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September 25, 2017

GOVERNMENT TO DO LIST (An ongoing work in progress.)


Turn over national healthcare to the states by using Basic Care as a model —

To understand the Affordable Care Act -- ACA (ObamaCare) you must understand that the goal of Democrats is to increase dependency on government. They do this by offering poor education filled with bias and propaganda, aka brainwashing, and by creating poverty in general, in order to lock-in votes from those made dependent and in need of welfare benefits.

Before ObamaCare, most people in the US worked a 40 Hr week and were covered by employer healthcare plans. But about 30 M were not covered, and those with preexisting conditions paid a higher cost because they cost insurers more. But instead of just helping those in need, the goal of ObamaCare was to reverse this in order to increase government control of our lives.

So, now those that have preexisting conditions get low cost coverage, paid for by the rest of the country forced to buy expensive plans. But the greater population that has been forced to buy the new expensive plans cannot afford the deductibles, which means they have no useful healthcare coverage. And there are still about 30 M not covered, and many people lost their jobs..

Congress has exempted itself and its staff from the ObamaCare disaster.

Fund The Wall by any sensible means to stop illegal immigration, and prevent terrorists, drug dealers, gangs, and slavers from enter our country.

Without The Wall, there is a Federal and State economic cost burden on our country of about $1 trillion per year due to cost of providing schooling, welfare and others needs for illegal immigrants and their children; preventing terrorism, searching for and jailing drug dealers and gang members, and stopping slavery. They also create a very high repeat crime rate. In addition, the drugs cause all sorts of user family and personal problems, hospital costs, and lost productive work time.

$1 trillion is 1,000 billion. The wall is estimated to cost about $20 billion.

Eliminate the tax code because its real purpose is to provide ways for businesses to avoid paying taxes in exchange for donations for reelection. The proper name of the tax code is the tax avoidance code.

Create a minimum 10% business tax because the 'Tax Code' allows many big companies to avoid paying taxes.

Create a balanced budget amendment, then retire the debt limit.

Eliminate baseline budgeting, which gives each government department an annual automatic raise that is called the baseline budget, and when removed is referred to as a budget cut!

Create a surtax law that levies a 10% surtax on all 'one percenters' to pay for national disasters.

Stop funding government flood insurance to force people out of flood zones.

Do not fund states more than 10% replacement cost for damages caused by natural disasters — the country should not be obligated to support people who will not take care of their own problems.

Reduce student loan interest rate to a maintenance cost of 2% — higher rates create conditions for poverty of new income earners.

Given some sports venues haves turned political, require those venues to pay taxes and remove their protections from competition.


Do not sign into law any legislation that allows Congress to exempt itself.

Fix the unemployment rate to include all major groups instead of just counting former workers for only 4 weeks -- the unemployment rate should include all unemployment for at least one year, new unemployed workers after finishing school and new unemployed legal immigrants.



GOVERNMENT TO DO LIST (An ongoing work in progress.)

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