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The War on America Turns 50: How the Democrat Party is destroying America

If you are an American, please read this superb essay on Who We Are

The Real Donald J. Trump

'What you see is what you get.' That is, a caring patriot who is not a racist -- look up Trump and Jennifer Hudson.

Trump is an experienced real estate entrepreneur and self-made billionaire. He is also an accomplished television personality. He is using his many skills to 'Make America Great Again.'

Trump’s First Year Accomplishments Compiled In Shockingly Long List, A Commentary By Richard Baris in Political Commentary, Friday, December 29, 2017.

Looking back on President Donald Trump’s first year in office, he has compiled a shockingly strong record and long list of accomplishments. As was also the case with his rise to the presidency, President Trump has broken several records for a first-year commander-in-chief and fulfilled many of his key campaign promises.

Compare one year of Trump accomplishments to 8 years of Obama accomplishments.

The Left is in full panic trying to stop Trump in anyway it can because he is not only dismantling all of Obama's unAmerican socialist regulations and fixing the economy, he is slowly converting left-leaning voters to Trumpsters.

Donald J. Trump: The First 100 Days

From Gettysburg, PA 10/22/16, starting at 1:36 hrs

Why they want to stop Donal Trump.

God Bless the USA, from Stand Up America, August 31, 2016

Until my dying day

Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant.
Fox News, published on Mar 5, 2016.

Pat Caddell: ‘The American People Have Figured Out They’ve Been Screwed By Free Trade, by John Hayward, 11 Mar 2016

Maybe You Heard: The System Is Rigged, by Paula Dwyer, Feb 3, 2016

The 2016 election for dummies, by Lawrence Sellin, PhD, August 6, 2015

The two most important issues of the 2016 election are non-partisan.

(1) The federal government and the media are, as institutions, hopelessly corrupt.

(2) The United States has elections, but we no longer have representative government.

None of the problems facing the country can be solved effectively without first confronting those two issues. Without doing so, we are just kicking the can down the road toward national collapse and fragmentation.

Americans are no longer citizens of a republic, but subjects of a reigning oligarchy composed of a self-absorbed permanent political class, which services the interests of wealthy financiers at the expense of the wider population. They maintain their authority by an ever-expanding and increasingly intrusive government and using a compliant media to manipulate public perception and opinion in order to maintain the illusion of democracy.

There is now a sharp division between the bipartisan ruling class and the rest of Americans; a separation between the rulers and the ruled that bears comparison to the conditions leading up to the American Revolution.

The 2016 election for dummies – Part 2, by Lawrence Sellin, PhD, February 6, 2016

The internal conflicts within the conservative movement have widened the already existing fissures, roughly dividing it into three groups: status quo, zealots and anti-establishment nationalists.

Paraphrasing: the anti-establishment nationalists are the Donald Trump supporters. "It is this constituency that is most likely to attract disaffected Democrats and has the greatest potential for disruptive political innovation."

Trump Economic Policy Speech

The Real Donald Trump

This reference information should not be interpreted as bias --- please read this article on why America needs Trump.

Trump Butler: "Incredibly Generous," "Just A Nice Man". By Ian Schwartz. Posted on March 10, 2016

How Darrell Hammond Channels His Inner Donald Trump on 'SNL', by Ryan Parker, 9:12 AM PST 3/10/2016

SNL Trump Impersonator: 'He's Most Positive Person I Have Ever Seen'... Worked Hard, 'Came Early, Stayed Late' When on Show...

Trump’s Best Friend From School Just Wrote Something You MUST Read Before Voting For Trump!, conservativeconstitutionalist, March 6, 2016.

Do You Know This About Donald Trump - Or Just The Crap From The MSM?, WSJ Peggy Noonan

How Donald Trump helped save New York City. By Steve Cuozzo, February 7, 2016.

These 5 Acts of Kindness Reveal There’s More to Donald Trump Than Just His Celebrity Persona. By Justen Charters [~ Nov 2015}.

The Classiest Debate Moment That No-One Noticed – Never Leave A Good Man Down…. Posted on February 7, 2016, by sundance.

The REAL Donald J. Trump on Finances. By Thornton Crowe

In 1991, Mr. Trump "was invited to speak to the House Task Force on Urgent Fiscal Issues... to talk about his experience and the state of the country's failing economy... He succinctly explains the issues as well as the reason why government... needed to... undo the reforms that were passed in 1986."

Trump award photos

Trump Is Black Peoples Hero. Published on Dec 9, 2015

NYT Visits Trump Campaign Office, Amazed By Presence Of Non-White. Blake Neff, Reporter, 2:51 PM 03/14/2016

Police officer Brandon Tatum talks about his experience at the Donald Trump rally in Tucson, AZ. Published on Mar 20, 2016

Video clip: Mexican former-employee tells truth about Donal Trump, Gthtjtkt , Published on Mar 23, 2016

Also posted under Cruz: PROOF=> Ted Cruz Cheating Scandal Not Linked to Trump Campaign – Was Started by GOP Elites. Jim Hoft, March 25th, 2016 11:21

Some of my best friends are Trump supporters. By Oleg Atbashian, March 28, 2016.


Donald J. Trump is tough, smart, honest and lovable. And a real patriot!

Citizen Dale: A Letter to Trump (The Monster Vote)

Trump position papers

1980-2015, Donald J. Trump, The Long Road to the White House

The greatest video of TRUMP you will ever see.
Posted on March 5, 2016, by sundance.

Thomas Jefferson and the Truth



The Real Donald J. Trump
Exposing Corruption, Lies and Propaganda in American Politics and Government

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