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The War on America Turns 50: How the Democrat Party is destroying America

Five Consequences of America’s Moral Collapse

Diane Richardson, a former Democrat, with research by Laura Cambria, a chronic Conservative

This table is for the Americans that did not bother to learn US History in grade school
Population 1860
Population 1860
Civil War 1861-1865
Total Union Deaths
AKA Republicans
Civil War 1861-1865
Total Confederate Deaths
AKA Democrats

White and Black
Americans that died
to end slavery,
now called Racists!
White Americans that
died to keep slavery
27,489,561 (1)
3,953,760 (2)
110,000 plus
230,000 wounded (3)
94,000 plus
137,000 wounded (4)
Slave States 1860 (5)

'Slave States' 2016

(Blacks and Whites that still vote Democrat to keep policies of dependence -- slavery)
North Carolina
South Carolina

Delaware, D, C
Kentucky, R,
Maryland, R, d, C
Missouri ?, D,
Arkansas ?, R, C
North Carolina ?, R,
Virginia ?, D
Florida ?, R, C*
Georgia, R

New 'Slave States' 2016

(Blacks and Whites that have not learned the history of slavery)

Run by Democrats = D (Ref)

Run by Republican = R

In Debt = d

Highest crime rates = C (Ref)

* = Crime by Illegal Immigrants

California, D, d
Connecticut, D, d
Rhode Island, D, d
New Jersey, R
Washington, D
Illinois, D, b
New York, D, d, C
Colorado, D,
New Hampshire, D, d
Michigan, R, d, C
Minnesota, D,
Oregon, D,
New Mexico, R, C*
Maine, R, d
Hawaii, D, d


Margaret Sanger


13 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger
(Lots of Eugentics and population control, "exterminate .. Negro[s]" is #12)

Former Abortion Clinic Owner: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion

Meet the 41 Companies That Donate Directly to Planned Parenthood

Update: Planned Parenthood Yanks Corporate Sponsor List After Coca-Cola Drops Support

Harriet Tubman: Former slave who risked all
to save others
. April 21, 2016
Reward for Harriet and brothers
Reward for Harriet "Minty" Tubman
and two of her brothers.

Harriet Tubman: Former slave who risked all
to save others
. April 21, 2016
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman, Nurse, Spy, Scout
and American Hero, 1823-1913

Were she able to, Harriet Tubman would say she was a Republican, a gun owner and abolitionist. (As was MLK Jr.)

Former Navy SEAL: Why I am no longer a Democrat




Mexican Voter ID Card


* When are Black Americans Going to Wake up to Their Intentional Ongoing Slavery?

Not National News: 200 Black Thugs RIOT in Louisville Sat Night Robbing, Assaulting People, Clash Daily, March 25, 2014.

Democrat Propaganda: Republicans are Racists

Analysis of the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman Encounter

Behavior, Power and Control, Racism and Playing the N Word Game

The planned destruction of society through Racism: The "White Privilege" conference shows how children are being brainwashed to believe that we are racists through what they believe is white privilege. See explanation that serves as an opposing argument on the Enemy Page.

Subjects with facts and opinion based on sound reasoning

Black Panthers Condemn Obama

Was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a Democrat or a Republican?

Which party prevented women (and blacks) the right to vote?

Democrat Propaganda: Capitalism doesn't work

Democrat Propaganda: Same-sex Couples are Cheated out of Equality

Democrat Propaganda: A Woman's Right to an Abortion is Sacrosanct

Global Warming

Democrat Propaganda: The United States is causing Global Warming

..... G) * Solid proof that the IPCC report was a bold-face lie

Republican voting is not Racist


Democrats want open and extended absentee voting, a procedure by which it's not possible to check ID's, which allows for multiple ballets, voting by non-citizens and by those not allowed to vote, and voting in someone else's name. Because of those problems, Republicans are for strict short term absentee voting, and the use of approved voter IDs at the polls.

An approved ID is required to vote your vote is protected from use by someone else. How are you going to feel when you go to the polls to vote and the ID checker says, 'Sorry. You already voted by absentee ballot?'

Mexican Voter ID Card


Democrat Propaganda: Republicans are Racists

Truth: Misguided Democrat voters believe this because it is repeated over and over again, but in this age of instant-capture communication they still have no proof. The real truth is that it's a tool to create and maintain racial disharmony. Why? So that we stay apart in emotional anger instead of finding common ground on many issues. Why? Because the 'enemies' of the current Democratic Party are those that think for themselves.

"If there is a story about black poverty, police brutality or a drug-related shooting spree in a Hispanic neighborhood, the big papers will feature it with Page One coverage. Those stories fit old racial stereotypes. And lots of old line civil rights groups and liberal cocktail party people will applaud those papers for any story about racial minorities’ complaints about life in America or stories confirming that life is bad, unjust and oppressive for people of color.

But when there is good news on race relations and refreshing evidence of blacks and Latinos leading the way by showing faith in America’s future, the big media is just not that into it."

Source: Juan Williams,, Feb. 24, 2011: Minorities are Looking Up, So the Media are Looking Away

You might also be intrested in reading this article by Deneen Borelli,, March 11, 2011: The Tea Party Movement, Racism and the Lesson of the NPR Scandal

ZoNATION: Oprah Orders More Whine On The Race Card

By PJ Media. - Don’t you love it when a black man knows the truth!

Although Liberals/Socialists/Democrats/Progressives/Communists would have you believe that Conservatives/Republicans/Libertarians are racists, the truth is just the opposite. Democrats have been racists for over 150 years, while Republicans have made every effort to make all Americans free and equal. Outside the Democrat community, racism in America is very small. "What many Americans, of all skin colors, confuse with racism is really defense of self and career by surrounding oneself with whom they are most trusting, which is always the most familiar. Which has nothing to do with race." Diane Richardson, Feb. 24, 2013. (See enemy.html for a more comprehensive explanation.)

National Black Republicans Association (NBRA), including:

The Democratic Party Owes Blacks An Apology
Slavery: Democrats Fought to Expand It – Republicans Fought to End It
The Civil War: Democrats Seceded From The Union to Preserve Slavery
Segregation: Democrats Opposed Civil Rights – Republicans Championed Civil Rights
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Was A Republican
The “Dixiecrats” Remained Democrats
Republicans Pushed To Achieve The “Brown v. Board of Education” Decision
Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” Harmed Blacks
Republican President Eisenhower Achieved Desegregation Of The Military
Republican Senator Everett Dirksen – The Key To Modern-era Civil Rights Legislation
President Lyndon Johnson Was Not A Civil Rights Advocate
President John F. Kennedy Was Not A Civil Rights Advocate
Democrats Smeared Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Senator Barry Goldwater Was A Libertarian, Not A Racist
Nixon’s Southern Strategy Was Not A Racist Appeal
A Myth: Republicans Today Are Racists
Hurricane Katrina - Democrats use this tragedy for partisan political gain
The Confederate Flag
The Democratic Party Is The Party Of The Rich
Republicans Do Not Disenfranchise Blacks
The Democratic Party Is The Party Of Socialism
What Have Republicans Done For Blacks Lately?
President Bush Walked The Walk For Black Americans
How Can Republicans Win Back The Black Vote?
Democrats Talk Tolerance, But Practice Intolerance
Vice President Joe Biden and President Bill Clinton Are Racists?
President Barack Obama Practiced The Politics of Poverty

Proving once again that Liberals/Democrats/Progressives/Communists (Control-freaks) are the biggest liars on the planet.

"Democrat Civil Rights History," John Hitchcock, Truth Before Dishonor, April 24, 2009.

"The Democrat Party's Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism," Tripod.

Democrats are Racist and Liars

But their ongoing lies, coupled with having no moral or ethical belief system, and educational and social policies that teach dependence instead of self-sufficiency and individual responsibility, create, for them, perfect black racists in cities throughout the country. Bill Ayers, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and Democrats everywhere must be very proud of their perverse accomplishment.

Trump Is Black Peoples Hero. Published on Dec 9, 201/5

Black Panthers Condemn Obama

Was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a Democrat or a Republican?

First, read the information linked in the section on Racism above.

Logic says that a man fighting racial discrimination in the South, against leaders like KKK life-member Democrat Senator Robert Byrd; southern customs that had white and black entrances, water fountains, bathrooms and bus seats; and wanting to get a gun permit and having been talked out of proposing marriage to a white woman, was not likely a Democrat. His favorite niece, Dr. Alveda King, is a Republican and regular guest on the Glenn Beck Show.

"8 things you probably didn’t know about Martin Luther King Jr.: As enduring as his civil rights work has been, much of the doctor's life remains unknown to the American public," Bijan C. Bayne,, January 21, 2013.

Which party prevented women (and blacks) the right to vote?

Over a number years and against many Republican Party votes, it was the Democrat Party. Look it up.

From which party was the judge that supported Rosa Parks? Look it up. It was a Republican judge.

What does this all mean? After Geobbels, Democrat politicians are the biggest liars on the Planet.

Now you know why many law abiding Democrats and Republicans will never give up their guns. They are not only for hunting, sport shooting, and personal protection, they are also insurance against government repression.

Democrat Propaganda: Capitalism doesn't work

This of course is ridiculous, because its worked fine for hundreds of years. But since 'Democrats' can easily 'muddy it up' today by constantly creating laws (rules and regulations) that disrupt it, and because of our current poor or corrupted educational system, most Americans don't understand it, so they are easily fooled.

The truth is, the pilgrims created Capitalism because 'commun-ism' didn't work. And free-market capitalism saved their very lives!

Governor Bradford wrote in his journal, in 1623, that they tried communism after they arrived in 1620, but because of squabbling over uneven effort, laziness, and various other objections, some died and they almost starved to death. So they decided to divide the land and encourage everyone to produce as they wished, and that they would exchange what they produced in abundance to profit from their efforts. The outcome was so great that they held their first "thanksgiving.'

"Upon arrival in Plymouth, December 1620, in a mutually agreed attempt at survival, the Plymouth Colony tried 'collectivism' for two years; the first year the best they could, the second with planting skills learned from the indians. But "many starved and died of Famine" because many men, especially the young and able, felt working for others was a form of slavery, or that the work was not equally shared, or that the effort was not equally applied. Overall, collectivism created great discontent, and rather than bringing them together in mutual support it did just the opposite.

So they decided "to divide the property and fields of the colony, and gave each family a piece as their own. Whatever they did not use for their own consumption, they had the right to trade away to their neighbors for something they desired instead.

Now, instead of sloth, envy, resentment, and anger among the colonists, there was a great turnaround in their activities. Industry, effort, and joy were now seen in practically all that the men, women and children did."

Governor Bradford wrote in his diary, "Indeed, their bounty was so great, that they had enough to not only trade among themselves but also with the neighboring Indians in the forest. In November 1623, they had a great feast to which they also invited the Indians. They prepared turkey and corn, and much more, and thanked God for bringing them a bountiful crop. They, therefore, set aside a day of “Thanksgiving.”" (From the book Left vs. Right: political positions for a better America.)

This is the real history of Capitalism, and the origin of our Thanksgiving holiday. But most Americans don't know this because it has been altered by Democrats, who control most education and information. You should already know that Democrats discourage free thinking by using unfounded accusations, and ridicule others for trying to learn the truth about most anything. The real truth is, they 'traffic' in your trust with lies and bad information.

Democrat Propaganda: Same-sex Couples are Cheated out of Equality

Homosexuals aught not to push their new right too far because it could still be taken away, because the American Psychiatric Association (APA) had classified homosexuality as a mental disorder, and the only reason that the 'APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-II)' does not now show homosexuality as a mental disorder is that voting members of the APA were tricked into voting it out by homosexuals who got a copy of the member mailing list and produce a letter recommended its removal that was presumed to be from the Association.

This means that the Supreme Court's decision to give same-sex marriage legitimacy was actually bestowed on people the APA considers to have mental disorders, not people considered 'whole' in mind, body and spirit.

Homosexuality is a mental illness, voiding same-sex marriage: Is Homosexuality a Mental Disorder?

Shall we go back to court?

As background, in my book, written for students and low information voters, I say:

"Since the Left is trying to force society to accept same-sex couples, it, by default, supports sodomy. Churches are against same-sex marriage because sodomy is not condoned by their religious beliefs. The Right is against sodomy because it has the potential to create diseases. The Right is against same-sex marriage because it would sanction sodomy as a socially acceptable form of intimacy, which is the same as approving it. The Right believes that male-female coupling and marriage should be the accepted norm, and for procreation, as they have been throughout civilized history. The Right is also against forcing anyone or group to do anything.

As society experiences more freedoms, it continues to become more complex and difficult to integrate into, creating the need for attachments that serve our most intimate feelings and needs, many mercurial, some not. No doubt, many of the young and emotional involved see same-sex marriage through the eyes of love and or attachment. But, society will not be forced to do anything it feels is against its better nature.

Before the Left started forcing society to accept same-sex marriage, as apposed to civil unions - which resolve all the legal issues - like 'Boston Marriages', men living together and women living together were always accepted, now platonic relationships have become unnecessarily sexualized.

Like many people and families, this issue affects me personally, so it's very difficult for me. With deep feelings of right and wrong, I'm unable to support sodomy as a socially acceptable form of intimacy. But, to acknowledge that love and difficult legal issues are involved, I support Civil Unions." From Left vs Right: political position for a better America.

I now suggest that there is a sensible solution that should please almost everyone: If we recognize that only the church, or theologians, can perform marriage ceremonies, and that government can only perform civil ceremonies, then it should be so. It should therefore be accepted and understood that if couples are joined in a church they are married. And if couples are joined by anyone other than a recognized theologian, they have been joined legally by way of a civil ceremony.

The marriage licensing would stay the same; the final classification of 'marriage' or 'civl union' would be determined by the credentials of the person performing the ceremony. As a practical matter, they can all say that they are 'married' but the legal difference will be as documented.

What should the Supreme Court decide? Based on the Ninth and Tenth Amendment it shouldn't decide anything, because this is a states rights issue.

Now listen to a more scholarly approach, and the affects on children and society:

Ryan T. Anderson - What is Marriage?

StanfordAnscombeSociety SAS, Published on Jul 8, 2014.

Democrat Propaganda: A Woman's Right to an Abortion is Sacrosanct

Early Women’s Rights Leaders Opposed Abortion

Marjorie Dannenfelser , President of the pro-life PAC the Susan B. Anthony List, has an important and eye-opening op-ed at Time (emphasis added)

In America, too, brave and farsighted suffragettes worked to obtain the right to vote, and thus the right to true citizenship, for women. Their victory paved the way for the full participation by women in the economic, social and political spheres….

But would those early pioneers recognize the movement that claims to speak for the rights of women today?

On the issue of abortion, they would not. Many of today’s feminists see abortion as one of the touchstones of their movement. Yet many of the early leaders of the women’s suffrage movement in the U.S. believed that the rights of mother and child are inextricably linked and that the right to life and the right to vote are rooted in the inherent dignity of each human person.

The public statements of many early champions of women’s rights in the U.S. make clear their opposition. Elizabeth Cady Stanton referred to abortion as “infanticide” and wrote that “when we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit.” Victoria Woodhull, the first female candidate for president, wrote: “Every woman knows that if she were free, she would never bear an unwished-for child, nor think of murdering one before its birth.” And Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the U.S., wrote: “The gross perversion and destruction of motherhood by the abortionist filled me with indignation, and awakened active antagonism.”

Dannenfelser adds, “Women who join us reject the idea that feminism requires them to be at war with their own children, or to direct their tax dollars to organizations that perform abortions. In so doing, they honor the legacy of the original champions of women’s rights.“

It is not easy to argue against those who support abortion because it is a moral issue. We hope, over time, these women will instead opt for adoption.

But, in return, we accept no argument from them against war -- which is usually in part to save others from some form of repression and persecution. Or the death penalty, because a wanton killer's mind does not accept the rules of a civilized society or the rights of others.

Articles of interest:

The monstrous abortion trial the media don’t want you to know about, Dan Gainor,, April 10, 2013.

Philadelphia abortion clinic horror: Column: We've forgotten what belongs on Page One, Kirsten Powers,, April 11, 2103.

Kermit Gosnell: The Alleged Mass-Murderer and the Bored Media, David Weigel,, April 12, 2013.

Analysis of Roe v Wade

There are two compelling statements within:

"The State’s [moral] interest in protecting the “potential” life of the unborn child becomes “compelling” after viability, the stage of pregnancy when the unborn child is capable of independent life."

"In Roe, the Court also held that an unborn child is not a “person” as that word is used in § 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment and, therefore, is not protected by either the Due Process Clause or the Equal Protection Clause, a holding from which no Justice on the Court – then or since – has dissented."

To us, this means that upon birth from a botched abortion, the viable newborn (at 22-24 weeks) is a person and due all protections under the law, and all accepted moral behavior.

Democrat moral values

Democrat Propaganda: America, and by implication Americans, are causing Global Warming

We'll be even more helpful to them, and say that the Left believes that mankind is causing Global Warming.

This claim is so bizarre that we presume that the Left presumes that Americans have been so successfully dumbed-down in their ability to think for themselves and use logic and common sense that they can say just about anything and we will believe it. Arguments to the contrary:

‘Nonsense’: Top Scientists Demolish Alarmism Behind UN Climate Summit Michael Bastasch 11:11 AM 11/20/2015

A panel of prominent scientists debunked one of the most popular global warming arguments ahead of a major United Nations climate summit to take place in Paris later this month.

The scientists slammed policies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as “nonsense,” and they criticized politicians and activists for claiming the world was on the path for catastrophic global warming.

“The most important thing to keep in mind is — when you ask ‘is it warming, is it cooling’, etc. — is that we are talking about something tiny (temperature changes) and that is the crucial point,” Dr. Richard Linden, a veteran climate scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“We are speaking of small changes 0.25 Celsius would be about 51% of the recent warming and that strongly suggests a low and inconsequential climate sensitivity — meaning no problem at all,” said Linden, who is also a senior fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute.

Top U.S. physicist claims global warming is a “scam”

Mathematician says affects of CO2 overstated by as much a factor of 10

A) The Earth has many influences that can produce variations in global temperature(s), like from sun spot radiation, deep space radiation, variations in CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and CH4 (Methane) and other chemicals from global animal and insect populations, global human populations, global energy production, global land vegetation, global water surface vegetation, global volcanic eruptions above and below the ocean surface, global lightning strikes, and from the global ocean conveyor (the Earth's temperature regulator). The Earth has also short and longterm variations in its wobble and tilt as it circles the Sun. What evidence, therefore, does the Left have that shows the confluences on global temperatures and compares these global temperatures to say, the man-made global temperatures of 20,000 years ago? 2,000 years ago? 200 years ago?

B) Science in the history of our planet explains that CO2 was six times higher during times of prehistoric animals.

C) The famous or infamous IPCC report, accepted in good faith by many scientists, was in fact produced by Ph.D. student environmental activists.

** No change in climate in the last 17 years: UN climate change expert reveals bias in global warming report, Richard Tol, May 20, 2014,

D) The Left has a vested interest in saying and doing anything that controls Americans and the human population.

E) Vostok ice core data shows no CO2 influence on global temperatures over hundreds of thousands of years. But it does show a correlation between variations in temperature in ~130,000 year cycles and CH4.

F) Hot Lies Disputed by Cold Facts

G) * Solid proof that the IPCC report was a bold-face lie

H) Study: Earth was warmer in Roman, Medieval times

J) Climategate II? Scientific community accused of muzzling dissent on global warming

K) Study suggesting global warming is exaggerated was rejected for publication in respected journal because it was ‘less than helpful’ to the climate cause, claims professor

General reference for the above:

"But what really makes the whole global warming argument seem like baseless hysteria - given CO2 is now considered a pollutant (health hazard) when it's really a food source for all plant life [41], which happens to be the food source that we could not live without, is the fact that 37 million years ago (during the early part of our current Cenozoic Era) - well after the K-T Extinction 65 million years ago - a time of abundant animal life and vegetation and much greater climate, teutonic and volcanic activity than today - the Earth's atmospheric CO2 content was six times what it is today. (42/Note B) And the CO2 and Methane (CH4) content and temperature have been going through a 15 thousand year long high that repeats every 130 thousand years, with several smaller repetitive peaks in between. And that temperature is more a function of CH4 than CO2. In other words, these highs are a part of nature. [43/Graph - Read the passage of time right to left. BP = Before Present.] 42/Note B: From Prehistoric Denver, by National Geographic." (From the book Left vs. Right)

Study Predicts Decades Of Global Cooling Ahead, Michael Bastasch, 11:47 AM 05/28/2015, (Reference from

UN Climate Change Expert: Global Warming Caused By “Natural Variations” Friday, May 22, 2015 @ 9:30am


UN Scientists Who Have Turned on the UN IPCC & Man-Made Climate Fears — A Climate Depot Flashback Report By: Marc Morano - Climate Depot August 21, 2013 9:34 PM

Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history…When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” - UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist.

UN Climate Scientists Speak Out on Global Warming Other Government Scientists Also Quoted A Selection of Quotations from The U. S. Senate Minority Report:

More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent over Man-Made Global Warming Claims – Scientists Continue to Debunk “Consensus” Senator James M. Inhofe 03/23/09 version Selected and edited by Senator Orrin G. Hatch from the Minority Report 05 October 2009

Saturday, November 10, 2007 NO ‘Consensus’ on "Man-Made" Global Warming

List of [senior] scientists opposing the mainstream scientific assessment of global warming.

Global Warming Petition Project — 31,487 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs,

Greenpeace co-founder: No scientific proof humans are dominant cause of warming climate, February 26, 2014,,

David Deming, "Global Warming Is a Fraud," June 29, 2009,

Forbes Op/Ed, "Climate Change: ‘Hoax’ Or Crime Of The Century?," September 16, 2012,

Australian Prime Minister’s Top Advisor: Climate Change “About a New World Order Under the Control of the UN”, by Melissa Dykes, May 9, 2015

Listen to the Founder of the Weather Channel: Weather Channel Founder John Coleman: Global Warming ‘Worst Distortion of Science Ever’, by Pete Melfi, April 4, 2014,

Nobel Prize-winning scientist says Obama is ‘dead wrong’ on global warming

Obama priorities between terrorism and Global Warming

What does all this mean? It means that the Earth's temperature is far beyond the control of humans, and the Left is just attempting to create another way to control us and tax us.

Previous drought in the West
Drought in the West is not new. We've been here before.

Just wants you to think



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