americas will eventually come to learn who Obama/Soetoro really is (1), and when that happens, and he is removed from office and put in jail, those of you who are complicit will join him, and your news organizations and the Democrat Party will suffer greatly. So the sooner you begin to help America to get rid of this menace, the lessor your crimes might be judged, and the sooner we can begin to heal. 

On moving forward constructively: there is no great divide between the Left and the Right, if we all acknowledge that we simply cannot afford to let the Democrat-controlled Federal Reserve (a private banking enterprise)(2) and Democrat-controlled Wall Street (3) run wild while the Democrat-controlled federal government intentionally puts Americans out of work (4) and onto welfare, (5) as we head full steam through Socialism to virtual Communism (6). With lie after lie about the unemployment rate (7), ObamaCare, Benghazi, NSA ubiquitous surveillance (8), ‘Extortion 17,’ Fast and Furious, firing of military generals and other command officers, CommonCore, Obama drone terrorism, Muslim Outreach, and on and on, we truly are headed for disaster. 

But you can make a difference, if you understand that our country cannot survive on phony ‘hope and change’ when Congress has so many stupid (9), corrupt (10) and self-serving bureaucrats (9), and do your part to teach Americans the truth and help to remove these impediments to real growth (11) and national security.

So the ending is clear: either way, sooner or later, Obama/Soetoro will be found out.  The only question is, will you continue to support a would-be despot until he has total control, at which point there is a rebellion by all faithful Americas? Or help to revolve the problem before that happens?


1) To learn other reasons that support Obama’s non-citizenship, go to the section named “Is President Obama a US Citizen? Commonly known as the ‘Birther Issue’” on the home page at

2) To cause massive future inflation through QE, while making themselves richer.

3) To steal from pension and retirement funds through various methods and insider knowledge.

4) By way of intentional acts of excessive and unmeasured regulation.

5) And by doing so, stealing their futures and independence, and submitting them to untold misery.

6) Through overregulation.

7) Not counting those no longer officially looking for work (which could lead to an unemployment rate of ‘Zero’ with 100 million Americans out of work), and falsifying the new jobs data.

8) Which most assuredly includes blackmail.

9) You surely know who they are.

10) Instead of fixing the cause of the MBSs ‘funny-paper’ economic meltdown they actually created a law to protect it so it can happen again!

11) TM: Regardless the method of implementation, the Pilgrims and Governor Bradford taught us about human nature and free will: that communism doesn’t really work. We’ve also learned that socialism fails because they (or ‘we’) always run out of other peoples money. We only need to look at Cuba for the result: as free-enterprise is diminished and workers earn less the only things that get produced are what people can afford, eventually leaving jobs for the masses like raising chickens and rabbits ad making bricks.  There should always be rich and poor based on earnest effort; and entry level jobs are just that, and never intended to raise a family. 

Economic theory: Please understand that there are two major types of economists: those that consider human nature in their projections, and those that don’t because theory is simpler.  The first are generally known as free-market economists or realists, the others are generally known as Keynesian, dreamers, agents of the government, or agents of global entities intent on controlling the wealth of nations. 

Diane Richardson

[Location removed]

A Democrat until I heard a group of Left-leaning global economists and members of the Fed tell us (on the old The Economists TV Program) that they were going to orchestrate the need for the 2-worker family (as they had done in Europe) because Americans (at the time) had too much money available for leisure activities.

(MACP (Psychology and Counseling), MBA, business manager and turnaround expert, retired Director of MBA Programs, educator; author of Left vs. Right: political positions for a better America, written for students and low information voters; creator of,, and

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