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America's Greatest Enemy: Barack Hussein Obama

Diane Richardson, a former Democrat, with research by Laura Cambria, a chronic Conservative

On the way to discussing our greatest enemy, we decided to add two others that are also destroying our country:

2) Unions that demand wage, healthcare and pension benefits beyond the ordinary, because they rob limited state and local budgets of the funds that would otherwise pay for needed infrastructure repairs to roads, bridges, concrete and earthen dams, levies, causeways, municipal drinking water and sewer systems, hazardous waste disposal systems, inland waterways, ports, rail systems, transit systems, schools, public parks and recreation, airports, and energy resources. The problem is so severe that it would currently take $2.2-$3.6 trillion just to bring these necessary resources up to normal condition. And without attention, will soon begin to cause damage, death and flooding on a large scale, along with all the associated aggravations. (33) (34)

3) The Liberal/Democrat/Progressive(Communist) Party, because, in its infinite wisdom to be all things to all people, it is literally spending us into oblivion, while wasting more than half of every dollar it spends to provide support and services on an overpaid and dysfunctional government bureaucracy.

Currently, the biggest lie is about who the president really is. Is he a Christian, as he says he is, or is he a Muslim? Barack Obama has been wearing a ring for about 30 years. At first it was thought that he was married before Michelle, because he wore it on the traditional wedding ring finger, but he continues to wear it. The inscription has been photographed and enlarged, then read by two scholars. It says in Arabic, “There is no God except Allah.” (19) He even goes so far to say, """I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”"" (Copied from the Jihad page. The citizenship issue is covered in detail on the 'Remove Obama' page.)

Former CIA officer says President Obama has "switched sides" and is working with the Muslim Brotherhood to enforce Islamic law and Sharia, characterizing him as a radical anti-American Islamist. She also claims that he only killed Bin Laden because he couldn't avoid it, and we claim that he had SEAL Team VI killed as payback. And I predict that every non-Muslim with intimate knowledge of this crime will eventually die an unnatural death, as will every person with intimate knowledge of what was on Hillary's email server --- see death statistics. And the Clinton's will avoid air travel together.

Video 1: Soetoro ia a citizen of Indonesia, was (actually registered as a Muslim and) taught Islam in his Catholic school; he says on ABC News that he is a Muslim before being corrected by the host; his original U.S. birth certificate had no official seal. (The Sheriff's Kit on the 'Remove Obama' page proves the entire birth certificate is a fraud. The Remove Obama page also has the news that Loretta Fuddy, the senior administrator in charge of all these lies has just conveniently died in an accident. This report is to be found at the bottom of the analysis, 'Is President Obama a U.S. Citizen?')

Video 2: "Obama name, birth and Communist background."

Video 1


Video 2


Uncovered Muslim Brotherhood Documents [Should] Put Obama in Prison (97)

The greatest enemy this country has ever faced is not Germany or Japan, or the Soviet Union or China. The greatest enemy this country has ever faced is the man sitting in the White House: President Barack Hussein Obama.

Mr. Obama is our greatest enemy because he grew up under the influences of his grandfather, Stanley (Armour) Dunham, and Frank Marshall Davis, both strong-willed and committed Marxists, while Davis also believed America was racist, and for that reason hated white America. (50)(49)(48) His grandmother’s ‘sensitivity to or fear of blacks,’ didn’t help. (60) They believed these things because they didn’t understand our history or why people in the U.S. did what they did. To be fair, most citizens today don’t know this either, but having grown up in the U.S. surrounded by non-racist citizen patriots, in one form or another, they take for granted that we mean well but still have a few flaws that need fixing.

Born in Kenya (76)(77)(78)(64), Barack’s early years were spent in Hawaii. His parents spent little time together and were divorced a few years later. After being asked to leave Harvard, his Muslim Father returned to Kenya, but on a business trip returned to Hawaii to visit him once at about age 10. His father later died in an automobile accident when Barry was 21. (62)

At age 3, his mother, Ann, met and married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim, during her studies. Adopted under Indonesian law Barack became Barry Soetoro, and spent ages 6-10 living near Jakarta, Indonesia — controlled by the increasingly repressive Sukarno regime — being taught the Quran in a Christian school, while Ann taught English and empathized with the poverty and suffering of the Indonesian people. (61)(57) At that time, her husband, Colonel Soetoro, was helping the future ruler of Indonesia, General Suharto, to get rid of Indonesian Communists (the PKI), between trips to earn his master’s degree in Geography/Cartography in the U.S.. (56)(63) When Barry was sent back to Hawaii at age 10, to live with his grandparents, his mother remained in Indonesia for another year before returning to Hawaii to continue her education. Three years later, after earning her master's degree in cultural Anthropology of Indonesian Peoples, she traveled back to Indonesia as an Anthropologist. Barry, however, at 14, wanted to remain in Hawaii. (61) While growing up with his grandparents, being mentored by Frank Marshall Davis — also said to have been a sexual pervert (59) — and attending private school as a teen, Barry became a homosexual, a fanciful liar,* and a cocaine user. (52) At 19, his mother divorced Lolo. After some studies at Occidental College — with foreign aid as a student from Indonesia (53) — in 1983, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Columbia (71); while his mother continued her work as a micro-economic anthropologist, and, begrudgingly ? (56)(58), helping the CIA in Indonesia, ”the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia.” (56). Thereafter, Bill Ayers (73)(74) arranged for him to move back to Chicago and work for him at the Woods Foundation, then arranged for him to head the ‘Chicago Annenberg Challenge’ project. (72) Finally, from ages 30-33, he earned his law degree from Harvard (54), and was accepted to teach Constitutional law at the University of Chicago, as an adjunct. One year later, his mother died of cancer in a Hawaiian hospital. She was 53.


In the face of an argument that Anne Dunham was not Obama’s biological mother (93), another more compelling thesis is that Obama’s real father was Frank Marshall Davis. (94) You decide. However, if this were true, he is still a British-Kenyan by birth, but an Indonesian Muslim by their laws of adoption. (95) But the facts still remain: 1) He has submitted a Hawaiian birth certificate that has been proven to be a fake. (Perhaps this was also an attempt to hide a pregnancy by a Communist after Obama Sr. was identified by Harvard as a bigamist.) 2) Obama is mirroring Davis’s Communist teachings, which are to transform America into Socialist/Communist State, and it appears that socialized medicine was to be among those first changes.


Malik s interview starts at about 33 minutes. (100)

“‘No person except a natural-born citizen…shall be eligible to the office of President,’ …” (84)

“Barack Hussein Obama is constitutionally unqualified to be the President of the United States.” (83)

My summary: Allegiance to the U.S. Constitution (USC) is the guiding principle to become President of the United States. Allegiance to the USC can only be determined by assurances that there is no other allegiance.

A) Because Obama’s mother was under 21 years of age, and his father was a British national, according to the law of nations, which is based on longstanding historical precedent, the family was British.

B) Because the USC requires each parent, especially the father, to be a U.S. citizen, to confer ‘natural-born’ status, Obama can never be a ‘natural-born’ citizen.

C) Because the USC requires natural-born citizens to have been born on U.S. soil in order to confer ‘natural-born’ status, Obama, born in Kenya, can never be a ‘natural-born’ citizen. (John McCain, born on leased Panamanian soil, also failed this test.)

D) The Fourteenth Amendment to the USC, and related adjudications, require each parent of “natural-born” children to be either natural-born or naturalized U.S. citizens, because allegiance to the United States must be absolute. Therefore, Obama is ineligible to be President of the United States, no matter where he was born. At birth he could have been a British national or citizen of another country if born elsewhere, or native-born if born in the U.S., but never ‘natural-born.’

E) In fact, because Obama/Soetoro was born in Kenya, but became a citizen of Indonesia through adoption, he is not even a U.S. citizen!

F) However, Given Obama is the all powerful ‘President’, all those involved may want to protect or ‘cleanup’ his historical image, so his biography will most probably be rewritten. Or made unsearchable.

The Difference Between a U.S. Citizen and a Natural Born Citizen, by Lawrence Sellin, January 7, 2016 (101)

Obama's reckoning to come on November 19! [2013], Klayman Calls for the Masses to Force Resignation of Convicted President, by Larry Klayman. (102)

According to this analysis, which is another of many, Mr. Obama is not eligible to become President of the United States because his father was not a US Citizen, Senator Cruz is not even a US Citizen (!), and Senator Rubio is a native born citizen not a natural born citizen and therefore not eligible to become president either. (103)

Letter to FBI, Secret Service and List, May 7, 2014: Proof Obama born in Kenya; a Communist; a CIA informant in Pakistan not at Columbia, and preselected to become President

Obama's Dishonest Rise to Power

At Harvard, Obama's interests were constitutional law, white privilege and racism. (65) Black belief in racism was strong in Chicago then, but he was also a homosexual. (80) So he joined Rev. Wright’s church, a church that preached hate of America and white people, while also providing support for homosexuals, and stayed there for 20 years. Along the way, with guidance from Rev. Wright and Rev. Jesse Jackson, he entered into an arranged married with Michelle Robinson (69) who, for the same reason, hated America. He continued his earlier work as a community organizer, during which time he found like-minded friends - anarchists, black racists, and so on - to help him reach his goal by whatever means necessary - hate is a powerful driving force. (14) With the help of Jessie Jackson, politically-connected David Axelrod, and a slightly older and wiser Valerie Jarrett, he ascended in Illinois politics, ""Kenyan-born"" (82), not by honest debate, but by destroying the reputation of his opponent. (75) After being introduced as Kenyan-born for his keynote speech at the 2004 Democrat National Convention (79), in 2007, he switched from being Kenyan born to being Hawaiian born. (78) With the additional help of Bill Ayers (70), and the Democrat Party, he ascended in national politics only by telling us who he claims to be from his books, while the mainstream media kept silent. Based on his strong belief in black suppression by our white founders, and a desire to make universal and lasting reparations, he continues to interpret the U.S. Constitution as supreme laws with negative rights. (81)

Have you any idea the outrageous and unConstitutional dishonesty going on here, by Obama/Soetoro, the Democrat and Republican parties, the mainstream media, Congress and the Supreme Court? 'Our government' and many others have taken American citizens for absolute fools!

It's Not Racism, and Never has been

As for the charge of Racism against white Americans, what Mr. Obama still doesn’t understand is ancient and world history. Just as the Pharaohs made slaves of the lowest class of Egyptian society (85), and the Romans made slaves of the Jews (86), blacks in Africa have captured and sold black Africans as slaves for centuries. (87) That was the world then. What Mr. Obama still doesn’t understand is that most Americans are not racists, and never were. We even had a very bloody Civil War to erase it led by Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, and voting and equal rights laws for blacks and women led by Republicans. Today, what many Americans, of all skin colors, confuse with racism is really quite natural in all creatures. It is the mechanism of self-defense that we all share in a societal setting with many unknowns. It is the natural desire to protect or defend self and career by surrounding oneself with those we feel the most comfort with. In our personal lives we attach ourselves to those who seem the most familiar, whomever they may be. This means that if someone grew up in a Greek neighborhood, that person would first be more trusting of Greeks, and so on. It's the same in the workplace, but different when in a position to hire. Therein, job security is paramount, so those in a position to hire will always hire those he or she perceives is the most trustworthy with regard to his or her own job security and career aspirations (often unconsciously) along with the best skills to do the job, so as to avoid discrediting him or herself for making bad decisions (and threaten one's own job security). This means that along with the necessary job skills and all things being equal, s/he will likely hire someone from the same college, or the same educational background, or the same age group, or with the same beliefs, in order to feel the safest. These decisions, personal and professional, have nothing to do with race, and for the majority of us never have been. But the phenomenon is so little understood or verbalized, virtually no one can fully explain it, at least as I am trying to do now.

This explains why President Obama surrounds himself with blacks and Communists, and, perhaps to some degree, friends from his earlier years. To better understand his goals takes a little more explaining.

Obama, America and the US Constitution

It is well known that Obama does not approve of the U.S. Constitution as written because it protects our natural freedoms and right to self-determination as apposed to explicit government controls and assurances, which can only be accomplished through enormous and ubiquitous government regulations, and the people to create, monitor and control them, and the taking from one to give to another. It should be obvious therefore that he would not favor a military that protects our way of life. So, for example, he does nothing to help the military overcome its atrociously bureaucratic VA services (28), while furloughing its support staff during sequestration and taking away Fourth of July celebration benefits. He is even allowing active duty National Guard troops to be furloughed, with 20% pay cuts, greatly affecting their ability to support themselves. (35) All while he spends tens of millions on foreign travel and offers billions in foreign aid. (29)(36)

"Security for the trip reportedly will involve military cargo planes airlifting 56 support vehicles, including 14 limousines, and three trucks to carry bulletproof glass to cover the windows where the president and his family will stay." (30)

What Mr. Obama's disdain for America's founding principles conveniently erases is centuries of personal freedom and national prosperity, neighbors helping neighbors, and charitable giving. (Because of our prosperity, Americans are the most charitable people on the planet.) And he overlooks the 'manufactured poverty' of millions of Americans that he has created through regulation to increase government control. Contrast this behavior with extravagant spending in support of Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, to the point of replacing their gyms only because they were built by infidels! (32)

Since he believes that the Constitution favors the rich, and the poor have been cheated out of their rightful share of America and its economic success, he and some who agree with him, are determined to undo those wrongs. And the quickest way seems to be by giving away as much of America's perceived wealth as he can to as many as he can, while imposing as much control over the economy as he can – to destroy the free-markets favored by white men and impose the government controlled economy he prefers - by creating as many rules and regulations that his administration can create, regardless the number of people he puts out of work, for the greater good. While he's doing this he's enjoying his share of all that he's accomplished without blame, as a result of all the bold lies he's told, by personally overspending as much as he can.

But, as we have learned, he also wants to punish Middle America too by having his administration make life for average Americans as miserable as it can be, especially current and former members of the military. Don't believe us? Read "Is this the new normal? Obama’s politics of oppression and lawlessness" (44) Read "*UPDATED* The List: Unnecessarily Shut Down by Obama to Inflict Public Pain" (45)

And consider: Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War? (46)

A truly compassionate considerate and more introspective 'American' would see the need to manage the Federal Reserve and control the excesses of Wall Street bankers and other insiders and thieves. A more honorable man would also see that managers of big corporations are given special privileges by Congress. And that changing the Constitution or our form of government will do nothing but turn us all into protesters, because we all have our limits.

Obama Destruction

However, if I am misinterpreting his goals, and he is instead intent on destroying America as we know it because of his biases and perceived injustices, it won't be long before he is impeached. And the sooner the better because A) his Executive Orders show planning for a Police State as does his planned 7 million member national civilian police force show a method of implementation (see Jihad Page); B) a highly respected forensic profiler has created an image of a man that could easily be a cruel ruler, who is planning on something very bad to happen as he has ordered the acquisition of 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition and targets with faces of pregnant women and children holding guns to desensitize his police forces. (12) And, as we described on the Jihad page, he has also ordered the acquisition of 2,700 light-armored military vehicles, helicopter training for urban warfare (even during sequestration and VA and one-day-a-week National Guard layoffs (40)), riot gear (41), and an Army manual on how to hold political dissidents in military police controlled detention and reeducation camps. (13) And finally, C) an economic crash is very likely during his presidency, and is predicted by many experts. Example (37) And when that happens, along with most Americans losing everything due to unemployment and inflation, riots, looting, criminal behavior and death are expected on a scale never before experienced in the USA, requiring Obama to declare a state of national emergency. (42) Alternately, his administration and his media enablers could provoke race-baiting riots earlier via some ruse (38), like the Zimmerman trial verdict. (39) At that point Congress either impeaches him for setting up these scenarios instead of attempting to prevent them, or it allows America to become a republic no more.

Robert Welchs 1958 Predictions

Founder, John Birch Society: supports Anti-Communism,
small government, the Constitution & freedom (23)

Robert Reich on why Chained CPI would be bad (22)

Progressives Present 2 Million Signatures Against Chained CPI At The White House.

In his article on Obama, the Obama presidency and his “socialist Marxist Democrats,” Kelly OConnell writes:

”I. Obama Must Resign, or Be Judged Incapable of Fulfilling Duties of Office

”A recent, apocryphal online story accused Barack of suffering a nervous breakdown. [Linked] But if this story is spurious, one cannot help notice it contains a grain of truth. Obama has been turning up for interminable speeches attempting to explain and defend ObamaCare, while seeming depressed and unstable. Certainly, his grandiose self-image cannot help his increasingly shaky hold on reality.

Yet there is simply no more glossing over Barack’s spectacular incompetence. It would be difficult to briefly describe the myriad ways he has failed his office. But it would be nearly impossible to find a policy or action which was universally accepted as a success by Americans as a whole. In short, Obama’s leadership has been so non-traditional, contradictory, counter-intuitive, desultory, and counter-productive that it goes without saying it’s failed. In other words, Barack’s “method” is anti-American because we as a people do not invest in failing to achieve some retrograde group’s perverse goals.

In other words, Americans reject Marx’s entire theory of life—that capitalism and freedom must be destroyed to empower a tiny group who will then augur in a property-less paradise. The sickness of Obama is that he apparently fell in love with leftism during a misspent youth, smugly assuming all progressive theories to be true without ever testing any himself, or studying anyone who had. It is a continual astonishment that all socialist/ liberal /communist states have failed and yet the elite mandarins still demand more Marxism.

The question we must face now, given Barack’s determined sleepwalking into horrific failure, like a blind man staggering into a plane’s propeller—is he mentally or morally capable of leading the world’s most powerful country?

Barack is weird for an American. Consider, for a moment, the myriad of explanations for Barack’s strange approach to leadership. Contra, such explanations for President Ronald Reagan’s leadership style would be absurd, since success needs no handwringing or repeated theories to plumb its depths. Ponder the following attempts to crack the Obama riddle: Is Barack Mentally Ill?, Child Obama Guided by Child Molester, Barack Refuses to Salute During Star Bangled Banner, Is Obama a Muslim?, Barack a Clinical Narcissist?, Is Obama a Communist, Barack an Atheist?, Barry a Prostitute Drug Fiend?, Barack a Homosexual?, Obama in Muslim Brotherhood?, Barack a Socialist?, etc. [all linked]

So, despite the myriad speculation on the motivations, proclivities and flaws of this very odd and troubled man, we are left with only a few unsavory possibilities for explaining his actions. He is either incompetent, or he is purposefully tanking at his job in hopes of damaging America. Either way, it is time for him to go.” (47)

Let's not forget that the state of the economy is all his fault. And it's very likely to get much worse starting with an overdue market correction of about 10%, which could trigger a much greater drop, because of trillions of Federal Reserve dollars sitting in big banks that will eventually reach the economy and cause much greater inflation. In the meantime, he's blaming Republicans for everything. Could this trigger the civil unrest that Homeland Security is preparing for?

How does Obama get away with it?

How has he escaped blame for so much damage for so long? First, because he is a consummate liar (4) protected by a corrupt media, because they are in love with his message and not questioning or reporting on issues that should be of concern. (6)(7) Second, because he takes no responsibility for leading; instead he's always campaigning and blaming someone else: ("" target="_blank">A President Who Wants Power but No Responsibility. Link has been disabled at source.) (2)

The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

Very important to hear history and warnings throughout,
but especially beginning at 36 min. for names, and at 44 min. for Obama lies and plans. (20)

Comments about the video:

The actions of the very powerful Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve and the banking community are not a 'conspiracy theory,' as some would have you believe, but a conspiracy in fact born out of human nature; they are a logical progression of the thinking of very wealthy men, with nothing better to do than to plan to have more power and control over money, supported by those who seek to increase and protect their own wealth.

The authors of the video claim the president has little or no control over our economy, and under ordinary circumstances that would be true. But with Obama creating many more laws than we need, he is controlling the economy, and by doing so creating Communism.

The authors also support the belief that Obama had been groomed by these money men for the presidency and that he is their puppet, as does the article "The Obama-Bilderberg Connection" (21), while we have already proven that he is beholden to rich Muslims, most probably the Saudis, and that he is no man's puppet. I also suggest that the money men are more likely to confine their interests to those who control money -- members of Congress and the Federal Reserve -- but support from the Bilderberg Group would be welcomed by Obama and reciprocated.

Wall Street banking, the Federal Reserve and the Bilderberg Group are therefore just another global force trying to control money, as the video first explains, and until now have done a masterful job of it. With much more economic damage to come. President Obama's goal, however, is more power and control over the US, and a Police State by attempting to nationalize state and local police forces in an 'emergency' (HR 645 [111th]) and training some even without the authority -- while creating other related laws and making preparations described on the Jihad page -- and recruiting for 'national' community service, Therefore, Obama and the actions of the Federal Reserve represent the most immediate danger to America.

What does this tell us? It tells us that President Obama is not a man of compassion, and that he will do anything he can get away with to move his agenda forward.

Along the way, Mr. Soros will make billions by betting against our currency, as he's done before with other countries in managed decline. Only time will reveal if this is part of a plan of mutual support. And while the U.S. economy is not yet ready for solar energy, his Arab benefactor(s) must be very pleased with his policies on limited U.S. oil and gas production.

Here's another masterful way of destroying America from within that should make his Communist and Arab friends very happy: Allow China to own an oil company with leases to our natural resources, including oil in the proposed Keystone Pipeline: "The Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) reached a “definitive agreement” with Nexen, Inc., a Canadian energy company, announced on July 23, 2012, to buy all of the company’s outstanding public shares. Nexen has holdings in the Gulf of Mexico and Canada, giving the Chinese government access to millions of barrels of Keystone XL and Gulf reserve oil." And if that's not enough, the people that sold were some of Obama's bundlers and backers. (5) (A number of companies will be using the pipeline to transfer crude and tar sands oil, but it's unclear how much of it will be used domestically or shipped overseas. Senator Reid has expressed concern that most of it will be shipped overseas. (9))

Obama Warns Growing Middle Class is Threatening the Environment! (27) So, “the US government is allowing debt to the Chinese to be converted to valuable US public land and energy resources, but without public knowledge or consent.

Where is the mainstream media on this? Where is Congress on this catastrophic loss sovereignty and natural resources? And somehow Senator Reid and his family also seem to be involved.” (96)

Obama’s Years of Collaboration with Terror Supporters (26)

Independent Report Confirms Obama Communist Treachery and Likelihood of Martial Law

Obama Terrorism and War Crimes

According to the report that follows, President Obama's drone strike policy against 'terrorists' in other countries is so brutal and indiscriminate that its killed thousands of innocent bystanders in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and according to Leftist professors Noam Chomsky (MIT) and Bill Ayers (UC), and Larry Pinkney representing the Black Panthers, the greatest creator of future terrorists we could have. Imagine how we would feel if some other country was killing Americans using drones over U.S. soil. The obvious conclusion is, Obama, the peace president, is the world's greatest terrorist! Chomsky suggests that this manufactured terrorism then becomes the reason we need a massive Department of Homeland Security, and the very intrusive NSA.

"…the MIT professor and prolific author said that Obama has not just earned the title of “terrorist” — the President has proven time and again that it is “dedicated to increasing terrorism.”

"“The Obama Administration is dedicated to increasing terrorism,” he went on. “In fact, it’s doing it all over the world. Obama, first of all, is running the biggest terrorist operation that exists, maybe in history. The drone assassination campaigns, which are just part of it… All of these operations, they are terror operations.” …

“People have a reaction, they don’t say, ‘Fine, I don’t care if my cousin was murdered.’ And they become what we call terrorists,” he said. “This is completely understood from the highest level, that as you carry out these operations you’re generating terrorism.”" (25)

Obama Charged With War Crimes:

"Obama has killed thousands of civilians in order to prove to the American people that “al-Qaeda is on the run,” a fantasy only Obama and his minions believe. Jeremy Scahill’s just-published blockbuster book, Dirty Wars, gives a laundry list of the “anti-war” Obama’s real record as a war-monger.

Just six months into his presidency, on June 23, 2009, Obama authorized the use of a drone to fire multiple hellfire missiles to take out a single high value target on a funeral procession! According to Dirty Wars:

Scores of civilians— estimates ranged between eighteen and forty-five— were killed. “After the prayers ended people were asking each other to leave the area as drones were hovering,” said a man who lost his leg in the attack. “First two drones fired two missiles, it created a havoc, there was smoke and dust everywhere. Injured people were crying and asking for help…they fired the third missile after a minute, and I fell on the ground.”

According to Dirty Wars, this was simply one of the dozens of attacks on civilians in order to take out a single or handful of al-Qaeda suspects. The thousands of civilians that Barack Hussein Obama has murdered amounts to genocide.

Oh, but that’s not the half of it.

A nonpartisan group, The Constitution Project, in their mammoth 600-page report, has concluded that Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States, should be indicted for war crimes in the authorization or coverup of the use of torture during interrogation on detainees at Guantánamo and CIA “black sites.”" (18)

From the Benghazi page:

*****UPDATE 39: Major news the mainstream media is not reporting: UN Documents War Crimes of Obama’s Operatives

[One of many charges] "Weapons Trafficking

Obama launched the war to overthrow Qaddafi in Libya, throwing his support to the al-Qaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). Weapons were provided to the LIFG by Obama through Qatar and the UAE. Once Qaddafi had been assassinated, this same al-Qaeda-affiliated LIFG network then ran weapons seized from Libyan stockpiles to al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorist organizations in Syria and throughout Africa. (See “Updated Fact Sheet: Obama’s Saudi Connection; the Obama—al-Qaeda Alliance” The UN Report findings are damning.)" (52) "

The other news that Obama's adoring media is not report is that over 14,000 Americans have died in 4 years because of his Muslim-friendly war policies, while only ~2,000 died during the 8 years Bush was president.

Obamas Plan to Islamicize America

Is Barack Obama A Sunni Muslim?

Source article: "Obama Tells Senior UN Official “The United States Will be a Muslim Country by 2016″"


Several Presidents promote the New World Order

Agenda 21: The UN 'Green' Plan to World Domination

Even JFK warned us of "an announced need for increased security will be seized upon my those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment."

He also warned us that "we are apposed by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of election, on intimidation instead of free choice, on gorillas by night instead of armies by day. ..." (24)

JFK, MLK Jr. and Ron Paul

Large Bilderberg Group Chart
The Bilderberg Group's Global Connections

The men behind Barack Obama part 1:
interview with historian Webster Tarpley 2008

The men behind Barack Obama part 2:
interview with historian Webster Tarpley 2008

Tarpley claims that Obama is a puppet of the Trilateral Commission (David Rockefeller, George Soros, et al), a clique of bankers guided by Zbigniew Brzezinski (90), and Obama’s tasks are to create a “savage reduction of the standard of living … impoverishment of the United States” … and shift the center of world power from Russia and China to the U.S. and Great Britain, by turning countries against Russia and China. (91)

“The goal of the Trilateral Commission is to align the free world with the advanced communist states to organize a world government.“ (90)

Counsel on Foreign Relations (CFR) works to create a Socialist America: Copied from the New World Order article: there is no more important reference on this web site than this article. (98)

No doubt there are 'multiple external forces' that want to control us in ways that Americans would never approve: among them, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Islamic leaders that desire a U.S. and world Caliphate with Sharia Law; the Trilateral Commission; the Bilderberg Group that wants control over our wealth while enslaving us to debt through the Federal Reserve; and the UN, by way of 'Agenda 21' and sustainable development, wants to centrally control world wealth, populations and our very lives. (55) We fully expect however that our government will always protect us and prevent these things from happening. Unfortunately, President Obama and his administration, filled with Socialists, Communists, and Islamists, have created a broad array of anti-American activities, suggesting that President Obama is by far our greatest enemy. (See also Note 56)

In fact, an administration that intends to furlough thousands at Walter Reed while paying $70M in IRS employee bonuses also deserves our contempt. As does the news media that is not reporting this.

And now we have another warning of a pending man-made national/global disaster, a major false flag (one nation or global entity creating an incident with false evidence to blame another) that could lead to war, a global economic meltdown, and martial law, in the months after Oct 1, 2013, and that Goldman Sachs, "the world's most evil corporation," is behind many of our financial problems -- see huge list of its employees tied to this White House, and others.

Here is a summary from yet another source: America, the Republic on life support: The planned destruction of America

UPDATE, January 29, 2014: The Bilderberg Group has been tied to the MBS/CDS/Countrywide/Fanny Mae housing-related economic collapse (51)

UPDATE: JULY 13, 2015: Through tax exemptions, we have also been funding our own demise by allowing foundations to fund the growth of Communism for decades. (99)

Detailed explanations of how Obama is violating the U.S. Constitution. (3 videos)


We fully support the solutions proposed by retired generals Vallely and Jones:
Overview: during interview. (66)
Details: "The Americans" Project. (67)
Reference: U.S. general: Let's make Obama [and leaders of Congress] resign: Cites Nixon resignation, urges citizens 'to save republic' from Washington leadership (68)

But until those plans can be realized, these actions should be taken:

A) Most Important. Resist all efforts by President Obama and his Communist associates in Congress to create laws that take away our Constitutional rights and create new laws to control us by pretending to be needed for some type of national emergency. States and local communities can always do what's best without federal troops or government control.

B) Create an ‘agency’ to neutralize and protect the U.S. and the world from any “New World Order,” whether it’s the Trilateral Commission, Communism, Muslim Caliphates, the UN’s sustainable development known as Agenda 21, or the global banking community (Goldman Sachs, etc) and the global industrial complex known as the Bilderberg Group. Then, as JFK had intended (and for which he was most probably murdered), eliminate (nationalize) the most destructive economic and banking force within the U.S. — the group that intentionally created the two-worker family, protects the private wealth of the big banks, and will destroy the value of the U.S. currency for personal gain, destroying the American dream and forcing us all to lives of unsurmountable debt — the Federal Reserve.

C) The new president sends a suggested constitutional amendment to all 50 states to limit terms in Congress: senators to no more than two terms (12 years) and representatives to no more than 4 terms (8 years). (Longer terms encourage deals with big money contributors that are not in the best interest of the country.)

D) The new president sends a draft of a bill to Congress suggesting that they limit executive pay in publicly-owned corporations to no more than 50 times the lowest paid employee.

E) The new president sends a draft of a bill to Congress suggesting that they limit stock market profits in corporations that trade U.S. funds electronically to no more than 10% from any company (entity) in any given year, given the enormous advantage they have over other investors, because of their insider knowledge, ability to manipulate expectations and the short and long 'bets' they can make. (15)(43)

Our recommendation is simply based on comparing the tools and knowledge available to difference 'opponents' competing for the same dollar at a given price in the stock market. However, "Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs told a distinguished gathering of bankers and professionals" .. "at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve building" ..."Wall Street is full of “crooks,” and it never properly cleaned up its act after the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008..."

The article reports that the Professor claims "Corruption, insider trading and criminal behavior are rampant on a vast scale." ... '“We have a corrupt politics to the core, I am afraid to say, and . . . both parties are up to their neck in this. This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans,” Sachs told the Philadelphia conference, “Fixing the Banking System for Good.”" (17)

F) The new president sends a draft of a bill to Congress suggesting that they require all corporations, over 3 years old, with $2 million in sales or higher to pay a minimum tax of 10% - no more free rides. (Operating at a loss can be a tactic for growth instead of paying taxes.)

G) The new president sends a draft of a bill to Congress suggesting that they allow companies to offer to pay as low as $5-6 per hour to those who seek their first employment, or reemployment with less than one year of experience, because 'starter jobs' are never intended to 'squat-in' and try to raise a family -- they are stepping stones to better jobs. These squatters also prevent the young from getting their own first jobs. And because raising the minimum wage increases unemployment among the unskilled because employers always try to hire the most skilled, and the higher the minimum wage the more selective they become.

Another important reason to not raise the minimum wage is that profit margins are small in many businesses, less than 10%, with a national average about 6%. Which mean that increased labor costs will usually demand that the owner/business manager find ways to reduce costs in other ways, which usually means either buying some automation to reduce labor or some employees just have to be laid off to balance the payroll. Either way, there will be a reduction in the labor force, if the business owner isn’t forced to consider that the effort to make such a small profit, mostly due to time and cost consuming government regulations, is not worth it anymore and closes the business.

Further, raising the minimum wage universally (‘everywhere’) can have very negative consequences in places that have slow, less robust and lagging economies, because it ends up putting many low paid people out of work, with no other employment possibilities, like in rural America and on America’s territorial Islands, like American Samoa and the Mariana’s. (92)

H) But before things get any worse, we would prefer that he be impeached and that he and all his accomplices be tried for treason. Here are specific reasons:

1) His petulant behavior for not getting his way to end sequestration has been shown to be impeachable at the top of the U.S. Budget Crisis page.

2) His behavior on the Benghazi Coverup page is Impeachable, if true.

3) And, as we've said in earlier pages, a growing economy with expanding employment could be restored very quickly by canceling all the rules and regulations that are stopping it from moving forward.

Therefore, the biggest reason that he should be impeached is his unwillingness to act on behalf of the millions of people out of work, choosing instead massive amounts of government regulations. Which, with the help of the oversupply of too much money by the Federal Reserve, will cause an economic meltdown.

Here are specific examples of what he can do right now: He can stop implementing ObamaCare and he can stop implementing Dodd-Frank, because, just because they are law doesn't mean we must suffer a national catastrophe just to implement them. He could also stop his thousands of regulators from implementing rules and regulations that are putting people out of work. In the world of common sense, what is being allowed to happen is plain stupid. And like blind sheep, Republicans are accepting all this insanity, while trying to create a plan to balance the budget in about ten years! Stop the madness and the economy will balance the budget in one year.

4) Confirmation of the likely economic meltdown is described by the planning for it shown on the Jihad W H page, which by itself is an impeachable offense.

More simply said, he is choosing to implement Socialism and cause an economic catastrophe over a peaceful and thriving free-market economy. And if the military document "FM 3-39.40," describing internment and resettlement camps for political dissidents in the USA (linked on the Jihad W H page), is real, America will no longer exist.

5) Is he qualified to be president? Read "Is President Obama a U.S. Citizen? Commonly known as the Birther Issue. (64) No doubt, you should be surprised by what we discovered.

The reader can help by sending at least this page and the Jihad W H page to as many people as is possible. Then send them to your senators and representatives in Congress.

Obama book promo 1

Black professor bemoans Obama

Crimes to Protect Obama's Identity (See the complete death list on the Home Page)

A) "Is it reasonable to believe that the Republican party had no knowledge of the background of Barack Hussein Obama? Yet not one word from the Republican establishment as they not only watched, but facilitated the takeover of the United States from within." (10)

B) "Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request, the State Department has released passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham, President Obama’s mother – but records for the years surrounding Obama’s 1961 birth are missing." (16)

C) "Meanwhile, a key witness who had been cooperating with federal investigators [regarding two employees of a contracted passport contractor and one employee of John Brennan's security-analysis software contracting company] who looked at, or perhaps edited or stole, Obama's secret passport file* was later found fatally shot in front of a Washington, D.C., church. A police officer found the body of Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, slumped dead inside his car." *It's not clear if this was a Barry Soetoro file or a 'new' Barack Obama file, because the only legitimate file should be for a Barry Soetoro, given Obama had no U.S. birth certificate before 2007.

"Newsmax tied the security breach to the Natural Born Citizen issue back in January 2009: Sources who tracked the investigation tell Newsmax that the main target of the breach was the Obama passport file, and that the contractor accessed the file in order to “cauterize” the records of potentially embarrassing information." (11)

All claims are supported throughout this web site, and more specifically on the page jihad-wh.html.


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UPDATE, March 19, 2013: We have been told by the Alliance that the information in the article by Mr. Hunt is false -- no money is being provided for this project, just some preliminary research -- and they have asked that this article be withdrawn.

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Comment: Senator Reid treats all tar-sand/crude oil as petroleum products, while the IER author separates the two. Then the article supports the pipeline for purposes of exporting crude (refined tar-sand), claiming that even though we are a 4-1 importer (of crude), the pipeline would help to keep overall petroleum/gasoline prices down for when domestic use increases again! We don't understand this argument given there is no intention to replace existing imports. If the pipeline will do nothing to reduce our current imports of crude, then it is useless to us and our economy, even if the economy improves. This means that building a pipeline across America, from Canada to the gulf, no matter how many temporary jobs it provides, adds no useful net value to America, given the loss of use of natural resources, confiscation of land issues, and the water quality and environmental risks involved.

The problem seems to be a mismatch between oil sources in the U.S. and refinery locations, making it easier to import to feed existing refineries. And the likelihood that the oil companies can sell at a higher price to international markets. As I have suggested before, the business goal all along has been to export this oil after some refinement or cleaning, because no dock site pumping facility or shipping company wants to handle the clean up after moving tar-sand oil. It’s also too heavy to ship economically. A solution better for America would probably be to build a refinery along the Canadian Border to serve northern U.S. markets.

However, President Obama knows all this, which creates an interesting choice: A) If he continues to deny the pipeline he continues to support his oil-rich Muslim friends from any U.S. competition. I don’t believe he cares a ‘fig’ about our ‘environment.’ B) If he approves the pipeline he harms his Muslim friends no matter where the oil is used. I don’t believe he cares what unions want on this issue, because to him Muslims always come first. Senator Reid's opinion is important here because he has expressed an opinion against the pipeline, if the oil is to be exported, and President Obama might not want to cross him given he controls the U.S. Senate. So he’s not likely to make a decision before the 2014 mid-term elections.

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The profiler is Dr. Andrew G. Hodges; his book is 'The Obama Confession':

Comment: I do believe that the good doctor has perhaps 'over-analyzed' the president a bit, but I also believe that his analysis in the main is totally correct as most any serious student of psychology will tell you of how we reveal ourselves when talking about others and the world around us. Just as I have expressed my extreme frustration over the acts of the president, the economy and other matters, by repeating myself in these pages, simply because to me they can be so easily fixed. Yet, no one seems to be doing anything about them.

I could have also left out the part about the rail cars with shackles, but if true, why haven't those in power destroyed them and the camps along time ago? Is this reasonable invasion readiness now being converted into a takeover by Communists? When I started this web site it was to be just as the name implied; since then it's grown into an Obama monster. (Which means I think Obama is a monster, who is eager to show himself.)

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"Pity the poor Chicago reporter. She is running out of ways to describe black mob violence without using the words “black mob violence.” Reporting on race is usually not a problem. Every day she writes about black caucuses, black churches, black police, black firemen, black schools, black teachers, black universities, black history, black music, black literature, black art, black television, and black radio."

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20) If you care about the country that you and your family will soon have, IF nothing is done to stop it, I ask that you please take the time to listen to "The Obama Deception" video, which includes higher thinking by some globalists that you should know about, and the global billionaire Bilderberg Group. It's very important that you do this because it contains information that could help you to understand why you need to find ways to protect your wealth, and may save you and your family's lives someday.

The first 48 minutes are mainly about history that warns us about globalist, and how the Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve (Geithner, Greenspan) and Wall Street bankers (Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, Paul Volker, the Group of Thirty ( and others), all 'Democrats,' have cheated us all, stolen trillions of U.S. dollars and worked to expand their control over global wealth. The rest of the video is about Obama lies, and how some members of Congress are trying to help Obama create a Police State.

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22) Although we are also against chained CPI, in favor of more realistic increases to SS benefits with inflation, Dr. Reich is a bit too rosy with his "flush" comment (a), because the SS disability trust fund is already empty, and there is no practical way to replenish the larger SS trust fund because there are many more retires than those paying into the system.

a) The SS trust fund is also empty and being paid through annual income taxes, which means that it competes for funding against other social programs, which is perhaps why 'they' want to limit SS increases. The 'flush' comment simply means that the government owes the money to SS through IOUs.

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Comment: This is all very helpful in understanding Barack/Barry because, without learning how to think, our belief systems are most often formed during childhood. His mother clearly wanted to help ‘Polynesians,’ while his Polynesian stepfather (Lolo) was helping to kill them. The difference was in what type they were. Because of classical issues of overpopulation, life on the islands was not as idealistic as we are often lead to believe, so Communism had ‘fertile’ ground. Communist leaning Polynesians were intent on turning all village properties over to a collective by tricking villagers into giving up their lands and properties, while the government (Sukarno) was, with the help of the CIA, using the military (General Suharto) to stop them, but also developing its own types of controls. Barry’s mother, Ann, probably argued that there had to be a better way, while his father probably argued that there wasn’t enough time, and eventually they divorced. Barack/Barry surely heard some of these discussions, and formed opinions. Then came the influences of Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist and pervert.

"Watch Obama’s actions, not his words! By his actions he will show you where America is headed. The more integrated the world becomes, the more likely it becomes that we will see nightmarish global tyranny someday. Once our national sovereignty is gone, it will be incredibly difficult to get back. If the American people don’t take a stand while they still can, their children may wake up someday as citizens of a very oppressive “global regime”.” (Back)

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103) ONE WORLD ORDER vs. NATURAL BORN CITIZENS, By J.B. Williams, February 23, 2016,,

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A 9 minute history of Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro.

Marine Corps General on Obama



America's Greatest Enemy: Barack Hussein Obama

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