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The goal of this web page is to provide possible solutions to a wide range of health problems that could help anyone.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. I am not authorized to give medical advice. I am not giving medical advice. I strongly urge anyone with a medical condition to seek profession medical help.

Having said that, we always need to remember that most of our basic cures originated from either the Indians, medicine men and medicine women, old wives tales, and or common sense. We also need to realize newer remedies by medical professionals are sometimes withheld from the general public because they offer easy cheap solution to a number of ailments because drug companies would rather you purchased their cures instead. The greater problem is, sometimes their cures cause more harm than the original ailment as their ads often foretell.

So, I offer to you the cures that I have personally experienced and learned from others, coupled with research over a long period of time to avoid professional help when possible.

Good luck, whatever you ailment.

Diane Richardson

Problem 1: Poison Ivy
Problem 2: Infections
Problem 3: AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) -- Blindness

Problem 1: Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy emits an oil named Rhus oil, and my experience is everyone that comes in contact with it eventually get 'poison ivy.' This oil can be neutralized however by rubbing Jewelweed flowers usually found growing near Poison Ivy, or Jewelweed Oil, or Isopropyl Alcohol, over the affected area. But once you have a skin irritation you still need to follow sensible medical advice on how to treat the outbreak. The good news is that the medical community says that it does not spread, is not contagious, and the blisters just contain body fluid.

I have had poison Ivy more than 20 times in my life, and have needed medical intervention a few times. But now that I know about Isopropyl Alcohol I handle any outbreak myself, and spray Isopropyl Alcohol on all I have touched, worn or have handled as best I can to prevent ongoing outbreaks.

Reference: Poison Ivy.

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Problem 2: Infections

After a hospital procedure I received a staph infection. This infection did not respond well to traditional medical treatment, so I went in search of an alternate medicine cure and found Hydrogen Peroxide to be a cure.

But this is not the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide you buy at the drug store or supermarket; this is pure 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide you buy from a special supplier. This is dangerous Hydrogen Peroxide in several ways, mostly due to the possibility of accidentally drinking it undiluted and skin burns.*

*Caution: I never leave this form of Hydrogen Peroxide where a child could reach it. I label it dangerous. I keep it from reaching my skin or eyes. -- I wear eye or safety glasses whenever I am handling it.

My staph infection and many other infection have since been cured by sipping a glass of juice or milk with about 10 drops of this Hydrogen Peroxide to disguise the bad taste, repeating this treatment for a few days in some instances. I avoid take it at night because I think the additional Oxygen in my blood keeps me awake.

I have also sent this information to a few hospitals and the CDC after hearing about people infected with flesh eating bacteria, because it would be simple to test its ability in a petri dish.

It can be bought from a specialty supplier through Amazon in various volumes -- by the pint or by the gallon. Because I don't need a large volume for outside use as I might in warm climates or flood zones, I only buy what I need for personal use to cure or prevent infections. And I use the commonly available 3% solution for cleaning and disinfecting around the house.

Reference: Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle Paperback – June 26, 2003, by William Campbell Douglass II (Author)

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Problem 3: AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) -- Blindness

I was diagnosed with AMD about ten years ago. The ophthalmologist was not kind when telling me that I would go blind and not helpful in proving a way to mitigate the problem, so I decided to try to resolve the problem as best I could myself.

Today, after years of experimentation as my vision slowly became worse (and many days and nights filled with fear), my AMD is not cured, but I believe that I have stopped it from getting worse by taking a specific combination of eye vitamins and berry juices known to be helpful to vision. And, although no one has ever asked me, on reflection, I believe that I contributed to or caused the problem by neglecting to eat green vegetables in proper proportions over a long period of time or food that contained Lutein. And perhaps by taking Diphenhydramine sleeping pills also over a long period of time, which I am lead to believe can cause prolonged dryness to eye tissue.

( The current state of my AMD is that I have no center vision in my right eye, and no vision in the lower inside portion of both eyes. This combination of AMD does not affect distant vision, but close up vision is a problem. I wear a special small homemade vertical-strip patch over the eyeglass lens of my right eye to prevent reflected light from my computer from causing double vision. And I favor a browser that lets me choose Arial Rounded MT Bold as my font to reduce eye strain.)

This is what I take to control my AMD:

About 6 AM - Breakfast

Two AREDS 2 because this version contains Lutein (Bausch Lomb Preservion AREDS 2 from Amazon subscription)
One teaspoon of Black Current extract. (From the Black Current Store)

About 6 PM -- Dinner

One half AREDS (the first version without a number)
One capsule of Billberry extract every evening. (Spring Valley Bilberry w/Lutein from Walmart)

I have discovered this set of vitamins and minerals to be the bare minimum for my average size and weight. I also favor spinach (Glory seasoned), candied yams (Glory) and other vegetables known to support healthy vision.

I have no idea if this is related or medically sound information, but I now also eat pasta sauce -- acidic food -- everyday. And I wonder if this has anything to do with 'trusting your gut' to preventing kidney stones from consuming excessive amounts of Vitamin A.

It's important to say that for a few years I took more than the above 3 times per day, but began to fear overdosing could be harmful, even prevent me from taking these vitamins and minerals, because Cod Liver oil capsules were also a part of my regime for years but I eventually became allergic to them. So I began a weight loss program while reducing my eye vitamins accordingly. And I found that whenever I overdosed I could see this by closing my eyes and seeing a multicolored honeycomb mesh, that I now find some comfort in to insure that I am not under-dosing, but this needed to be managed to a reasonable level. So on days when I am not planning on using the computer all day to write code and create and edit pages, I take the same eye vitamins in the morning as I take at night -- one half AREDS (the first version without a number) plus One AREDS 2. (But the honeycomb mess is my ultimate guide.)

Because of my age I also take one (coated) baby aspirin will my evening meal.

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Medical Solutions

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