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Sandy Hook Massacre Fraud, Gun Control and the Totalitarian State

Diane Richardson, a former Democrat, with research by Laura Cambria, a chronic Conservative

April 10, 2015, 11:10 AM, last update October 10, 2017, 9:30 AM -- see edit log at page bottom

One Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against MSM For ‘Staging Sandy Hook Massacre’

Citizen Speaks Out on Sandy Hook Fraud at Connecticut State Committee Hearing, provides evidence video.


(April 18, 2015, 2 AM): Some of the ‘evidence’ presented on this page was forwarded as a potential RICO conspiracy to the Republican side of the US House and Senate as well as Speaker Boehner and several US senators, including Senator Blumenthal, and a number of major Democrat and Republican leaning news organizations beginning the week of April 5, 2015, asking for an investigation (before this page was published).

US Senator Grassley (R-Iowa), asks that you contact the Judiciary Committee’s Republican Oversight and Investigations staff regarding wrongdoing within federal agencies or misuse of public dollars by using ‘ whistleblower —@— .‘

Reported deaths and additional requests for a congressional investigation: William Shanley’s letters to Governor Malloy (aka WSL)

"Jennifer Sredzinski, 41, of Monroe, a 911 dispatcher from the Southwest Regional Communications Center, is dead. ... Michael Bellmore, 27, of Hamden, a former New Haven Register reporter, died after going to work for the City of Hamden, where Mayor Scott Jackson is chairman of the Sandy Hook Advisory Committee you appointed. ... Major William Podjorski, 49, of Farmington, CT State Police Western District Commander, a lead investigator of Sandy Hook, is dead. ... JoAnn June Egletes, 53, a secretary to Attorney Irving Pinsky who filed a $100,000,000 lawsuit against the State of Connecticut for terrorizing his client, is dead. ... Douglas Cottle, 62, actress Alissa Parker’s father, is dead. ... Connecticut State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader, Andrew Maynard, 52, a gun control opponent, was in a coma after a fall from his balcony. ... And then we have the plethora of disappearing officials and witnesses who appear to be fleeing the ship! ..."

What We have Discovered, so far

December 14, 2012 — Mark this date in US history, because it was the beginning of the totalitarian state, under the control of one Barack Hussein Obama.

What happened on that date?

The United States FEMA organization, supported by the State of Connecticut, ran a ‘mass murder’ drill, an exercise, at the Newtown Connecticut, elementary school named Sandy Hook, then forbid anyone with knowledge of the event from saying it was only an exercise, by issuing National Security Letters (NSLs). These NSLs not only forbid anyone who received them from admitting or suspecting that it was a drill, they also said that violators would go to prison if they did.

Freedom in America was lost that day, because the federal government aided by the State Police and the town of Newtown, and the news media, imposed itself on the citizens of the State of Connecticut and all Americans, in a way that took away their constitutional rights to say no one died, no one was hurt, the school was empty, please don’t give money to support a lie that is really intended as a means to create legislation for gun control.

Not convinced?

Here is some evidence copied from our Gun Control page, with additional evidence as it is discovered:

In short, if you listen to and read the reports and videos on the Gun Control page, you will discover that the Newtown, CT, Sandy Hook Massacre was a long planned government ‘Capstone’ exercise intended to create so much emotion that it would force massive gun control legislation, and the mainstream media participated in the hoax. Connecticut then instituted new restrictive gun regulations. President Obama wrote 16 new gun ownership restrictions. Veterans -- over 80,000 so far -- are now being denied the right to own guns if they sought help from the VA after returning from war zones. And we can be sure more gun ownership rules will come if you don’t spread the truth and demand justice.

Here is some of the evidence of fraud discovered by the principal investigator — Mr. Wolfgang Halbig, his expert associates and independent invistigators:

0) WSL: "We at Sandy Hook Justice can now prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Sandy Hook Massacre was actually a FEMA-HOMELAND SECURITY NATIONAL LEVEL EXERCISE CAPSTONE EVENT run by Obsidian Analysis of Washington, DC. The lawsuits will probably be on the order of $100 billion against co-conspirator terrorists in government and media. You can’t hide behind National Security and immunity in a civil suit."

1) The school was shutdown for at least 2 years before the incident because of many health hazards and OSHA violations: ( photos )

2) No gun shots were reported and there are no 911 logs of the event. Update: gunshots were reported, but the logs show 'unwanted person,' with a medium priority. ( 911 Call Report [This web site has changes its name and we need to find the new link.] ) Update: Video C: Audio of the Police transmissions are presented with comments. But keep in mind that the official record is still “‘unwanted person,’ with a medium priority,” and a 911 dispatcher is now dead. See also 5).

3) Video C at 1:47 hrs: News clip of active shooter drill at St. Rose of Lima school — located one mile from the Sandy Hook Elementary School, taken on the same day as the Newtown massacre — shown on News 12 Connecticut TV news and WFSB Channel 3 CT (with CNN logo at the bottom) that day and or evening as taken at Sandy Hook.

4) No triage was setup, no EMTs entered the school, no rescue helicopters were requested.

5) No evidence of the so-called evacuation of the other 500+ children and their teachers is available, and no buses were used; Added: On Video A, a police officer is reporting the school evacuation across the parking lot, in front of him, while his date stamped dash cam shows no evacuation taking place at all!

6) There is no evidence of a mass gathering of worried parents..

7) The widely circulated photo of the children walking in a line, shown as proof of the school evacuation, were not wearing winter clothing, were 'staged' in line sequence multiple times to emulate a larger group of children, and those interviewed said they were participating in a drill. Update: Video D (?): the camera zooms out to show adults (parents ?) watching this event. Is this the type of behavior you would expect from adults during a school massacre?

8) The so-called murdered children were all declared dead within 8-11 minutes of the event, without a medical examiner.

9) No dead bodies were ever seen, even by the parents ( Real or fake parents and deaths, you be the judge A, B ).

10) (Video C at 1:48 hrs: Bodies on the ground in Sand Hook, NJ, from a yacht disaster shown on ?? TV news as victims of the Sandy Hook, CT, massacre!

11) No biohazard clean up of blood and body parts was done.

12) Video A: Room 8, where most of the children and 2 teachers supposedly died, shows no disruption or gun shot evidence after the crime -- none!

13) At 30 min, the Newtown CT and State Police had lunch inside the school the day of the so-called massacre!

14) The parents started fund raising the day of the massacre, some even before they knew that their child were declared dead.

15) The so-called dead children had no social security numbers. UPDATE: Two years later, these so-called murdered children now have SS#s.

16) ALL the families claiming dead children were given free homes in Newtown within a 2-year span before the event, and have since moved back to their first homes.

17) These families were each also paid $281K. Update: The total given to these 'victims' families is now $14.3m. Divided by 27, the families have now received $529,630 per 'victim' in cash. ( Reference )

18) The FBI Database of murders does not list this Newtown massacre. ( Video D )

Added 10/10/2017: A detailed reading of FBI statistics for 2012 shows Newtown with zero murders.

Snopes and other leftwing websites try to argue that since the state police did the investigation the murders are shown in state level statistics. Aside from the silliness of this argument, the state level statistics show 110 murders in 'incorporated' area that are all accounted for in other cities. The statistics also show a total of 146 murders in all counties in CT, which include all the 'unincorporated' areas as well. Since Newtown was incorporated in 1711, its data IS included in the incorporated data.


Chart A -- CONNECTICUT Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by City, 2012

Federal Government statistics by city shows no murders in Newtown in 2012, the state murder total adds to 110.

Chart B -- Crime in the United States by State, 2012 --

Federal government statistics show 110 murders in CT in 2012 (in incorporated area).

It also shows a total of 146 murders in "Nonmetropolitan counties," which is a state total that includes all other areas in CT that are not incorporated.

Newtown CT was incorporated in 1711. Therefore it is not added in the unincorporated areas total; it is in the statistic know as "Cities outside metropolitan areas," which shows a total of 2 murders in 2012 non of which were shown to be committed in Newtown.

Definitions: • About CIUS:

Newtown Incorporation:

19) The so-called guns used were semi-automatic — single shot.

Added 10/10/2017: Understanding types of firing: single shot, semi-automatic, automatic.

Single shot is like a lever action or pump gun — a mechanism must be operated to insert a bullet in the chamber.

Semi-automatic however is still single shot, but the gases in the chamber have operated a mechanism to load the next bullet. But the trigger must be polled separately to fire each round in the gun. An AR-15 is a semi-automatic or single shot rifle. It is called an assault weapon if it has attachments that make it useful for ground assault and or hand-to-hand combat, like a bayonet mount.

Automatic or continuous fire guns or rifles or machine guns are banned for sale to the public in the USA. A bump stock can however create automatic or machine gun like firing of a rifle. The difference is, a bump stock required the rifle to be shouldered, while a machine gun does not -- just depress the trigger.

20) The bullet casings were corroded and damaged and not fired from any of the guns found. ( Video D )

21) No Adam Lanza fingerprints were found. UPDATE: The Danbury CT crime lab did not find Adam Lanza’s DNA in his home!* On any of the weapons found at the crime scene! Or on the outside or inside door handles on his supposed automobile! ( Report ). *Video C reports that the evidence seen is that of Ryan Lanza ;

22) There is no evidence that Adam Lanza handled the weapons or was involved in the shootings. Update: Video A, at 1:20 hrs: The assault- like weapon has the DNA of Lauren Rousseau, a substitute teacher, all over it, including on some of the individual bullets inside the magazines!

23) Everyone, even remotely involved, and those living within a given radius, was either forced to sign a government nondisclosure document, received an NSL or warned that they would go to prison for 5 years if they divulged the hoax. ( Video D )

24) No law suits have been filed. UPDATE: It is reported that a few law suits have now been filed. One against Bushmaster, gun manufacturer, not the school.

25) No one will honor any Freedom of Information requests.

26) Mr. Halbig has been threatened with arrest for asking questions.

27) Mr. Halbig’s first attorney quit after 2 days because she and her family were threatened,

28) There was a rehearsal on Thursday December 13, 2012, which caused some to start their false Internet activities a day early. Adam Lanza is reported to have had a death certificate that showed 12/13/2012 (the day before the massacre), but now shows 12/14/2012.

29) Two CT State Troopers have given Mr. Halbig a copy of the FEMA master plan for the staged massacre. ( Video D )

30) At the request of Mr. Halbig's attorney, a judge has issued 10 subpoenas.

31) UPDATE: The State of CT has now made ALL related public records private (birth, death, crime, etc ), just like in the totalitarian state.

32) See list of other deaths related to this 'event' in William Shanley link above.

33) The demolition crew/company for the school was required to sign life-time confidentiality agreements as to what they saw or didn't see during demolition. ( Video D )

34) Best expert analysis and summary videos we've found are: Video E: The Real Deal Special MUST SEE Sandy Hook Update and Video D. (Slight variations in our information and this video are due to collecting information from various reports.)

35) "" target="_blank">Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died (This link has been removed at the source.)

36) It must be tough to cheer teens playing organized school sports when you know that your neighbors are burying their children just before Christmas, children that might have even been baby-sat by the teen athletes themselves. But Newtown found the strength to do it without missing a date, except one: boys basketball, girls basketball, Ice hockey, and wrestling.

37) Could Jonathan Reich Have Been Correct in his Findings Regarding the Charities & Identities of Sandy Hook?

Monte Frank, Jeremy Richman, & Curtis Urbina Have A Lot Of Explaining To Do

"The following domains purchased and listed below by Jeremy Richman have brought in millions of dollars for a ‘daughter’ fictitiously named “Avielle Richman”, a person who never existed, was never their daughter, and is not deceased. She is still alive, she is not the daughter of Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel, she is the living daughter of Curtis and Michelle Urbina, who have previous ties to Monte Frank."

38) "FOX-CT Covertly Alters Sandy Hook News Report"

39) Sandy Hook: The girl who doesn’t exist and her parents’ $0 home

40) Sandy Hook: The curious case of Adam Lanza’s ex-con funeral director. Posted by Dr. Eowyn.

Still think Obama, Holder, Governor Malloy and the news media support the US Constitution?

Still think you live in a free country?

What every clear thinking American needs to ask is, Why is gun control so important to Democrats when there is no evidence that licensed gun owners are a crime problem, while emotionally disturbed children of Liberals are?

What every clear thinking American needs to consider is, history tells us that every dictator, every political oppression, every genocide, began by taking guns away from citizens. (See chart on Gun Control Page)

What ‘false flag’ will they create next to intimidate us, to control us?

Listen to Mr. Halbig explain what got him started on this quest for information.

Followup conversation several months later..

JFK on common dangers of secrecy and Communism and the responsibilities of the press : John F. Kennedy Speeches: The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961

Long list of related article links, and other related deaths (at bottom): Sandy Hook Gun Control Scam

Additional Information we have not yet reviewed.

Copied from the Gun Control page:

How the Nazis used gun control: The Weimar Republic’s well-intentioned gun registry became a tool for evil.

Analysis shows that gun confiscation buyback programs in Australia, the UK and Canada have NOT reduced crime. Crime rates rose until much larger police forces brought them back to previous gun-ownership levels, or they continued to drop slowly from pre- buyback levels for unrelated reasons.

What this means is, the number of robberies, rapes and murders increased for several years, until enough police were able to bring the rates back down to previous levels. This tells us that gun confiscation programs cause more death, misery and suffering than they are worth, and the ongoing public service costs are much higher. And citizens without guns are vulnerable to governments with less than honorable intentions.

Gun Control Chart Liberals Don't Like

Copied from Conservative Byte

Please feel free to distribute this page, or link to it.

Please contact your US senators and congressional representative to start congressional investigations.

Newtown Connecticut — the Sickest or Most Controlled Town in America

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Bill Whittle on global homicide rate, at FrontPage Mag

Wayne LaPierre | How to Stop Violent Crime NRA News



Sandy Hook Massacre Fraud, Gun Control and the Totalitarian State

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