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July 12, 2016, added 'Taking a Knee' September 24, 2017

To the Editor, New York Post, for publication

Taking a Knee -- Enough with the Hate, Instead Read the Danger Signs of Martial Law from Black Lives Matter, Obama, AG Lynch (10b)

The Left is attempting to destroy our country using hate as a weapon.

While it is sad that occasionally a police officer will overreact to the perception of danger from blacks and shoot when he or she shouldn't (1), there should be no doubt the 18-1 crime statistic of cops killed by blacks is the source of that fear. (2) Reacting to a fear based on known statistics is not evidence of racism; it is fear based on evidence of a dangerous population, whatever its make-up.

By comparison, blacks kill more blacks in Chicago and NYC in a week than white cops kills blacks in the entire USA in a year. And during that year-long period cops will kill more white criminals than black. By not focusing on the black on black death rate issue, this shows that the entire focus on cops is a false narrative.

Even complete gun control would not change any of these facts because those determined to commit crimes would not submit to background checks and would not buy guns at gun stores.

Still further, statistics show that mentally unstable men that lean Left, emotionally disturbed teens of Democrats, and now Muslim terrorists, have committed all mass murders and major gun crimes over the last 150 years. The lowest crime rate in America was during the days of the wild west, when everyone owned a gun. (3a, 3b) If anything, this tells us that Democrats should be prohibited from owning guns.

There are millions of picture phones in the United States yet there is still no evidence of widespread white racial bias. This should tell us that it is time to admit that this is a false claim and stop promoting it.

By contrast, black bias has become popular and is growing, and regrettably tolerated by all at great risk to the social cohesion of our country. Here, the president, the attorney general, and those with the ability to influence others also feed the false narrative for political purposes, knowing full well that the evidence does not support the claim of racism. (4a) And race hustlers gain power and financial support by trafficking in claims of racism (5a, 5b, 5c), while there is strong evidence that what is perceived as racism is more related to issues of whom do we trust, as a matter of human nature. (**4b)

There is also clear evidence that the extreme Left is determined to do whatever it can to win elections in order to enslave all Americans to its Progressive (Socialist)/Communist ideology (**6), and that includes promoting Racism and Black Lives Matter over what is best for America.

Mr. Obama, a peace candidate advocated early on and for no apparent reason for a federal police force, since then, as an anti-war president, his administration has outfitted over 100,000 personnel in 100 government agencies with automatic weapons, bought over 1 billion rounds of ammunition banned by treaty, held military training exercises above and within a number of US cities, bought practice targets depicting a white pregnant woman, an older white person and a white child, each holding guns (7)(8), and he has arranged for UN troops on US soil (9), while promoting Racism, gun control, and created over 24,000 unwise and unnecessary government regulations that have stalled the US economy and created massive unemployment, which is a breeding ground for unrest. (10a)

Please read the material cited and reflect deeply on it before President Obama gets the opportunity to declare the Martial Law his Soros funded Black Lives Matter group advocates, so he can stay on as president (a BLM stated goal), or Hillary Clinton steals the election with more lies to further Obama's 'racism' and virtual Communism. (10a, **10b)


Diane Richardson
An American and former Democrat with no skin color. (11)

Are these White Supremacists

Are these the White Supremacists the Obama Administration has declared as our #1 enemy
and has been gearing up to fight for over four years?


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Taking a Knee -- Enough with the Hate,
Instead Read the Danger Signs of Martial Law from Black Lives Matter, Obama, AG Lynch (10b)

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