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Diane Martin Richardson

Diane was raised in a quiet unassuming blue-collar Democrat household, and took for granted Democrat rhetoric of compassion, and lies about Republicans, until she heard a group of Left-leaning global economists and members of the Federal Reserve tell us on national television (on the old The Economists TV Program) that they were going to orchestrate the need for the two-worker family, as they had done in Europe, because Americans at the time had too much money available for leisure activities. After that she learned that Democrat/Liberal/Socialist/Progressive/Communist politicians are the biggest liars on the planet**, intent only on controlling our lives birth-to-death, and, except for shining stars like Senators Sessions, Barrasso and List/Rank, and Congressmen Gohmert, Gowdy and List,/Rank most modern Republicans are incompetent bureaucrats happy to live under any controlling regime as long as they can stay in Washington, D.C. She observes that JFK would be considered a pro-active freedom-loving Republican today, who by promoting individual responsibility and ‘doing for country’ didn’t approve of Socialism while warning against communists, 'evil forces' A, B and Communism. She therefore considers herself to be a pro-active compassionate tree-hugging Reagan/Limbaugh/Palin/Tea Party Conservative ... America First, Trump Republican.

But the Republican Party is controlled by a group that favors big business (aka crony-capitalists) at the expense of Americans and America that are in the process destroying America by favoring illegal immigration, free trade, importing workers to replace American workers. They even support big pharma and big healthcare when cheap known cures are readily available with knowledge thereof suppressed. And they support big government because it allows for special business tax breaks in exchange for political donations, while laws are now written in a language so complex no one outside of the writers really understands them or reads them before voting on them, and on and on, for whatever serves their wants and desires. So it's time for a change. And that change should be a new political party that is for Americans and America, and Mr. Trump and Mr. Huckabee seem like the best role models for this new party.

Until it has a better name, I will call it the 'For America Party' and I'm ready to join whenever Mr. Trump is ready to start it, and I'll wager that millions on the left and right are ready to join me.

"... [A] conservative typically adheres to principles of personal responsibility, moral values, and limited government, agreeing with George Washington's Farewell Address that "religion and morality are indispensable supports" to political prosperity."

**If we were to define every separate incident of lying as 'a lie,' by Mr. Obama, his administration, Mr. Clinton, Mrs. Clinton, members of the Democrat Party, members of the Republican Party, and false statements, reports or purposeful omissions by the mainstream media, then this web site and the links provided therein easily expose over 1,000 lies. The Democrat Party even twists the names of its legislation to mislead voters, like the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare), which is not affordable. So a fundamental question is, When can or should you believe a liar?

After considerable analysis, shown here, she would be pleased to vote for any electable Conservative, but has made her choices.

( Compare your political views to a candidate here: OnTheIssues.Org. And here: Election Quiz to select your preferred candidate -- ) To see a candidate comparison chart we are developing, which includes links to the Trump border security, immigration and foreign policies, click here.

You can read Diane's positions on many issues throughout this web site.

Academic Background
She has undergraduate degrees in engineering and psychology, a 48-credit Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling with 3 internships, a 54-credit MBA, and is a member of two honor societies. Diane is a retired Director of MBA Programs and educator. She is also a committed life-long learner, with doctoral studies incomplete.

Private Sector Background
With a strong technical beckground, she was also a successful business manager and turnaround expert in small (50-300) employee high tech companies.

She is the author of Left vs. Right: political positions for a better America, February 2012, written for students and low information voters.

See Articles page.

Internet Presence
She is the creator of,,, and

RSMC is intended as an information site.

Budget-Master contains two date-shifting budget management spreadsheets that are intended to help those who don’t know how to use spreadsheet programs or are not interested in spending the time to learn.

Basic Care is a better state level alternative to national healthcare than any other healthcare system proposed.

Helping Misguided Voters was originally intend to help show those who leaned left how much Democrat/Liberal/Socialist/Progressive/Communist politicians lie to get supporters, but it has now turned into a site that exposes Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, to be a Marxist Communist usurper intent on destroying America in every way that he can.


*Due to vision problems that cannot be fixed without a stem cell patch in each eye, I apologize in advance for any errors in grammar or spelling. Please feel free to make corrections.



Diane Martin Richardson

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