If you Voted for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party -- it is not a democratic party -- Here’s What You Gave Us

1) Eight years of economic misery, all caused by the Democrat Party’s Community Redevelopment Act (and newer names) that forced banks to give sub-prime mortgages to low income borrowers they knew would lose their jobs and homes during the first stock market crash. And when the market crashed, as it always does from time to time, their plan worked and they blamed it on Bush to win the election. See this analysis for the ugly truth. (’s_failing_2007_Economy)

2) A real US citizen unemployment rate of 19%, with 25% without full time jobs, not the 5-6% lie that counts the legal and illegal (job stealing) immigrant worker population instead. The 19% is the total of laid off US citizens that want to work but cannot find a job (dropped from the count after just four weeks), and those finishing school, and new legal immigrants trying to join the workforce. These additional job seekers add about 150,000 new workers every month. See this analysis for details. (Top of Index Page)

3) An economy that Mr. Obama could fix in a week if he wanted to: The US economy is nothing more than people as companies producing things, marketing things, and selling things, That’s it! There’s nothing more to it, except government interference. Only government can slow our economy down, and it does that by imposing massive amounts of regulation. See this information for the details. (Economy page)

4) Lies: Democrats create propaganda that free-market economics does not work. They do that to sell you on government regulation, the very regulations that stop the economy from working! Why do they do that? Because they want to control everything and they think you are too stupid to realize what they are doing. See this information for the details. (Economy page)

5) When people invest to create new products that’s a top-down economy. Democrats say that top down doesn’t work, and bottom up does. The meagerness of bottom up from sources like crowd-funding will quickly dry up when Communism reduces everyone’s wages to survival levels only. Do you know how many new products Communist Cuba has? None! Because bottom up means you can only buy what the government central planners want you to buy — like Michelle Obama’s meals menus! Communism has never worked, anywhere, but Democrats don’t care because all they want is total control of everything — several psychiatrists have written about this as a sickness. See ""From The Liberal Mind"" on the Home page, and Impeach page, Section B (Why they do what they do.) for several more examples.

Here's one: The sickness is Control Madness: Obama’s [Communist controlled Democrat Party] radical agenda for America extends far beyond EPA proposal, Peter Morici, June 09, 2014,

"EPA proposed limits on utility emissions are but the first step. Next up will be direct regulations for heavy industries like petrochemicals and metals.

Already, through mileage requirements, the Transportation Department is micromanaging the auto sector. Through ObamaCare, Medicare and Medicaid, the Health and Human Services Department controls how doctors practice medicine and how hospitals are run. Through Dodd-Frank, the Treasury and Federal Reserve micromanage banks and are forcing smaller banks to sell out to larger regional and Wall Street banks. And by linking grants to states to the Common Core curriculum, the Education Department is wresting control of schools from local boards. The list goes on.”

Read more about Control Madness here, Section B. (Why they do what they do.) (Impeach page).

6) Democrats sell Racism to keep us agitated, and get votes. Here’s the truth:

“”…Lyndon Johnson … blocked Civil Rights legislation proposed by Republicans, then: ““Upon assuming the presidency…wrote similar legislation [to what Republicans had written on Civil Rights] “while claiming, and I quote, “I’ll have those niggers voting democratic for the next two hundred years.””” (From the article on slavery here. ( Read more truths about Racism here. ( And the real evil of the Democratic Party here. (

7) Global Warming is another sham to get your participation in more controls and taxes. Prove it! Sure. Go down to the beach and ask any old-timer how much higher the ocean has risen in the last 20 years. See the truth on global warming here. (Unity page)

8) Government controlled Health Care — ObamaCare — is another birth-to-death control gimmick. Then replace it! Sure. BasicCare, a state’ level healthcare system, with no insurance, paid for from the purchases of nonessential items, would solve the problem instantly. Or, you can keep your insurance if you wish, and your doctor. Read about BasicCare here. (

9) Because they lie so convincingly Democrats get lots of votes and usually win elections. So why are they always complaining about problems they could have solved many times over? Because Democrat voters are too stupid to make the observation, so they keep voting for Democrats to solve the problems that the Democrat Party never intends to solve, but Charles Barkley did. Read more here. (

Former Navy SEAL: Why I am no longer a Democrat

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