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Diane Richardson

March 20, 2014

Supreme Court of the United States

Open Letter to Chief Justice John Roberts,

150 years ago the United States fought a war to end the slavery of a group of dark-skinned Americans known today as black Americans; two years ago you reversed that decision by making slavery of all Americans legal by declaring the ‘Affordable Care Act’ (ACA) a tax, then allowing it to control the lives of all Americans birth-to-death, far beyond the limits of any ’tax.’

This decision will no doubt go down in history as the most disgraceful act of ‘justice’ this country has ever experienced, bar one.*

This federal tax is a financial ‘obligation’ to be imposed on those that it can be applied, so it is perfectly legal for the IRS to collect the tax once it is specified. But the only measure needed to determine the tax should be income, and the only information needed to find income is name, address and Social Security number.

Beyond that, to ask for more information is clearly an invasion of privacy, and to apply the tax revenue collected selectively, beyond a firm set of ‘healthcare benefits available to all,' is selective bias by the federal government.

It is, therefore, your duty to step in and put a stop to this selectable bias and enslavement of Americans by the government that is supposed to be our servant before we have another type of ‘civil war.’

Should The Court' struggle with the idea that healthcare should be available to all, then consider that States’ could easily create their own special tax — on unnecessary items, for example — and provide basic healthcare for all, without the need for insurance, or federal intervention. So the ACA is easily replaceable by a reasonable, and far better, alternative.

*Unfortunately, the most disgraceful act of your court was to allow a man to become President of the United States that could not under any circumstances be declared a ’natural-born’ citizen — a constitutional requirement — no matter where he was born, because his father was a British national. Even the INS would have labeled him ‘native-born’ if he hadn’t been born in Kenya, and was not instead a citizen of Indonesia known as Barry Soetoro. And you and your court should well know this.

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Open Letter to Chief Justice John Roberts

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