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The Perfect Scam -- How Liberals/Democrats/Progressives (Communists/Socialists) Stole America

Rush Limbaugh pondered yesterday (April 21, 2016), How did this all happen? How did the Left put us in this awful social justice state of being without morals that we are now trapped in with no apparent way to escape? (My words to his thoughts.)

The answer is simple, if you are willing to accept the ironic truth. In one word: Compassion. They used our compassion against us.

It's also part of the victim triangle, and the process goes like this:

We have compassion for the poor, and the jobless and the less fortunate -- we 'Rescue' these poor 'Victims' of fate by creating a welfare system that can support them until they get on their feet and move on.

We pay for the welfare system by taxing the workers, who are primarily goal-oriented Republicans, while the Victims are at home enjoying their 'benefits' while presumably searching for ways to move ahead.

But then comes the Progressives (Communists/Socialists) with a plan to create a permanent underclass that will forever vote for the Democrat Party by teaching it to believe that the people who are paying for their very existence created their misery. The Left then teaches the Victims how to become 'Persecutors' by getting on school boards and town governments -- because their welfare payments affords them plenty of free time -- so they can create favorable rules and regulations that control school administrators, allowing them to reach into homes and interfere in parenting and by taking control of and propagandizing children.

The children then, instead of leaning about America, and morals and values, and all the things that make for good citizenship, learn to become good social activists to get even more benefits from the workers -- the Republicans (that have morals and values and know the American way).

School children are now told they can choose their sex at four, and about homosexuality at age 5, and about sexual intercourse at age six, and on and on until they are brainless hedons and socialist automatons with no core values or knowledge of right and wrong.

Some will find meaningless work, but most will just find ways to join the welfare system because they haven't learned any other way to survive, while blaming Republicans for causing their miserable existence. But the mindset is not without its side affects -- the need for drugs to escape their undesirable realities -- as they now go to the streets to commit crimes, and social media sights to vent their anguish, and college campuses to make all sorts of demands.

And thus, you have a society turned upside-down because of 'compassion' by rescuers of victims that returned the favor by becoming persecutors. (A good reason to choose carefully who you rescue and how, and to never let victims to get too close or into your home.)

How do we fix this degenerative system?

First, we should shine a bright light on the scam in order to stigmatize it for what it is so that those smart enough to understand the scam can find their own way out.

Then we should limit the welfare system to just what it takes to survive so that the recipients must work.

However, in recognition of the steady increase in suicides of white Americans in the middle-age group that I believe are due to the lack of meaningful jobs in the Obama economy, we should continue to provide unemployment benefits to this group until the Obama economy is no more. And we should make it illegal for mortgage holders to foreclose on homeowners during this time.

We should create laws that limit school boards and administrators to the control of education up to the school property fence and not one foot beyond.

We should certify teachers on both moral behavior and the ability and desire to teach proper education from properly screened books.

We should punish schools with loss of funding; administrators with firing; and teachers with loss of jobs for breaking their moral and ethical commitments.

We should ignore the demands of college brats or ask them to get their educations elsewhere.

And we should put to death drug dealers and sexual predators within three months of conviction.

There should also be special punishments for politicians, attorneys and anyone else that violates their oath of office, but that needs more thought. In general, I think an eye-for-an-eye fits here. If a prosecutor withholds evidence that causes an innocent man to be sentenced to 20 years. Once discovered and convicted, that prosecutor should get a jail term equal to time served, which could be 20 years.

KrisAnne Hall

An American



The Perfect Scam -- How Liberals/Democrats/Progressives (Communists/Socialists) Stole America

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