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Mr. Obama's Destruction of the World in support of Islam

The Obama Plan for the Destruction of America

Admiral James Lyons on Iran Nuke Deal

Enough is Enough!

Giving Iran — the biggest state sponsor of terrorism through the Iranian guard, Hamas and Hezbollah — ‘a contract’ to create nuclear fuel is beyond stupid, it is an act of terrorism, because nuclear dirty bombs will come next, which will start WWIII, along with forcing other unstable life-after-death 'suicide' countries in the Middle East to go nuclear. In other words, this is a formula for Armageddon. "Iran publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel."

Then, bypassing Congress and going straight to the UN to provide $150 billion in sanctions relief (which is the Iranian economic equivalent of $8 trillion), as it quickly grows to $700 billion in new business deals previously forbidden with the Iranian terrorist state, when sanctions have stunted its evil acts, nearly causing its collapse, and agreeing to protect Iran from all acts against its nuclear program (3), is an act of treason. ( Reference 1 ) ( Reference 2 ) ( Reference 3 ) Supporting and Funding the Mullahs' shows severe moral deprivity. Add these to the other impeachable acts.

Update: Iran already has atomic weapon, making nuke deal 'moot,' says US military expert. And if retired generals and admirals know this, so does the Pentagon and Mr. Obama. This also means that the only goal here is to release money to Iran, and protect it from threats. Does that sound like what an American president would do? Or a president that supports Islam, first?

’Mr.’ Obama and ‘Mr.’ Kerry have proven themselves traitors to America and should be removed from office immediately.

See Bio of Iranian-born Muslim Communist Valerie Jarrett (Obama's closest confidant) on the National Security page.

Appeasing Iran Ignores the Lessons of History, by Victor Davis Hanson.

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States

214 Retired Generals and Admirals Letter to Congress Opposing Iran Nuclear Deal

U.S. Power Grid Danger that the Obama Administration Knows All About, but Does Nothing

National Security Community Asks for Executive Action on Electrical Grid Security, but Obama Does Nothing

About Obama's Receding Tide of War... . By Claudia Rosett, April 19, 2016 .

Years ago, looking out at the Pacific surf from a beach in Chile, a friend -- alert to the ways of tsunamis -- gave me some advice about what to do if suddenly the water all went away. "Run. Run for your life. Because it's all coming back."


On April 17, novelist and political writer Mark Helprin published an important op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, under the headline "The Candidates Ignore Rising Military Dangers," with the subhed: "Obama is weakening U.S. defenses and credibility, but there's little debate about the growing risk of war." The entire article is worth reading. But if you want a quick summary of what's out there, it's in the caption to a photo than ran with the piece: "War games last year in southern Russia involved troops from countries including Russia, China, Pakistan and Venezuela." You can bet, whatever they are preparing for, it is not a receding tide of war.

Forewarning of Obama Supported Hate Revolution

Forewarning of Obama Supported Hate Revolution. Published on Dec 9, 201/5

The Red-Green Axis Takes Aim at Free Speech: Supported by radical left wealth, the Muslim Brotherhood, Marxists and Black Lives Matter (BLM) have joined forces to silence free speech and create hate in America: CounterJihad Campaign, Elections, The Muslim Brotherhood in America, Understanding the Shariah Threat Doctrine., March 15, 2016

As the country heads into the next months of supercharged presidential electioneering, it is important to identify those taking to the streets in protest and violence for what they represent: an in-your-face challenge to our Constitutional rights, law and order, and the very foundational principles of the Republic itself. As Jim Simpson so presciently noted in his Jan 2016 article, “Islamist organizations have also jumped on the BLM bandwagon, reminding us of the unholy alliance that exists between them and the radical Left. In September 2015, the Muslim Brotherhood front-group Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) joined BLM activists in storming California Governor Jerry Brown’s office. CAIR also participated in the Ferguson protests. Meanwhile ISIS is recruiting American blacks for its cause.”

Make no mistake: in true Alinsky form, the aim of the Red-Green Axis is anarchy. Divisiveness, racism and violence are their means—but shutting down the free speech of those who call them out for what they are (street thugs) is top of their To Do list. Our best defense remains a vigorous exercise of the right of free speech that is enshrined in the First Amendment.

Diane Richardson, a former Democrat, with research by Laura Cambria, a chronic Conservative

April 30, 2015, 7:05 PM, see additions in Notes below

The Obama Plan for the Destruction of America

You don’t need to be a news hound to understand that the country is in serious trouble, although, if you are an Independent or Democrat that watches mainstream media news, you might be oblivious to these facts.

So let’s review what these plan indicators are:

The switch from a quasi free-market — government (rules), Federal Reserve (banking), K Street (lobbying) and Wall Street (investment) regulated — economy, to a “Obama-Clinton Cloward-Piven” welfare (Socialist-state) driven virtual-Communism (highly regulated) economy in which only the elites prosper, but will drag us to ruin, politically, morally and economically.

Growing wide-spread talk of hate and racism ( 1a ) ( 1b + video) ( 1c ), the knockout game ( 2a ), and cop killings ( 2b ), in response to the claim of racism put forth by black leaders ( 2c ), instead of honest reflection. ( 3a ) And the failure of the black community to see that democrat policies created the misery they live under, not anyone else. ( 3b )

Spreading riots ( 4a ) ( 4b ) as a direct results of unemployment, poverty and the breakdown of the family ( 5a ) ( 5b ) ( 5c ) caused by Democrat policies and Obama’s virtual-Communism-inspired wrecking of the economy. ( 5d) ( 5e )

By restricting Border Patrol Agent actions and search areas, Obama is allowing illegal aliens from many countries, endangering national security, while increasing illegal drugs and crime, which reduces public safety; endangering public health; raising national, state and local debt by hundreds of billions of dollars. ( 13 )

The US now has over 42 million immigrants, legal and illegal ( 14a ): Arabic speaking Muslim refugees ( 14b ) ( 14c ), and Spanish speaking illegal immigrant families and children without parents ( 14d ), are being dropped in cities and towns all over American ( 14e ), creating high welfare and community costs, problems with assimilation ( 14f ), and minors joining violent street gangs ( 14g ). And 25 million illegal Hispanic immigrants ( 15a ) take millions of jobs away from American workers, many of whom are black, and suppress wages ( 15b ).

The disgraceful Sandy Hook Massacre hoax to further gun control legislation. ( 6 )

This gun control has taken guns from over 50,000 veterans ( 7 ), and forbidden over 80,000 veterans from owning guns ( 8a ) ( 8b ) ( 8c ), if they sought help from the VA after returning from a war zone.

The destruction of the readiness and morale of the US Military by forcing many officers to retire, decommissioning weapons systems, reducing veterans benefits, and slow-walking veterans healthcare. ( 9 )

The DHS buying huge amounts of banned ammunition, retrofitting 2,700 military vehicles for street use, and using arial gun ships in exercises in several US cities. ( 10 )

The DHS giving military gear to civilian police forces ( 11a ) and training them to be part of a government-controlled civilian police force, rather than being under state and local control. ( 11b ) ( 11c )

Dahboo7: Special Forces Training Cops For House to House Raids (B)

Military urban warfare training in at least four American cities -- Chicago, Miami, Tampa and Los Angeles (F)

And now a pending Martial Law exercise — Jade Helm 15 — that, given Obama’s 'hands-off' foreign policy, has no value unless intended for use within the United States. ( 12 )

If you don’t see the picture here, you are likely in denial, because this is clearly preparation for the destruction of America, as we know it, before the Obama presidency ends.

UPDATE: Generals: Constitutional Crisis Could Force Military To Remove Obama (D) Since the video Obama has forced many US Generals and Command Officers to retire. ( 9 )

UPDATE: Retired 4-Star Admiral Accuses Barack Obama Of Treason (C)

So what are we to do?

Send this article to your friends asking them to read it, and if they agree, to send it to their US senators and congressional representatives to impeach Obama based on this evidence, because it clearly shows a plan to overthrow the US government, and replace it with dictatorial control.

Beyond that, hunker down and think of ways to protect yourself should this come to fruition.


Post Script (A) : What is so incredibly sad about all the problems related to the US Economy is that there is a simple known solution that Obama and Democrats won’t allow, and Republicans seem unable to comprehend — it is less government regulation.

As I’ve said many times, our economy is nothing more than Produce-Market-Sell. It’s explained more fully on the Economy page. But Liberal economists will probably say otherwise because they too are committed to control, rather than accepting free-market Capitalism, because they are Liberals and that’s how they make a living.

Beyond the economy, Obama has shown himself to be a anti-American Communist and control freak, and as the evidence above indicates, at any cost. And if you still think that he is a Christian, read read this and this, while reflecting on the Christians around the world that he has made no effort to save, or ask to be released from prison, while going out of his way to help Muslims whenever he can.

For further proof of Democrat evil, read the article Witness to Evil or Slavery, or any of the other Democrat/Socialist/Progressive (Communist) themed pages or articles.

Putin and Netanyahu - Make America Great Again

The government reports the unemployment rate at 5%, while reporting 94 million working-age Americans without jobs!
If you keep voting for the same incompetent anti-American party and crony capitalism 'politicians,' you are clearly retarded.


A) Added Post Script May 4, 2015, 9 PM,
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Obama supporting domestic terrorism



The Obama Plan for the Destruction of America

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