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Diane Richardson

May 18, 2014, additional reference as update, July 14, 2014

When are Black Americans Going to Wake up to Their Intentional Ongoing Slavery?

A review of History would tell us that people have been made slaves throughout history. Examples include, Arabs by Arabs, Jews by Romans, Black Africans by Black Africans, and within Islam Muslim women by Muslim men. In short, their have been slaves for thousands of years, and it continues today in Africa, Islam and the United States.

During the growth of America, Blacks Africans were enslaved by Black Africans and sold to rich settlers to work in the fields they used to grow various crops, including tobacco and cotton.

The question is, are Blacks still slaves today, even after northerners fought for their freedoms in the Civil War, and Republicans ’fought’ for their right to become citizens and then ‘fought’ for their right to vote?

The sorry answer is, Yes. And, ironically, by the very group that claims to include them as part of their Democratic Party. The very group that likes to promote racism by Republicans.

Let’s review the evidence:

There is no evidence that White America hates, discriminates against or disparages Black America, except in the delusional and paranoid minds of Democrats. Of course there are racists, but their are few and in all political parties.

But there is evidence that the Democratic Party has a long history of denying Blacks citizenship, voting rights, and making false claims of racism against Republicans. (1)

The biggest lie comes from none other than President Lyndon B. Johnson. To wit I offer the following evidence:

"The same Lyndon Johnson that blocked Civil Rights legislation proposed by Republicans, then: ““Upon assuming the presidency…wrote similar legislation [to what Republicans had written on Civil Rights] “while claiming, and I quote, “I’ll have those niggers voting democratic for the next two hundred years.””

””In other words, Johnson and the Democrat party, deliberately impoverished blacks by promising them welfare and other government subsidies. In the long run, this did nothing but create a dependent class that can be counted on to vote democrat over and over again. This is why comparing blacks, who blindly support Obama and the Democrats, is more conducive to comparing Jews who supported Hitler, they are trapped in an endless cycle of self-destruction, following those deliberately misleading them.””” (7)” (2)

So, what we have today is a large segment of our Black American population that has been reduced to slavery of the mind from a lying Democrat president and lying Democratic Party that keeps them in psychological subjugation by: A) Telling them constantly that another group (Republicans) hates them and disadvantages them. B) Then arranges inferior education to keep them inferior while reinforcing the notion of racism, which creates problems like the 'Knockout Game,' and ultimately forces many uneducated and unmotivated Black men into gangs, drugs, crime and prison. C) Then undermines the wholesome life-affirming need for the family to keep Black women on their own. D) Then provides Black women the opportunity for plenty of abortions to insure their population doesn’t get too big. E) Then through various forms of ‘welfare’ feeds them and their children as ‘welcome support,’ while protecting them from various forms of make believe 'racism.' For which Black Americans are very thankful.

My question is, when are Black Americans going to wake up to their intentional ongoing slavery, just to get their votes?


Done Nothing But Drive Us Apart’: Former Radical Black Panther Gets Candid On Obama, Race Relations, Ginni Thomas, Contributor, 9:51 PM 04/02/2016

Clarence Mason Weaver was once so filled with hatred towards white people in America, that he broke up with a girlfriend who had a white dog, the now-conservative told The Daily Caller New Foundation in this exclusive video interview.

A formerly hate-filled, Berkeley Black Panther liberal, Weaver is a black conservative who now holds strong views on Black Lives Matter, the first black president and how America can heal its racial divide.

Five Consequences of America’s Moral Collapse, John Hawkins,, July 25, 2015

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When are Black Americans Going to Wake up to Their Intentional Ongoing Slavery?

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