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Given the content, we have asked a federal agency to review this web site and take appropriate action, and we have copied Congress.

Remove Barack Hussein Obama
AKA Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Soebarkah
He's a dangerous Racist fraud and liar -- an anti-American Muslim Communist,
destroying the US and terrorizing the world -- FBI, SS, notified -- Impeachment Petitions

A president with over 24,000 regulations is controlling the US Economy, which is practicing Virtual Communism. His religion is obvious.

Report: Federal regulations costing US $1.9T annually

Mr. Obama's Destruction of the World in support of Islam

Diane Richardson, a former Democrat, with research by Laura Cambria, a chronic Conservative

Why should we remove Obama from office? Because we have discovered that he is the biggest liar on the planet! And because he is methodically destroying the country.

Obama's reckoning to come on November 19! [2013], Klayman Calls for the Masses to Force Resignation of Convicted President, by Larry Klayman. The information was withheld by the MSM so there was no mass uprising.

It is simply astonishing how many lies Obama is guilty of, and the list of policies and actions he has issued, against America and Americans, and the Constitution he swore to uphold, is equally large.

No doubt he has many accomplices and supporters. He must also be using the NSA database to gather information against members of Congress, Federal Judges, and members of the Supreme court, to use as blackmail, because it’s really hard to believe that they are so stupid that they will let him destroy the country just to avoid a scandal.

Whatever the answer, we attempt to show what he is doing and why, in the hopes that enough Americans will raise enough alarms and browbeat Congress until they take action.

Articles of Impeachment Against Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah

Resolution for Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama by the Conservative Party USA

Impeach Obama Petition

“I’m tired of the deceit, the lies, the deception...Randy DeSoto June 23, 2015

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Paul E. Vallely stated recently during a radio interview that President Obama should be “arrested for treasonous activities.”

Fred Thompson, RIP


Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Soebarkah.

Why should we remove Obama?

** Because his Economy has created a severe banking crisis, perhaps larger than in 2007!

* Because he's “‘The most destructive, dangerous president we’ve ever had'" ***History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the U.S. Government that Mr. Obama openly supports by allowing the inclusion of its agenda everywhere he can.
***Respected CIA officer says Obama is a radical anti-American Islamist working with the Muslim Brotherhood to support radical Islam and Sharia
Parker: With the world in turmoil [Ukraine, Crimea, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Israel, al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, plus U.S. economy, ObamaCare] Obama has fun, Kathleen Parker, Washington Post
Influential pro-life ‘Village Voice’ Liberal, ‘Nat’ Hentoff, calls for Obama Impeachment

* Because he is following in the failed footsteps of Mao Zedong and Karl Marx: Obama & Marx: Destruction R Us!: The Crazed Chairman Mao: "My Boy, Barack!"
* President of Black Chamber of Commerce: “Obama is Borderline Communist”

Because we have discovered that he is the biggest liar on the planet!
Bill Ayers admits to writing the Obama autobiography Dreams From My Father: “Then Ayers volunteered, "Did you know I wrote it?" "What's that?" the startled questioner asked.”I wrote ‘Dreams From My Father,’" Ayers asserted." And, "Obama biographer David Maraniss, who documented at least 38 instances in the president's life story [Dreams'] that were fabricated. Obama made up people, events and history. Much of the book was pure fiction.” (Reference)(Source)

* Because he's a Criminal and Terrorist (not included on the 'Enemy #1' page) Obama helps Muslim Brotherhood take control over Muslim countries
Five Years Of Obama Death Drones Has Snuffed Out 2400 Lives
Secret $8 billion deal between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood (Arabic document translation)
Egyptian government lawyers file criminal terrorism charges against Obama in the ICC
Uncovered Muslim Brotherhood Documents Could Put Obama in Prison

* Because he's not a US Citizen Former DOJ Attorney [Larry Klayman] Has Filed for the Deportation of Barack Obama, Exposes THIS Evidence.
Read the detailed proof of this huge conspiracy, and the related deaths .
Teaser: Mia Pope videos about Obama, known then as Barry, as a teen, and where are Obama’s past girlfriends?, November 22, 2013,

* Because he's a Muslim (that intends to destroy the United States) Proof that Obama is a Muslim
Obama seems to follow these 4 Rules or Imperatives
"In "Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.""

Obama and Homosexuality, and related Murders

Impeachable Offenses ** How and why Obama is our greatest enemy and destroying America
* Long List of Impeachable Offenses
Legal actions to remove Obama
Read a few other attempts to remove him related to the US Supreme Court

*** Detailed explanations of how Obama is violating the U.S. Constitution. (3 videos)

*****Special Alert*****
Command Sgt Major and Army Ranger, Dan Page, recently retired because of Obama, then tells us that large groups of Muslim foreigner are being allow to immigrate and 1,000 Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces [at 49 min]) are coming into the United States every week and being amassed at military sites ("18,000 at Fort Leavenworth," "Fort Carson has 25,000..."), and that a planned "economic collapse," chaos and martial law are coming.

Letters to FBI/Secret Service *** Sheriff's Kit page, which includes information about AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Sheriff's Kit that he asks all citizens to act on. (Proof that Obama's birth certificate is a fake)

Letters to major news organizations Follow-on letter

Link to Petitions Link to petitions

Why should we remove Obama from office? Because his Economy has created a severe banking crisis, perhaps larger than in 2007!

In 2007, the U.S. government committed $700 billion to bailout banks that were considered too big to fail, meaning that if they failed the resulting economic crash would be far greater than the $700 billion we committed to save them. Since then, however, not much has changed to prevent another similar type of meltdown, because Congress actually created a law to allow the risky paper transactions, known as Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs), to continue. But the government did require these banks to increase the amount of reserves for bad debt. By law, bad debt over a predetermined amount puts a bank into default, which allows the government to close it and sell its remaining assets to another bank. And when that happens the owner-investors of the bank in default lose most of the money. In addition, the government essentially took over the entire banking sector in the U.S. by creating strict rules and regulations for lending, even for small well managed banks that should be none of its business beyond stopping sub-prime mortgage lending they created, which created the problem in the first place!

But since then, Obama’s horrific economy has caused millions of more Americans to lose their jobs and their ability to pay their mortgages. If we use the New York City problem of defaults on larger traditional mortgages — larger than sub-prime home mortgage buyers could afford — to gauge the current national dilemma, we now have millions of larger mortgages in default. New York City has over 600,000 mortgages in default. This may translate into 12 million or more defaults nationally. If the average mortgage in default is $150,000, the NYC problem is (660K x $150K=) $90 billion, and nationally (12m x $150,000=) about $1.8 trillion, or more! These levels of bad debt far exceed any possible reserves.

The reasons we have not yet experienced this economic crisis in the making is: 1) because of the past habit of bundling and selling CDOs the big banks are probably having trouble proving property ownership; 2) but much more importantly, no bank wants to take mortgage default ownership of properties it cannot sell immediately, because owning them would create bad debt that they must not allow to get too big; 3) taking ownership means caring for the properties, and trying to find new buyers, which is nearly impossible in this economy.

So banks are holding most of these families-in-default in limbo, and preventing personal bankruptcies — and extending the psychological trauma for those that want to move on — even when the homeowners have no ability to pay. And they cannot charge them rent without taking ownership. The only conceivable solution seems to be an economic turnaround, reemployment and renegotiation of mortgage terms with owners-in-default who have stayed.

In the meantime the Fed, through QE 3, is buying as much bank bad debt as it can with our money, which means that we are assured much higher inflation in the future.

1) Catherine Curan, “Many New Yorkers living in foreclosure limbo,”, March 1, 2014,
2) Manoj Singh, “The 2007-08 Financial Crisis In Review,”, February 26, 2009,
Comment: At least one linked article claims no one entity is to blamed for the meltdown, but it’s very clear that if the government had not created and forced subprime mortgages on banks, as the Community Redevelopment Act, the meltdown could not have happened.
3) “Bank Regulation and Supervision.” Available at

Partial List of Court Actions Against a Sitting President and his AG

Federal Judge has claims that Obama is a foreign agent, naming accomplices: "Douglas Vogt: Barack Hussein Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth: Details of the Obama forgery exposed," by Doug Hagmann, December 5, 2013.

Black American Citizens File Articles of Impeachment Against Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro

House Republicans introduce resolution to impeach Attorney General Holder," November 15, 2013.

This is commonly known as the 'Birther Issue,' with passport file tampering, witness murder, and the suspicious death of Loretta Fuddy. See also the section on Obama homosexuality because it has at least three other deaths.

Summary: Based on multiple forms of literature created to promote his first book found by Breitbart New, by Philip J. Berg, Esquire, a respected attorney, the US State Department, a former Hawaiian election official, comparison of birth record information, and US and Indonesian law, Barack Obama is not a US citizen in four distinct ways: 1) his US birth certificate, most probably created in 2007, is a fake, according to a Hawaiian election official and scientific analysis; 2) by his own words he was born in Kenya, 3) but became an irrevocable 'natural born' citizen of Indonesia by way of adoption by his mother's second husband, Lolo Soetoro, and his legal name is Barry Soetoro; 4) and even if he ever was a US citizen, he gave up that citizenship to get an Indonesian passport in 1981, at age 20, in order to travel to Pakistan using his real name, Barry Soetoro, because he did not have a US birth certificate to get a US passport. 5) He also never registered for the draft, which is a requirement to become president. Therefore, constitutionally, he could never qualify to be President of the United States. The rest of the birther conspiracy is 'all noise,' with a possible exception noted below. But, by allowing him to become president, the justices of the Supreme Court have soiled the US Constitution, which has probably added to Obama's distain for it and the US. And Mr. Obama has used his background and duel identity whenever it suits him.

Update March 23, 2014: Obama could never legally “become President of the United States … under any circumstances [because he could never] be declared a ’natural-born’ citizen — a constitutional requirement — no matter where he was born, because his father was a British national. Even the INS would have labeled him ‘native-born’ if he hadn’t been born in Kenya, and was not instead a citizen of Indonesia known as Barry Soetoro.“ (UPDATE 6)

Video 1: Soetoro ia a citizen of Indonesia, was (actually registered as a Muslim and) taught Islam in his Catholic school; he says on ABC News that he is a Muslim before being corrected by the host; his original US birth certificate had no official seal. (The Sheriff's Kit on the 'Remove Obama' page proves the entire birth certificate is a fraud.)

Video 2: "Obama name, birth and Communist background."

Video 1

The most dangerous Barack Obama video ever!!!

Video 2


"Obama claims to have been born in Hawaii to Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. - who had married just six months prior - on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii.[18] Some contend that this story is a complete fabrication. After many leading conservatives -- including the leadership of this site and Donald Trump -- called for Obama to release his birth certificate he produced a document that he claimed was his birth certificate on April 27, 2011. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County in Arizona conducted an investigation of Obama's eligibility and questioned whether the alleged "birth certificate" was a fake; however, no charges have been filed. Obama was reportedly assigned a social security number whose area code was assigned to applications coming from zip codes in Connecticut.[19]

The original claims that Obama was born in Kenya come from the Obamas themselves. In 1991, Obama's literary agent, Acton & Dystel, published a promotional booklet that stated that Obama was born in Kenya. [20][21] The claim that Obama was born in Kenya remained on the agent's web site until 2007. [22] Internet archives confirm this information. [23] In addition to the information from literary agents, Michelle Obama stated in an interview that Kenya is Obama's "homeland".[24]" (Source)

Let's list what we know from the Obama Biography above, and other reports below:

A) Breitbart News broke the 'Obama born in Kenya' story (1) less that 80 days after Mr. Breitbart died under somewhat mysterious circumstances.

The Story tells us that Obama's literary agent created book promotion literature, with his picture, saying his place of birth was Kenya.

The Story was confirmed in the publisher's list of writers, with bios, using the Internet Archive 'WayBackMachine.'

B) The Examiner confirmed the Breitbart story.

C) A year has passed since Breibart News reported the Obama claim on Kenyan birth, and not one major news organization in the US has picked up the story, suggesting collusion to keep his lies a secret.

D) Michelle Obama confirmed that Obama was born in Kenya on this video tape.

E) documented the story as part of a complete Barack Obama biography.

F) Sheriff Joe Arpaio had experts examine the Obama US birth certificate and they say AP: it's a fake.
CBS: It's a forgery.

Video 3: IGNORE on screen message
to click here to review more Obama files. It appears to be a trick to get you to not watch the video

Overview of Obama false Birth Certificate

Video 4

Detailed Analysis

Proof the Obama Birth Certificate is a fake

Orly Taitz, Esquire, tried unsuccessfully to present this evidence to the Supreme Court. As part of her case, she also tried to present evidence that Barack Obama did not register for Selective Service (aka the draft), which technically is a fifth reason why he could not become president, if our laws are to mean anything. (See SCOTUS page.)

G) World Net Daily created a petition asking for a congressional review based on more detailed information.

H) "In direct contradiction of the White House storyline, [Tim Adams, the former senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu,] the former Honolulu elections official who caused a national stir this month when he told WND Barack Obama was "definitely" not born in Hawaii, and that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate even exists for the president in the Aloha State"…

J) It has been reported that Obama was given a Social Security Number that was reserved for someone in Connecticut, two years after he became employed in Hawaii.

K) Very important (worth reading). According to this source it has been falsely reported that Obama has a Social Security Number that was previously assigned to someone else. And SS#s are usually, but not always, assigned to residents of states. More importantly, however, is this detailed report, by attorney Berg, claims Obama was born in Kenya, but because of legal technicalities involving his adoption in Indonesia by his mother's second husband, Lolo Soetoro, he, Barack Obama, has a legal name, and that is Barry Soetoro, and even if he somehow had US citizen at one time, of which there is no undeniable proof, Obama is actually considered a 'natural born' citizen of Indonesia because of this adoption, which severs all other citizenships connections. And with Indonesia being a 'police state' at the time, he would not have been allowed to attend school in Indonesia without being a citizen. Further, the US State Department has stated that they have no record of a US passport for a Barack H Obama, and at age 20, in 1981 "Soetoro/Obama renewed his Indonesian Passport when he traveled to Pakistan, which is why he had to stop in Indonesia first." The report also claims, Soetoro/Obama would have had to swear an oath renouncing all other citizenships at that time to get an Indonesian passport.

Analysis: Soetoro/Obama could never have left the country using a US passport because his US birth certificate says 'Obama,' and no record of a passport for Obama exists. And as Soetoro he has no US birth certificate. So he must have used Indonesian documentation to travel to Indonesia to get or renew an Indonesian passport to travel to Pakistan, proving the logic of the above. Also proving that 'he' has used his duel Soetoro/Obama identity whenever it suited him.

Constitutionally, he can never be president because both the US and Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship at the time of his adoption in Indonesia, and more importantly, as a 20-year-old adult, he had to renounce his US citizenship in order to get an Indonesian passport. It has been said that Obama met the justices of the Supreme Court in private session before his presidency. If he did, and had they had all this information, we don't believe that they would have permitted Obama to become president. But accepting the information presented in the refrain, 'poor Obama, it was not his fault what they did to him as a child,' and because the US now allows duel citizenship (but not Indonesia), they permitted him to become president because he was either a candidate or an elected candidate, in spite of the US Constitution. Which can serve as a reason why Obama disrespects the court and the Constitution, simply because 'we' don't respect it ourselves!

L) It has been widely reported that Obama has spent millions defending his US birth certificate, preventing his Kenyan birth certificate from surfacing, and keeping his college records private. This is private information and therefore not provable, but it can be estimated.

M) Kenya claims that he was born there and produced various birth documents and a certificate. His grandmother also claims she was present at his birth. His birth record is in a serialized registry signed by officials, not the mother or father. With hospital records and a birth footprint, it appears that Kenya can produce far better birth documentation that the State of Hawaii. And it would only take an expert to compare the lines on the foot image to those on Obama's foot to prove or disprove his Kenyan birth. (With the exception of the 'Lia' story (his adopted half-sister) that said that she said things about his identity that could prove him to be someone else, just before she suddenly died before meeting him.)

N) His mother's passport information surrounding the date of his birth has been erased. (Did she return with a baby she did not leave with.)

And, curiously, all her pictures, as well as those of Obama/Soetoro have been Photoshopped!

O) The State of Hawaii produced a birth certificate in unserialized form, with a file number. Births can be anywhere in an iIsland state, so Hawaii has long accepted an announcement of birth in a newspaper as proof of citizenship. The form that is used here is the one used to record birth's by islanders days or weeks after a birth. In this case, although reported to be a hospital record, instead of being signed by hospital administrators, it's signed by his mother three days after his birth date.

P) Obama will not release his Occidental College, Columbia University or Harvard University records. There should be nothing of real value here, if he has always been a US citizen -- it's at best a ruse, unless he did something worth knowing. But, if he had been consistent on his birth identity through to 2007, he could rightfully have said, in earlier years, that he was born in Kenya, but is a citizen of Indonesian. Hence the need to block release of these records.

UPDATE with more analysis on passport following report on foreign aid: Obama Occidental College records show he received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia, January 11, 2014

"…the [school] transcript … indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate."

Q) Lt Harris Jr., an FBI witness to someone either trying to alter or create US passport information for Obama, was murdered. Suggesting a private or government person or group, with classified information, is acting in his interests. (Having a US passport would further his 'citizenship' claim, as would altering or removing what we know about his Indonesian citizenship.)

Addition: R) "The main reason to have Obama removed [from office] is he is Constitutionally Ineligible to be President. He is not “natural born.["]

And, the more significant fact is that Obama’s parents divorced and Obama’s mother remarried to Lolo Soetoro from Indonesia. Obama moved with his mother to live in Indonesia where Obama was adopted by Lolo and we have the school records from Indonesia where Obama’s name is Barry Soetoro” and his nationality is Indonesia and his religion is Islam” which is “Muslim. There is no evidence that Obama disavowed his citizenship from Indonesia and petitioned to reinstate his American citizenship, if he had any, between the ages of eighteen [18] and twenty-one [21]." Which was required only at that time under Indonesian law, before it became irrevocable. Source

As shocking and enormous the Obama citizenship issue is, given all the new evidence, Dr. Ablow, in his article on why the Boston Marathon Bombers friends didn't turn them into the police, reminds us that it's not just the crime, it's the coverup. In the Boston Bomber case there are perhaps as many as a dozen, if we consider other accomplices and trainers. In the Obama birth certificate, election and 'playing president' circle of accomplices, there are perhaps hundreds, inside and outside of government that helped him change his Kenyan birth identity to Hawaiian birth identity, in the face of more than 16 years that Mr. 'Obama' claimed to be born in Kenya. But what none of them ever expected is that new evidence would surface to show their scam, making them accomplices to a crime. Perhaps even treason, if this impostor knowingly does things that are not in America's best interest. And the pages on this web site describe many such purposeful acts.

I suppose that, instead of just fixing the problem before it gets any worse, they have the power to 'erase' us Americans that want these problems fixed, and remove all evidence. In that case, America as we know it would no longer exist.

What is true, is that our country cannot survive these types of lies for long, especially when President Obama, a non-citizen, seems determined to destroy it.

If the responsibility of the Secret Service is to protect America and the Office of The President first, and its occupant second, then to whom do they go with evidence, when presented and proven correct, that Obama/Soetoro is a non-citizen impostor, to get him removed? And should they not be collecting and protecting that evidence right now?

Elimination of witness to passport tampering:

Lt Harris Jr., as noted above.

Elimination of possible participant in birth certificate crime:

UPDATE 1: December 13, 2013: Death of Loretta Fuddy: The head of the Hawaii Health Department and person with most knowledge of the Obama birth certificate was the only person who died after a small plane made a controlled emergency crash landing on water off Hawaii (one week after criminal charges were filed regarding the Obama false birth certificate, according to UPDATE 2): Loretta Fuddy, plane crash, COLB, Obama: Many questions loom in the death Loretta Fuddy, By Doug Hagmann, Friday, December 13, 2013,

UPDATE 2: January 12, 2013: Death of Loretta Fuddy: "What are the chances? The mysterious death of Loretta Fuddy." "The NTSB report pertaining to this incident was one of the most incomplete and un-sourced reports published when compared to other reports. Why?" By Doug Hagmann, Sunday, January 12, 2014,

UPDATE 3: January 22, 2014: Obama’s mother was a member of the same 'cult' as Loretta Fuddy; Obama has a 3rd name: Barack Hussein Soebarkah.

UPDATE 4, January 22, 2014: Obama Busted: Birth Certificate Contains Words/Places That Did Not Exist In 1961! -- African American & Kenya. ALSO: “My father served in WWII.”

UPDATE 5, February 26, 2014: We have learned that as a teenager in Hawaii, living with his grandparents, he was known as Barry Soetoro by all his friends. And Mia Pope, one of those friends, says that Barry told them that the reason that he was allowed into a very costly private school was because he was considered a foreign student. Which further proves that the U.S. citizen, Barack Obama, was a later fabrication. And which begs the question, Who was paying for this private school? See Notes/Reference 52 on the Enemy #1 page for the Mia Pope audio interviews.

UPDATE 6, March 23, 2014: Articles > Supreme Court of the United States, Open Letter to Chief Justice John Roberts > Reference: A.R. Nash and others, “The greatest controversy in American political history,“

UPDATE 7, April 26, 2014: The Strange Deaths Around Barack Obama, Jeff Rense, video, Novenber 19, 2013.

Proof that Obama is a Muslim

Obama: My Muslim Faith

Why would John McCain want to talk about his Christian Faith? This comment suggests that Senator McCain knows that he is a Muslim.

View analysis of his ring

A) He says he's Muslim!

He wears a ring that only a Muslim would wear.

His life is analyzed, and a Muslim emerges.

He collaborates with supporters of Muslim terrorism.

His administration colludes with terrorist front groups.

He allows the DHS to create guidelines that advise deference to pro-Shariah Muslim supremacists, while he goes out of his way to call supporters of the US Constitution and Tea Party members threats to America.

The simple facts are, you don't get this close to Muslim terrorist groups or the Muslim Brotherhood and expect to live unless you are a 'fellow traveler' like his father, and his mother was reported to be, especially if you are a hated 'Christian;'

B) His CIA director, John Brennan, knows what other destinations Obama's Soetoro's (explained next) Indonesian passport may be hiding, as it may also reveal his religion as Muslim.

C) John Brennan converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia, which helps to create a special bond with Obama, and perhaps a very private Saudi-to-Obama government connection.

D) Before becoming Director of the CIA, John Brennan, headed a private security company that is connected to two deaths while in the employ of President Obama (Lt. Harris, the passport tampering witness, and Ambassador Stevens).

E) ("" target="_blank">He even went so far as to call for human rights for Muslim extremists who have killed mercilessly in Nigeria Link removed at source.), while remaining silent as Muslims raped and killed Christians by the hundreds in Egypt under Morsi rule.

If you view Obama's words and actions through this lens you can see a remarkably clear and coherent presidency. Why the mainstream media is not reporting all this is unknown. Why political pundits refuse to make these connections is unknown. Most probably because they refuse to consider it in spite of all the evidence. (Read more starting at benghazi.html, then to jihad-wh.html.)

What do the majority of Muslim leaders, President Obama and Progressives (Communists) all have in common? Power and Control over others is a very dangerous sickness: they seek to control populations to keep power and control so their psychological and material desires are always met.

Is this how a lifelong Christian dresses?

Is this how a lifelong Christian dresses? Is this a Santa Claus suit?

Update: September 22, 2015

"Flashback=> Jeremiah Wright: I “Made It Comfortable” For Obama to Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam (Video Report) Jim Hoft Sep 20th, 2015 6:33 pm 100 Comments This was reposted from an earlier post in 2012—""Flashback=> Jeremiah Wright: I “Made It Comfortable” For Obama to Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam (Video Report) Jim Hoft Sep 20th, 2015 6:33 pm 100 Comments This was reposted from an earlier post in 2012—"

"Klein says Obama originally sought out Wright to discuss community activism.

“Quickly the conversations turned from picking up garbage on the street and getting streetlights put up on street corners to political matters and religious matters,” Klein says. “And the Rev. Wright turned into really a substitute father figure, who guided Obama in the two major areas of his life.”

The first area was Obama’s identity — just who was he?

“Obama was steeped in Islam but knew nothing about Christianity,” Klein says.

Klein asked Wright if he converted Obama from being a Muslim into a Christian.

“He said, I don’t know about that. but I can tell you that I made it easy for him to come to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is and not feel that he was turning his back on his Islamic friends and his Islamic traditions and his understanding of Islam,” Klein says.

The second area was Obama’s political philosophy. Wright introduced Obama to Black Liberation theology. "

( Source )

Obama seems to follow these 4 Rules or Imperatives that are additive (1+2+3+4):

1) Never do anything to hurt or harm a Sunni Muslim.
2) Never do anything to prevent any Muslim (Sunni or Shia) from hurting/harming/controlling infidels.
3) Never do anything to prevent a Sunni Muslim from hurting/harming/controlling a Shia Muslim, or prevent a faithful Sunni from killing a wayward Sunni.
4) Sunni Muslim, and Communist, Barack Hussein Obama intends to destroy America as we know it and replace it with Communism, and prepare it to become a Muslim controlled country, and kill 'anyone' that stands in the way.

      DMR, 1/8/2014, last edited for clarity 6/13/2014.

As long as these four imperatives are followed to protect and support his Muslim and Communist goals it seems that he couldn’t care less the outcome.

This is why he let the men (infidels) die in Benghazi, and why he doesn’t support the US in Afghanistan or Iraq: R1. This is why he won’t stop Iran although it is Shia: R2. This is why he supports the Muslim Brotherhood: R2 (foreign) and R2/R4 (domestic). This is why he supports al Qaeda (R2/R3), as long as it doesn’t interfere in his plans or desires: R4. This is why we now have rules for war fighters that favor the Muslim enemy: R1/R2. This is why he intervened and sent a young Saidi home after he had been picked up by DHS and charged as an accomplice or material witness in the Boston Marathon Bombing: R1. This is why he withholds any action against Muslims that are killing Christians, Jews or infidels anywhere: R2. He will allow and help Sunnis’ to arm themselves against Shias’ with our weapons systems, while insuring that they have the weapons to attack Israel and terrorize the US: R2/R3. This is why Bin Ladin had to die (R3), then SEAL Team 6 had to die (R1). And the list goes on.

Erdogan comforts Obama

Turkey's Erdogan, says to Obama, Don't worry sweetie. You'll get your dictatorship.

Obama and Homosexuality

We know from various reports that the Obama administration has been supportive of the LBGT community, but we have avoided the president's personal ties to homosexuality because it seemed inappropriate, even though it is widely known throughout the mainstream press and the gay community. But with proof that he is a Muslim, while appointing several male homosexuals to be US ambassadors, it can no longer be avoided. The obvious conclusion is that he wants the world to become more accepting of his former homosexuality, and now bisexuality, which is diametrically opposed to his religion. Discover for yourself the proof below.

To be clear, we are not attempting to create an argument about his support for the LBGT community, which in our opinion should be more reserved given over half the US population struggles with various moral and ethical objections and concerns, but pointing out all the lies he told to become president, because he has now been shown to be a non-citizen, a Muslim, and a bisexual. Any one of which would have denied him even being a candidate, never mind the presidency. Which shows a seriously flawed character that cannot be trusted, and a very complicit media.

The Strange Deaths Around Barack Obama, Jeff Rense, video, Novenber 19, 2013.

"Politics-Gov't: Wanted: More homosexual money bundlers who want to be an ambassador," by Charlie Butts,, June 14, 2013.

"Washington Insider: Obama Member of Chicago Gay Man’s Club," by Dr. Eowyn, May 27, 2010.

"Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up, by Dr. Eowyn, July 25, 2010.

"(" target="_blank">Obama’s Mysterious Special Friends, by '1124',, July 11, 2009. (Link disabled at source.)

" Libel case against Obama's 'gay' accuser tossed: Larry Sinclair claimed president's campaign paid to rig polygraph," by Jerome R. Corsi , WorldNetDaily,, April 24, 2012.

"Occidental activist: I thought Obama was 'gay': John Drew recalls meeting future prez, Pakistani roommate," by Jerome R. Corsi, WorldNetDaily,, August 15, 2012.

Find your own answers. Search "homosexual friend of Obama murdered" or any related words. Search: Down low Club, Obama use of cocaine, Obama homosexual partners: Reggie Love, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland, Donald Young, and Larry Sinclair. Listen to interviews of Mia Pope, one of 'Obama's' (Barry Soetoro's) Hawaiian teenage friends, on youtube.

UPDATE: Mia Pope videos about Obama, known then as Barry, as a teen, and where are Obama’s past girlfriends?, November 22, 2013,

Here are the youtube addresses of the Jeff Rense and Mia Pope videos the writer includes:

Obama was never a good man



Remove Barack Hussein Obama
AKA Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Soebarkah
he's a dangerous Racist fraud and liar -- an anti-American Muslim Communist,
destroying the US and terrorizing the world -- FBI, SS, notified -- Impeachment Petitions

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