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Analysis of the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman Encounter, July 21, 2013

Given there is so much false news about these two males and the incident, and the trial, we thought to provide some truth.

However, if you are not interested in reading through the evidence presented here, here are the facts:
George Zimmerman, a Hispanic with no history of racial bias, was on duty as a neighborhood watch member on a rainy night because of numerous break-ins and robberies in his community. He called 9/11 to report a suspicious character as he had done many times before. He was advised that the police was on the way and he was to disengage, and he did.

On his way back to his vehicle he was attacked by a man wearing a hoodie -- Trayvon Martin. A witness reported that Trayvon had George on the ground and was hitting him MMA (mixed martial arts) style while George was yelling for help before he shot Trayvon. At the time George was 5' 8" and weighed less than 170 lbs, while Trayvon was 5' 11" and 160 lbs. (Not the 13-YRO child shown in the white hoodie.)

At the convenience store before the incident Tryvon bought ingredients used to create a drug called 'Lean,' and his autopsy showed that he was on drugs. Trayvon's social media and emails showed a young man holding a gun, used and perhaps sold marijuana, used racial slurs and was interested in MMA. And the State prosecutor tried to coverup this information. He was also reported to have been on the first day of a two-week suspension from school for having been found in a place he should not have been with women's jewelry and a screwdriver.

Martin-Zimmerman photos

At the time of the incident - February 26, 2012:

George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old Hispanic American (DOB 10/83), was 5' 8" tall weighing about 170 lbs. (It is reported that he lost weight before the incident, and perhaps weighed less, but gained weight after the incident due to stress.) He was attending Seminole State College in pursuit of an Associate's Degree. The College dropped him from enrollment after Trayvon Martin's death stating student safety.

Background: George is an Obama Democrat, and after being certified to sell insurance opened an insurance business with a black partner. George has black relatives, took a black woman to his high school prom, tutored black kids, and has a history of supporting honest criminal justice by defending a black homeless man against 'white' brutality. (Source) (Video) George was licensed to carry a gun and had taken a course on understanding the State of Florida 'defend your ground' law, which if not properly interpreted can get a Floridian thrown in jail for a very long time even if no one is hurt. It's important to keep in mind however that the death of Trayvon was an act of self-defense.

Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old black American (DOB 2/5/95), 6' tall weighing about 160 lbs.

Background: Trayvon used racist comments on his social media blogs; had 2 tattoos, one being the name of his mother; is reported to have been a pot-smoker, and perhaps a dealer. It is reported that on the day he died he was on 2-weeks suspension from high school for inappropriate behavior (reason undisclosed, and his school records have since been sealed (source), but you will learn more later). It is also reported that he was a teen that used seriously crude (gang-banger?) language (reference), and was a teen-criminal that used a long screwdriver to break into places.

The school suspension was the reason that Trayvon "had been staying … at the townhouse of his father's girlfriend, Brandy Green," and the reason that George didn't recognize him as a member of the community. "In major media accounts, the helpful Trayvon ventured out in the rain in a mile-plus round trip to buy Brandy's 14-year-old son, Chad, some Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea. Not likely." Read this detailed account of why Trayvon was most probably buying Skittles and likely all drugged-up at the time of the encounter.

During an interview with his female friend, Rachel Jeantel, on the Piers Morgan Show (videos), after testifying, Rush Limbaugh deciphered what she and Trayvon discussed during their cellphone conversation: She apparently warned Trayvon to "run" because she imagined George (whom she had never met or known) was a 'cracka' (wannabe police officer) and perhaps a homosexual, and was using his neighborhood watch position to take advantage of boys. There was also some dialogue about not wanting to allow George to follow Trayvon to his house for fear that George (the presumed homosexual) would learn that Trayvon was staying with a younger boy. (Actually, what we had been led to believe from other articles is that Trayvon was buying Skittles for his 6-year-old brother, and, from Limbaugh (?), was presumably trying to protect that brother. But we now know that Trayvon had an older brother but we are not sure if he had a younger one.) Rachel's "whoop-ass" remarks -- these are aggressive pro-active rather than defensive expressions -- and trial evidence suggests that during a period of about 4 minutes when they were not in sight of each other (reported by Zimmerman attorney on Hannity Show) that Trayvon sought out George and attacked him, after George had stopped following him and was on his way back to his truck to meet with the police over the 911 call.

George's claim of being attached by Trayvon while returning to his vehicle aligns with the story put together from Rachel's interview, and the claim that Trayvon appeared to be on drugs, because drugs were found during the autopsy. (Source 1) (Source 2)

At trial, forensics proved Trayvon (the larger male) was on top of George and caused considerable damage to George's head before George pulled his gun and shot him. That it would happen that way, while yelling for help, also suggests that George did not consider pulling his gun until his life was in danger and he had no other option. (Evidence of altercation) Blaming him for trying to guard his crime ridden community on a rainy night in a bad economy is not proof of guilt of anything. We also suggest that his sales and helping background implies the willingness to discuss issues before taking action; it would appear therefore that he did not have that opportunity when confronted by a hooded stranger.

If this is what happened, then we can extrapolate that, through a serious of bad choices, Trayvon ended up at that place at that time, then acting on Rachel's fears he might have set the stage for his own death.

The lynching of George Zimmerman: watch this fact-based video analysis.

In contrast, a short time ago, Mr. Roderick Scott, a black man shot a 16 year-old white teenager, Christopher Cervini, and the mainstream media and the black community ignored the incident. (Video)

Before the trial, Trayvon's divorced parents settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the homeowners association for $1 million, which was characterized as a business decision to avoid the possibility of a larger claim in the future. (At this point it would appear to have been a bad one.)

The police chief was fired because he didn't think there was a case against Zimmerman. The detective on the case didn't think that there was a case either, but was brow-beat into charging him, then later spoke in defense of Zimmerman at trial. However, the biased state prosecutor, the biased DOJ, the biased news media (17 articles referenced) and the biased black community (Example 1) (Example 2) (Example 3 (Note 1)) have twisted this entire incident into a racist act by George on an 'innocent child', of which there is no evidence, which is supported by the FBI after interviewing over 30 people. But AG Holder wants to continue with a witch hunt. For which they should all be indicted for racial bias and attempting to insight riots, instead of telling the truth.

The state prosecutor fired her IT manager because he reported at trial that she withheld very incriminating evidence against Trayvon that he had recovered from Trayvon's cellphone, including "a photo of an African-American hand holding a gun, a photo of a plant resembling marijuana, and a text message referring to a gun transaction." The IT manager has responded by filing a lawsuit against her.

Harvard Law professor, Alan Dershowitz, says Zimmerman prosecutor, Angela Corey, is 'Not Only Immoral, But Stupid'. And he thinks that Zimmerman has a defamation case against the prosecutor.

Zimmerman's lawyer will also be suing NBC News for editing the 911 call tape to show him as a racist.

Note 1: The sad truth is, the highest murder rate in the US is black-on-black crime, killing thousands per year. And more than likely with unregistered guns. But some black 'leaders' prefer to promote racism wherever they go, instead.


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Analysis of the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman Encounter, July 21, 2013

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