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Gun Control

Diane Richardson, a former Democrat, with research by Laura Cambria, a chronic Conservative

We Want Your Guns

During a recent discussion on gun control, Mr. Obama scoffed at the idea of marshal law, which implies dictatorial control, as the reason for taking away guns. Arguing that he only has a year left in office so this makes no sense. If this is not the case, please explain to me why government agencies that have no reason to carry guns are instead buying large amounts of automatic weapons and all sorts of military-like armament just like all the other agencies? There Are Now More Bureaucrats With Guns Than U.S. Marines.

Let me posit another reason the Left is so adamant about removing guns, because they obviously fear them, and it has nothing to do with crime or mass murders, as demonstrated by the president freeing hundreds of criminals and murders nearly every month into the general population and making no effort to deport illegals who have kidnapped, and or raped, and or murdered.

It is the issue of control again. Without the fear of a citizenry with guns, a ruling party, left, middle or right, could say, 'Fuck you America, we can make any law we choose and you can't stop us.' So the Left will keep up their efforts to get our guns forever, while those on the immoral Right will accept the benefits of control if it happens.

Here is a superb example of how Democrats operate, insisting on gun controls after the Orlando Massacre: (Source: Divided Senate rejects gun control measures

Democrats pushed two amendments to require background checks on all gun sales and to allow the Attorney General to prevent firearms sales to people on the terror watch list and other suspected terrorists. But the National Rifle Association and Republicans decried the legislation as infringing on gun rights and denying due process.

Meanwhile, Republicans offered up two proposals to beef up the gun background check database and block sales to individuals legally found to have “probable cause” for terrorism, but Democrats said the plans didn’t go far enough.

The primary terror watch list has US militias as its highest priority — people who simply want to be left alone without government interference — not Muslim terrorists. And its other watch lists have been known to include all sorts of innocent adults and children usually because they have the same names as suspects, while they refuse to take guns from "individuals legally found to have “probable cause” for terrorism," because it's not enough. Common sense alone would say let's try this first and if it's not enough we'll add something else, but they insist on total control through various government managed watch lists.

And these legislative efforts have absolutely nothing to do with solving the overall Muslim terrorist problem because Mr. Obama refuses to accept it.

Will banning assault trucks stop more violence? Media Blames Truck, Not Terrorists or Islam, For Nice Attack

French lawmakers told Bataclan terrorists tortured, disemboweled victims

"Gun Control Didn't Work ... Again" NRA News

Another player in this 'we want your guns game' is the UN, with its NWO and Agenda 21 plans, with regular deployment of unmarked black helicopters over US cities that we were warned about back in 1995 and 1998 — see 'Black Helicopter' books by Jim Keith. This activity continues today as annual joint exercises with the UN and foreign troops presumably for the purpose of holding multinational military exercises, but they also desensitize us to this threat. A recent video I watched had a comment about road signs with marking on the back to help foreign troops navigate throughout America. Now, why would that be necessary if Americans are with them? Although, along with GPS, and the fact that they have been here so often these markings may no longer be necessary. This also falls in line with the claim that members of the US military have been asked to retire for not indicating a willingness to fire on Americans. You will find additional information on this on the Jihad W H and impeach pages. What's also interesting is that while our leaders are attempting to systematically support the NWO, Vladimir Putin has warned against it.

Wayne LaPierre | How to Stop Violent Crime NRA News

Gun deaths down 30%

The number and rate of firearm murders has hit a new low since the sky-high gun killings during the 1990s, with California topping an FBI list despite having some of the toughest anti-gun laws on the books.

Data from the FBI and Pew Research Center show that all gun violence has declined since the Clinton era, though suicides blamed on guns has ticked up. [Which should be an expected result of Obama's economic policies.]

Analysis shows that gun confiscation buyback programs in Australia, the UK and Canada have NOT reduced crime. Crime rates rose until much larger police forces brought them back to previous gun-ownership levels, or they continued to drop slowly from pre- buyback levels for unrelated reasons.

What this means is, the number of robberies, rapes and murders increased for several years after forced gun buybacks, until enough police were able to bring the rates back down to previous levels. This tells us that gun confiscation programs cause more death, misery and suffering than they are worth, and the ongoing public service costs are much higher. And citizens without guns are vulnerable to governments with less than honorable intentions.

Gun Control Chart Liberals Don't Like

Copied from Conservative Byte

Stop Electing Crazy People!

Copied from Liberty Alliance

"Professor R. J. Rummel, who keeps track of such things, now estimates that in the 20th century 262,000,000 people were murdered by their own governments. And the vast majority of these horrors were perpetrated by collectivist governments for the alleged sake of "the proletariat," the "master race," and especially, "the greater good" or "the common good."" ( COLLECTIVISM vs. INDIVIDUALISM )

Bill Whittle on global homicide rate, at FrontPage Mag

Remember The 2007 Harvard Study Showing More Guns Led To Less Crime?

US Senator Bernie Sanders: 99.9 Percent of Gun Owners ‘Obey The Law’

USA Today Column: Time to talk about gun free zones

One Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against MSM For ‘Staging Sandy Hook Massacre’

The Newtown, Connecticut, Sandy Hook school massacre story is spiraling out of control

Copied from Wolfgang Halbig's Chapter One evidence PDF
Meeting on SH massacre 2-days before massacre!

**Wolfgang Halbig and James Fetzer exposing Sandy Hook on "The Power Hour" radio show w Joyce Riley, Sep 26, 2014

**Real Deal Special MUST SEE Sandy Hook Update, Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel, Feb 21, 2015

**The Sandy Hook Hoax Continues…. Newtown Residents Threatened, Bribed, To Shut Up! (As Expected)

In short, if you listen and read the reports and videos on this page, you will discover that the Newtown, CT, Sandy Hook Massacre was a long planned but badly coordinated government ‘Capstone’ exercise intended to create so much emotion that it would force massive gun control legislation, and the mainstream media participated in the hoax. CT has done just that and we can be sure more will come if you don't spread the truth.

Here is some of the evidence of fraud discovered by the principal investigator — Mr. Wolfgang Halbig and his expert assistants:
* The school was shutdown for at least 2 years before the incident because of many health hazards and OSHA violations:
* No gun shots were reported and there are no 911 logs of the event;
* No triage was setup, no EMTs entered the school, no rescue helicopters were requested;
* No evidence of the so-called evacuation of the other 500+ children and their teachers is available, and no buses were used;
* There is no evidence of a mass gathering of worried parents:
* The group of children video taped walking in a line were not wearing winter clothing, were 'staged' in line sequence multiple times to emulate a larger group of children, and those interviewed said they were participating in a drill;
* The so-called murdered children were all declared dead within 8 minutes of the event, without a medical examiner;
* No dead bodies were ever seen, even by the parents;
* No biohazard clean up of blood and body parts was done;
* The parents started fund raising the day of the massacre, some even before they knew that their child were declared dead;
* The so-called dead children had no social security numbers. UPDATE: Two years later, these so-called murdered children now have SS#s;
* ALL the families claiming dead children were given free homes in Newtown within a 2-year span before the event, and have since moved back to their first homes;
* These families were each also paid $281K;
* The FBI Database of murders does not list this Newtown massacre;
* The so-called guns used were semi-automatic — single shot;
* The bullet casings were corroded and damaged and not fired from any of the guns found;
* No Adam Lanza fingerprints were found;
* There is no evidence that Adam Lanza handled the weapons or was involved in the shootings;
* Everyone, even remotely involved, and those living within a given radius, was either forced to sign a government nondisclosure document or warned that they would go to prison for 5 years if they divulged the hoax;
* No law suits of any kind have been filed. UPDATE: Responding to critics, it is reported that a few law suits have now been filed;
* No one will honor any Freedom of Information requests;
* Mr. Halbig has been threatened with arrest for asking questions;
* Mr. Halbig’s first attorney quit after 2 days because she and her family were threatened;
* There was a rehearsal on Thursday December 13, 2012, which caused some to start their false Internet activities a day early;
* Two CT State Troopers have given Mr. Halbig a copy of the FEMA master plan for the staged massacre.

SEE UPDATED 'EVIDENCE' LIST AND MORE VIDEOS HERE: Newtown Massacre Fraud, Gun Control and the Totalitarian State

Wolfgang Halbig
Wolfgang Halbig Sandy Hook CT FOI Hearing Postponed ~ March 31, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig's web site

Wolfgang Halbig exposes The Sandy Hook Deception on Info Wars, April 4, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig’s [first] Attorney Quits Case, Fears for Life, April 4, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig
Sandy Hook Staged Government Community Capstone Exercise

Wolfgang Halbig's web site

This page attempts to put into focus the reasoned truth that guns in the hands of responsible adults are a deterrent to crime locally and nationally, and a wonderful tool for national defense readiness. It also infers that those that want to take away guns have no understanding of the nature of crime or criminal behavior, or how tyrants gain control by removal of guns and ammunition.

How to control a nation against its will

Genocide Chart 2002 Great source of information on gun laws, gun crime and related statistics.
For example: Sandy Hook Index, Page One.

From the links just above, center page, we find a strong correlation between more guns and fewer murders, with the U.S. having the most handguns per capita (nearly 90%) and the least murders per capita: Gun and Murder Statistics.

Another example: Contrast the long history of Switzerland and it's citizen gun ownership with the chart history above.

Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

Sometimes a few pictures say it all.

By tina m.

Gun Control vs. Abortion

100s of Mexicans killed by Obama's Fast & Furious
Are Democrat politicians real human rights champions?

Are you aware that 'Adoption' is not part of Planned Parenthood's recommended choices?

But abortions are only done on fetal blobs, right? There is no such thing as a fetal blob. Babies develop in the womb over a period of months. They are fully formed before six months and viable as newborns at that time. Some as early as 21 weeks (5 months). But to insure that abortions could still be carried out in the third trimester (after 6 months), your dear leader, President Barack Obama, voted to insure they could still be aborted, three times while a senator in Illinois.

Here is a story of a nurse that held a newborn in a utility room until it died, because, although it was born alive and well, since it was born during an abortion it was thrown away. And she just couldn't allow the new born baby to die alone.

So, the first question that needs to be asked, is, What makes you abortion rights advocates - and you Liberals who want equal everything everywhere, and you who are against capital punishment because it is too harsh, and you who scold everyone for saying words like 'retard' - any better than the Germans that wanted to create a 'master race' through genetics and selective abortion?

Steinem on gun control


Partial List:

In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.

In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States who later died from the wound.

In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.

In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.

In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.

In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.

In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.

In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.

In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria.

In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.

In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.

In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.

The list continues to current events -- see article link above with video.

"Not one NRA member, Tea Party member, or Republican conservatives were involved in these shootings and murders."

Superb article on the reason angry immature males resort to gun crimes: Lack of [Learned] Manliness Is Real Culprit Behind Mass Shootings. "It's not that boys play video games, but that they don't know how to grow up."

Eliot Rogers and the bizarre connection to Sandy Hook
Mass shootings by Liberals
Santa Barbara Shooter Elliot Rodger was a Member of an Anti-Women Group

Please tell me if I am wrong:

A) Most mass murders are committed by registered Democrats, children of registered Democrats, and Independents who hated President Bush for no good reason - Tucson, Aurora, Columbine, Sandy Hook - from private email with undocumented source -

Mass shootings by Liberals

so you'll have to check this out yourself. See
Guns in America, an overview with emphasis on 'assault weapons',
Violent Crime and Murder in America: Blame Democrats!.
B) Some mass murders, and attempted mass murders, are committed by Muslims and Muslim sympathizers. See Fort Hood, attempts in NYC and other locations.
C) Some mass murders are also committed by the US government. See Waco or Branch Davidians
D) Most handgun crimes and murders are committed by unlicensed gang members using illegal (unregistered) guns in cities and or states with strict gun laws. See Gun Crime in America
E) Most gang members are teens and young adults, predominately from minorities and single women families. See Topic 4: The Racial and Ethnic Composition of Gangs
F) Most minorities vote Democrat.

One can draw many conclusions from these simple observations:

1) Teens and young adults, from families without fathers or good role models, are at a higher risk of joining gangs and committing gun crimes with illegal weapons, especially if they live in large cities in Liberal or blue states.
2) Stricter gun laws have little or no effect on the cause of most gun crimes and murders.
3) Young Democrats, in particular, are more susceptible to committing gun crimes and murders.
4) Since gun crimes and murders are acts of either desperation or uncontrolled emotions, Democrats experience more desperation and more uncontrollable emotions than Republicans.
5) Unemployment is a major cause of desperation.
6) By attempting to control the Economy by overregulation, the president is partly to blame for gun crimes and murder.
7) By attempting to raise the minimum wage, which is a disadvantage to the unskilled, Democrats contribute to gun crimes and murder.
8) Democrats should not be allowed to own AR 15s or assault weapons.
9) The single parent household can be a detriment to society.
10) Parents that don't teach and model moral and ethical behavior are a detriment to society.
11) Schools that don't teach and model moral and ethical behavior are a detriment to society.

12) Conspicuous by their absence in this analysis are Republicans. This tends to suggest that Republicans model a higher level of moral and ethical behavior, and are therefore a more positive influence on society.

Republicans and Conservatives usually derive their behavior from the Ten Commandments, which as we all know comes from the teachings of God. Whether you believe in God, or a God, is not important to this analysis. But the fact that His commandments are a key part of our nation's belief system and our nation's success, tells us that:

a) Laws help to guide society, but we cannot legislate moral behavior.
b) The breakdown of morals is more to blame for crimes and murder than access to guns.
c) Attempts by atheists to take God out of society and decisions by government are a detriment to our society.

Obama Foreign Policy
Does Obama deserve his Nobel Prize?

"In a truly honest society of responsible adults, there would be no need of laws. I don’t refrain from killing people because it is against the law. I don’t go around killing people because that would be wrong. I don’t need the force of law to tell me that another human being has a right to life. On the other side of that, if someone decided that they wanted to kill me, I would gain nothing by yelling, “But that’s illegal!”

The law does not protect you, nor does it bind those who would defy it. All the law serves to do is act as an avenue of prosecution and punishment. … it protects the law breaker. ..."

Read more of this insightful article, "It Is Not Gun Control; It Is Citizen Disarmament"

How the Nazis used gun control: The Weimar Republic’s well-intentioned gun registry became a tool for evil. (Source)

And while gun enthusiasts sit back and wait for the next legal move, radial leftists are already taking action: "Employees: Obama donor in process of buying up and ‘destroying’ America’s top pro-gun media outlets."

Which side are you on?(d)

d) Edit of image from unknown source

Posted on YouTube by cgreene34

The video above chronicles millions of deaths by leaders in several countries that established sweeping gun control. This means that those that ignore history are bound to relive it.

Posted on YouTube by Palin Smith

"**Colt Szczygiel - "Your Testimony Effectively Killed This Bill"** SB 1076 CTN 3/14/2/. . . " Those were words spoken at the hearing after Mr. Szczygiel testified. The Connecticut legislature passes strict gun control anyway.

Why the Liberal Hatred of Citizens With Guns

These problems, in addition to attempts by Socialists and Communists to influence the content of Education, and policy within the Obama administration, are a problem that low information voters cannot see and Wards-of-the-State couldn't care less about because they have nothing to lose, except their freedoms. And by the time they figure it all out it will be too late.

Results of Gun Control

A Liberal Woman Admits She Has a Gun And It’s Awesome, Katie Pavlich,, May 22, 2015.



Gun Control

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