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Diane Richardson

May 26, 2015; edited B section September 14, 2016 9:45 AM

Setting aside the fact that our country has degenerated into one of the most lawless and corrupt political systems on the planet since Lyndon B. Johnson killed JFK, and most probably his brother Robert Kennedy, then Democrats became mainly Progressives, which is a friendly name for Socialists and Communists, and many Republicans became RINO Democrats (Example), I offer a new system of taxation that most probably would get some people killed should it ever be seriously proposed.

(If you doubt these harsh words, read the Home page, especially the sections on Propaganda, and the Clinton and Obama death lists. Then consider how some large corporations and billionaires might react to having to pay taxes.)

A New System of Taxation

As I sit here today, torn between the need for taxes to support a humongous government bureaucracy compared to a far more efficient and effective federal government, given the chance, I would make many changes first. Or, at the same time.

For example, I would close cabinet level departments that infringe on states’ rights, and I would get rid of bureaucratic bloat. To get rid of bloat, I would simply freeze government employment and let attrition shutdown all unnecessary activities. How do we know when something is unnecessary? By determining over time that there are not enough valid external users to justify the need. Those that want to justify their existence because they support others in the bureaucracy would not be saved. Government would shrink very effectively this way as long as politics didn’t interfere.

To replace the entire Federal Tax System, I suggest that everyone should have ’skin in the game’ — that everyone should feel the pinch and therefore fight for the lowest tax rates, and not let just working stiffs carry the load.

To do this we should tax each viable segment of our population: A) tax ’corporations’ (all entities that have legal names that make them other than human persons); B) tax persons that hold large amounts of wealth (net worth); and C) tax all those in the USA as a group — not just taxpayers.

We would therefore replace the entire current Federal Tax Code with a simple and basic set of accounting rules, then:

A) Set a minimum annual corporate Flat Tax rate of 10% on all net revenue created by all 'corporations' (see definition above) over 5 years old, located in the USA, or owned by a US corporation, regardless of its location — no foreign shenanigans.

Currently, a number of corporations pay no taxes, especially large ones, like GE, and some owned by Warren Buffett, and foreign entities are immune from taxation because they have dozens of tax lawyers that use every form of escape.

These taxes would be paid quarterly using a simple one page form.

B) Set a minimum annual Flat Tax rate of 3% on all wealth (net worth), including inherited, donated, etc., over $5 million (including all wealth owned by foreigners held in US banks, brokerages, etc. and value of their real estate holdings) with no exceptions. This level of taxation accepts the fact that all wealth appreciates over time due to its invested ‘location,’ be it real estate, bonds, stocks, or other.

With 2% going to the country where the wealth resides and 1% committed to a global fund to provide food and shelter for the poor. However, given the level of corruption in giving this money to the UN or any government for distribution, the money should be used only to purchase and ship food and shelter from approved vendors.

Read a more detailed argument here.

And to insure foundations, estates, or other entities are not used to protect wealth from taxation, or used as another form of tax-free income, it would be illegal for any contributor or beneficiary of such a formation or their heirs to benefit in any way, including kickbacks from friends, and or board membership.

Currently these folks only pay taxes on earnings or dividends, or none at all.

These taxes would be paid quarterly using a simple one page form.

C) Set a minimum ‘restricted application’ national Fair (Sales) Tax rate of 10% without government ‘prebates.’

The Fair Tax is a designed system of taxation that requires the government to send a hefty check to each low income person each month to reimburse that person for the taxes that he or she presumably paid through the national sales tax. In affect, it’s just another form of wealth redistribution that can be eliminated by not taxing the necessities of life.

Currently, working tax payers pay most of all federal taxes, and the rest of the population pays none.

With everyone paying the national sales tax, ‘everyone pays taxes’ — immigrants, workers, non-workers — everyone, even thieves.

These taxes would be paid as items are purchased, and sent to the government by a method it desires.

This entire system of taxation makes everyone carry a part of the load, and gives everyone a vested interest in keeping taxes to a minimum.

We would still need an IRS, but a much smaller one. It’s duties would be to audit A, B, and C, and take legal action when appropriate under strict rules to prevent abuse.

Doing this would promote a robust economy, and jobs, if government regulations didn’t interfere.

Free-market capitalism is like having a billion lemonade stands — make lemonade, put up a sign, and sell it: Produce-Market-Sell. Only government regulations can shut it down.

Using thousands of high paid employees, the Obama administration has created over 24,000 unwise and unnecessary government regulations on top of tens of thousands of existing regulations, that is why our economy cannot function. The sad part is, he has knowingly put his agenda ahead of what America needs — jobs, instead of 'free-trade', H1-Bs, open borders, refugees that support Shariah Law, welfare spending and debt. Why? Because those made dependent on government for survival will most often vote to keep the free money coming, until there are jobs.

Thus, the overwhelming evidence shows that President Obama is not only a racist, but an anti-American Muslim and Communist that is using classical methods of population enslavement and should have been impeached years ago.

To maintain that control, Hillary Clinton — any Democrat/Liberal/Socialist/Progressive (Communist) — would continue Obama's economic policies.

DMR, 6-2016



A New System of Taxation

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