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August 11, 2016, ~11:45 AM Eastern, edited first paragraph August 15, 5 AM.

To the Stupid Liberals in Hollywood and Beyond

(I tried to email this to the Hollywood Reporter, but words not deemed politically correct would not let me.)

It seems that we are surrounded by Left-leaning 'Liberals' without the brains to understand that Obama and the Social-Democrats now in control of the government, have put us on the sheer precipice of full blown Socialism, where no one wins except those in power.

So this is directed straight at the really stupid big mouths in Hollywood and their ilk that seem to think they know what's best for America, when in fact they don't know shit.

Let's start with the economy. The common notion is Obama is trying really hard to fix it but it's just too complicated. For a lawyer (or political science major or 'actor') that may be true, but for a business major and successful businessman, as Mr. Trump is, it's a piece of cake. How is that so? Because our free-market economy is Produce-Market-Sell, nothing more. It's just like having a billion lemonade stands, until the Obama government gets in the way with over 24,000 rules and regulations. I won't discuss his motive, but he has as large an advisory group as he wants, and still creates endless regulations that he knows puts people out of work, on to welfare and drives up our debt.

He also knows that creating Muslim friendly rules of engagement for our war fighters gets them killed, or sends them home confused and with mental health issues, and that diddling around with ISIS gives it time to grow, and giving billions in war fighting equipment to fickle or unprepared allies allows those weapons to be captured and used against us all.

How about illegal immigration and the wall? Do you people really think that we can support the world with open borders? Do you not know that we spend over $300 billion per year just supporting illegal immigrants, both here and at home? Does not illegals taking jobs away from Americans bother you? Is wanting to give jobs to black and low skilled Americans first, really racism? And what about drugs, and crime, and Mexican gangs? Are you folks 'retarded?'

Then we have Muslim refugees. Do you not know that Obama does not require them to support the US Constitution and that Sharia Law brings anti-Americanism, terrorism, slavery of women, genital mutilation, honor killings, unheard of butchery, and welfare for life in their multicultural world? Do you not question why he does not allow endangered Christians to immigrate or members of the US 'protected' but abandoned MEK or pro-America Afghan and Iraqi interpreters, and their families, that will be killed on sight?

On Socialism, are you so stupid that you think that you can tax people until they bleed, and they won't just up and move to another country as is happening elsewhere?

There's much more but I do believe that you are too blinded by unfounded hate to absorb this, so I will stop.

Please be advised that the Obama administration has had Google remove over 20,000 search terms so you will not find much help there to learn the truth. And the biased mainstream media is of no help. So you are unlikely to find the true answer to many questions, like, did Adam Lanza really exist? Were bodies removed from the Sandy Hook School? Did a plane really hit the Pentagon without leaving one single piece of evidence? Is Hillary Clinton really sane and well enough to serve as president, with a failed governor that says he was "kidnaped" to be her VP? Do you really want a totally corrupt and sick woman and a kidnap victim running the country?

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To the Stupid Liberals in Hollywood and Beyond

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