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The War on America Turns 50: How the Democrat Party is destroying America

The United States of America, the Greatest Country on Planet Earth!

Diane Richardson*, a former Democrat, with research by Laura Cambria, a chronic Conservative

Trump Economy to End Crimes Against America, March 21, 2016.

This theme has been spoken about so many times over the last 8 years it's almost a disgusting lament, because it's not only true, it's far worse than Americans realize because it was all planned this way a long time ago, but now only made tragically visible by the actions of one Barrack Hussein Obama (BHO), an anti-American Muslim Communist, and citizen of Indonesia.

But he is not the story. The story is what the globalists: the Fed and Wall Street, and investment brokerages like Goldman Sachs, and the Group of Thirty, have done to us, supported by numerous other sell-out Americans, 'for the greater good' -- members of the Counsel on Foreign Relations (CFR) and those supporting the UN's Agenda 21, the North American Union (NAU) and on and on.

Now, I will explain how it all fits together.

As Rush Limbaugh has explained a thousand times, the goal of Communism is to drag everyone (except the chosen-ones) down to the lowest level, by-way-of shared misery, rather than allowing freedom and free enterprise to lift us all, as when a high tide lifts all boats. So globalists have destroyed the only truly free society, because it is free to do as it pleases, by manipulating its currency and banking system through the Federal Reserve (a private non-governmental company) so that Globalism can spread our intellectual wealth and goods and services created within our free enterprise system throughout the rest of the world, leaving us a third world country controlled by them.

Trump Holy Boldness
Note 1

Globalists had choices. They could have created a truly marvelous world by spreading democracy and free enterprise by helping other countries develop their constitutions and governments to also embrace free markets and produce their own intellectual properties and good and services, but they chose instead to 'control us' -- to divide and conquer, to pillage and destroy. And for doing that they need to be destroyed, and I hope Mr. Trump does just that. If they don't kill him first (which will surely start the next real war).

Globalism -- and the New World Order (NWO) system of government -- as applied to the USA: Let so-called free trade create circumstances whereby US companies are tempted to get their products made in other countries. Sounds unthreatening enough -- US companies get their products made with cheap labor which keeps prices low for American buyers, while helping economies in other countries. And greedy unions offering 'Made in America' help globalism by selling at unreasonably high prices. But as time goes on, through labor abuses and low-ball pricing, some foreign countries become very prosperous from our business, so much so that they start buying up America piece by piece as the Chinese are doing now with over $500 billion in 'free trade' balance money each year. In the meantime, Americans are put out of work and need to go on welfare, that we need to pay for, then stand in line at a Walmart checkout after selecting Chinese goods because they cannot afford anything else! That's the new America, engineered by the globalists -- a country made broke by free trade and nearly crippled by open borders, racial hate and a communist style economy designed by BHO.

I'll stop here for a moment and explain that what MBA's, Economists and students of business know about running the country is far greater than the pundits trained in everything else, especially politics, because the simple fact is, how a lemonade stand business works is all you need to know about how the US economy works: you make (produce) lemonade (a product). You make a sign to sell your lemonade (market it). You sell your lemonade. The system is Produce-Market-Sell. It's the same system developed by the pilgrims in 1622. It's the same system Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity tell us about every Thanksgiving. It's the same system that Democrats and the Globalists try hard to impugn and or obfuscate to make you think its much more complicated. And it's the same system that BHO is trying to destroy with over 24,000 government regulations. This my friend is called Virtual Communism because it controls the means of production, and it puts millions of Americans out of work.

Let's now go back to the Globalist system: Get your products made through free trade in a third world country; let that country become rich enough to begin buying up American companies; impoverish Americans so they can only buy cheap foreign goods; while to their good fortune comes one BHO who further impoverishes the nation by imposing draconian regulations -- also 'for the greater good' -- that create massive joblessness and poverty, which takes away family homes and standards of living and pushes Americans on to his streets with radical racists.

Had they all chosen the American way instead, we could have lifted all boats, freedom and free markets would abound, fair trade would be universal and true friendship would circle the world.

That my friend is why we need someone like Mr. Trump to restore the American way, ethics and values.

But.. no pain no gain -- prices will rise, and that's good, because the prices will be because of taxes (tariffs) on foreign goods that will allow you to choose 'Made in America' as jobs become available and your wages rise in the new Trump economy.

Otherwise it's just ongoing death by a thousand cuts because the only reason bread is no longer 20 cents or 50 cents or $1.00 is because the government has been spending money it does not have, every year -- because the US economy is no longer large enough to pay the cost of government -- by issuing bonds (debt). This causes prices to rise (because everything is then worth less). So you can choose which way you want prices to rise by your vote in the presidential election: the Democrat (Hillary Clinton or other) or Republican (Cruz or other) doomed to poverty globalism way, or the Trump Conservative common sense new economy way that can pay the cost of government through jobs, fair taxes and fair trade.


Note 1: Photo credit and kindred spirits -- A Must Read: Letters From the Gulag, Sunday, March 27, 2016: N.Y. Times - Trump's Foreign Policy

From 'It’s not about sexism: Camille Paglia on Trump, Hillary’s “restless bitterness” and the end of the elites,' Camille Paglia, May 5, 2016:

In their focus on Trump’s real-estate tycoon father, the media seem to have missed that the teetotaling Trump’s deepest connection was probably to his strong-willed, religious mother. Born in the stark, wind-swept Hebrides Islands off the western coast of Scotland (the next North Atlantic stop is Iceland), she was one tough cookie. She and her parents were Gaelic speakers, products of a history extending back to the medieval Viking raids. I suddenly realized that that is Trump’s style. He’s not a tribal Highlander, celebrated in Scotland’s long battle for independence from England, but a Viking, slashing, burning, and laughing at the carnage in his wake. (Think Kirk Douglas flashing his steely smile in the 1958 Hollywood epic, The Vikings.) Trump takes savage pleasure in winning for its own sake—an attribute that speaks directly to the moment, when a large part of the electorate feels that the U.S. has become timid and uncertain and made far too many humiliating concessions to authoritarian foreign powers like China, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

[Comment: While I take issue with the 'savage pleasure' analysis, because it seems to me more like sport to Mr. Trump. I think Ms. Paglia, a Sanders supporter, may have uncovered the source of Mr. Trump's strong character and deep rooted patriotism.]


This is just one reason why we need to teach Economics in high school, and require every college student to take it as well.

*Due to vision problems that cannot be fixed, I apologize in advance for any errors in grammar or spelling. Please feel free to make corrections.


Top 11 companies targeted for acquisition by China using money from out balance of trade!

The 11 top U.S. companies targeted by China, Matt Krantz, USA TODAY, 7:08 p.m. EDT March 18, 2016

Target, $ value ($ millions), Buyer

Starwood Hotels, $15,188, Anbang Insurance [Done?]
Smithfield Foods, $7,276, Henan Shineway Industry [Done?]
Ingram Micro, $7,247, Tianjin Tianhai Investment
GE Appliances, $5,400, Qingdao Haier [Done***]
Terex, $5,122, Zoomlion Heavy Industry
Legend Pictures, $3,500, Dalian Wanda
AMC Entertainment, $2,909, Dalian Wanda
Fairchild Semiconductor, FCS, $2,659 [Gives them too much technology on the production of semiconductors]
Devon Energy (5 U.S. shale oil and gas fields), $2,442, Sinopec Int'l Petroleum [national security]
Activision Blizzard (stake bought by group of investors), $2,339, Tencent Holdings (was one of several investors, including Los Angeles-based Leonard Green)
Waldorf Astoria New York, $1,950, Anbang Insurance

Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence
* Includes announced and completed deals.

***I am really sad about this because these are great appliances, but I want to buy from American companies.

If all of the above is not enough to convince you, how about this:

Largest U.S. refinery now belongs to Saudi Arabia. Charles Kennedy,, 10:32 a.m. EDT March 19, 2016

Saudi land purchases fuel debate over US water right. By Elliot Spagat and Aya Batrawy, March 28, 2016.

Report: Immigrant population over 15% in record 16 states, over 25% in 6. By Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard) • 3/28/16 8:19 AM

One third of the nation's 50 states now have immigrant populations over 15 percent, with six over 25 percent, raising new questions about the country's ability to absorb the immigrant flood in schools and the job market, a new report on government immigration data said.

The new Center for Immigration Studies analysis of the 61 million immigrants and their children now in America revealed the speed at how the nation's population has changed since 1970.

Never Trump!

Unfortunately, there is a group of 'Never Trump' Republicans and Conservatives, including at least two with sizable audiences: Mark Levin and Glen Beck. I suppose their beliefs are based on Trump's negative image, artfully created by Liberals, the MSM and Republican capitalists, and the lack of perceived solid 'Conservative' credentials, which means that we must never do anything to help a Liberal but which they do everyday by paying Liberals to broadcast their 'business programs' and messages.

Another fault in their logic is supporting "lying" Ted Cruz, a man so full of lies we are not sure who he really is or what he stands for. A man who could not win the nomination, but adds to his vote count and delegates by stealing them from Trump with their support, which can only mean a crony capitalist like Kasich will be nominated. It's hard to understand Conservatives who think this way. I believe it to be that they, like most Americans, have no idea how skilled Mr. Trump is and how his background could help America. Which always brings me back to the failure of our educational system or design by Liberals to not require students to learn American History, and basic Economics and business skills in high school and college.

In other words, I believe most Americans are too 'uneducated' to understand how stupid politicians have screwed up America and too stupid to understand how those with business skills can fix it.

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Trump Economy to End Crimes Against America

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