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Diane Richardson

This is my solution to Anti-Americanism & Incompetence in Government is now widespread and very dangerous.

Term Limited or Passage of ACID* Test . (Draft, a few links to follow)

*ACID is defined as "In Defense of America and the US Constitution," acronyms scrambled >> ACID.

This test shall apply to ALL government officials, including the president and members of Congress, and ALL other government employees.


A) We should have an ACID test because the US Constitution is the finest set of laws ever created and shall not be abused or destroyed by anti-Americans because of its vulnerabilities.

B) We should have an ACID test to allow really good members of Congress, like Senator Jeff Sessions, to continue -- subject to the will of his voters -- in the face of long sought term limits.

C) We should have an ACID test because we need to put all the anti-Americans, not properly vetted before election, and all the incompetent scoundrels, on notice that their careers are very short lived if they seek, promote or display anti-American activities.


The ACID test would be an annual review of the performance of the president, the cabinet, and each member of Congress by a select bipartisan citizen committee to determine if the incumbent supported or didn't support the US Constitution, America and Americans during the year. Government employees would be evaluated during their annual performance reviews. 'Rubber stamping' by anyone on a review committee would be grounds for immediate discharge, as specific criteria shall always be evaluated and documented.

Any legislation, treaty, rule or regulation that is judged to have reduced US sovereignty, or harmed America or the lives of American citizens in a meaningful material or psychological way shall be considered anti-American activities and against the US Constitution.

Exemptions from this law shall include employment termination due to any customary reason, including elimination of product(s) or service(s).

Examples of anti-American activities shall include:

* Supporting or participating in open borders.

* Supporting or participating in efforts that fail to deport illegal immigrants, especially criminal illegal immigrants.

* Supporting or participating in efforts to place illegal immigrants or refugees in cities and towns without their approval.

* Supporting or participating in legislation, rules or regulations that create an unbalanced budget.

* Supporting or participating in legislation, rules or regulations that promote free trade that takes jobs away from American Citizens, like TPA, TPP.

* Supporting or participating in legislation, rules or regulations allowing foreign workers to replace American workers.

* Supporting or participating in any legislation, treaty, rule or regulation or grouping thereof that causes the real unemployment rate to rise above 10% -- the normal base level is 5% (8 m), but is currently at 19%; or causes more than 5% (8 m) of working age Americans to be out of work (currently at ~70 m); or causes more than 5% (8 m) working age American to seek welfare (currently at 40 m or 25%).

* Supporting any legislation, rules or regulations that reduce constitutional rights, like placing gay marriage, the bake shop or the photographer over religious freedom.

* Accepting and implementing laws created by the US Supreme Court.

* Accepting or participating in rules or laws against free speech.

* Accepting or participating in attempts to take away guns or ammunition.

* Supporting or participating in lying or misrepresenting facts to the American people.

Defense of America and the US Constitution are always our first responsibility, because our way of life and freedoms depend on them.

Those that supported the US Constitution, by providing meaningful legislation or meaningful defense of such legislation, or participated in stopping anti-American legislation, treaties, rules and regulations would be allowed to seek another term, subject to limits imposed by law. A negative presidential review would be grounds for impeachment, but at the least would forbid another term in office. Members of Congress would be limited to their current term. The definition of term for all other employees and those on the government payroll would be reduced to 30 days notice of termination of employment.

What should you do when a conflict occurs? Stop! Inform your supervisor that you will not support un-American or anti-American activities. Document the event, and send a copy to the review committee or a special drop box.

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Term Limited or Passage of ACID Test

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