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The government reports the unemployment rate at 5%, while reporting 94 million working-age Americans without jobs!
If you keep voting for the same incompetent anti-American party and crony capitalism 'politicians,' you are clearly retarded.

The reason so many Americans agree with Mr. Trump's solutions is that they are grounded in Common Sense

Stupid Liberals

Now that I have your attention, I want you to know that I too was a Stupid Liberal until I began to learn the truth. So you should consider this information free education that was learned over a long period of time and at considerable expense. But it was all worth it. Diane Richardson

They believe that Liberal means 'Liberalism', as in freedom to act and generosity to others, when it reality means the opposite -- total control through constant lies and propaganda, and giving to control the recipients.

Perfect example: Democrats (the party of Jim Crow segregation) have convinced Blacks that Republicans (the party that suffered nearly 300,000 dead in the Civil War fighting against slavery and produced the Civil Rights Act ) are Racists! So, for over 50 years they have voted for Democrats, and nothing has changed -- they are no better off than they were 50 years ago.

Other stupidities include:

They think Wall Street is controlled by Republicans, while many Democrat economists come from Goldman Sachs, and most of its donations go to Obama and Hillary!

They think that big companies run by Democrats (Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Disney, etc) are good 'corporate citizens' when they actually get their products made in other countries, and or through the H-1B visa system hire lower paid foreign workers to replace American workers, and their product and service prices are still very high! As a result Apple has over $200B in cash!

They heap praise on billionaires that publicly commit to giving away their money, after avoiding to pay their corporate taxes that support America, never realizing that the money will first go into foundations and other entities they will pay themselves to run, along with their families and friends!

They actually think the news they get is real news, not extremely biased propaganda controlled by the Democrat White House and supporting 'Liberal' news sites and publications!

They believe the fact that G W Bush didn't create many jobs was bad for the US economy, but he couldn't because he already had full employment!

They think G W Bush caused the 2008 market crash when it was actually designed and carried out by Democrats to elect a Democrat president!

They don't like the US Constitution because they believe that the 'natural rights' it protects 'forever' should instead be decided by people in government!

They don't support the US military -- which is mostly Republican -- because it protects them from evil!

They don't support the police -- which is mostly Republican -- because it protects them from... evil!

They repeatedly vote for Democrat governors who usually run up big debts, then accept federal support programs. One such program is Common Core, which favors Islam, disparages Christians and Jews, and teaches stupidity and Marxism!

They regularly support unions that demand unreasonably high wages and benefits, robbing states and municipalities of the funds needed for upkeep of infrastructure, and to provide community services and improvements!

They support abortion, even though Roe v Wade was created to limit undesirable populations, and Planned Parenthood was created in support of eugenics!

They steal pride from accomplishment by children by giving everyone a trophy!

They support welfare, without work or active job search, even though it creates laziness, and robs recipients of their dignity and self-respect!

They support and encourage "'self-absorbed, narcissistic' students" instead of teaching and modelling adult behavior.

They created 'white privilege', yet any process of selection is only based on the perception of trust!

They claim racism is everywhere, yet prove it only exists in their paranoid minds!

They don't want anyone to have guns, but the evidence shows most crimes are committed by the mentally ill and Democrats!

They don't want anyone to have guns legally, but without a police state there is no way to stop criminals from getting guns!

They don't want anyone to have guns, except the government, ignorant of the evidence that every brutal dictatorship started by taking guns away from citizens!

They don't like free-market capitalism because those that make the most desirable products make the most profits!

They want the rich to pay more taxes, yet the top 10% of income earners already pay 70% of all income taxes, and low income earners get free money in wealth redistribution checks!

They want open borders even though illegal immigrants take all the low paying jobs, leaving none for American citizens, most of whom are black! And while allowing blacks to be disadvantaged, they believe that to deport Illegal Hispanics is racist!

They accept 'open borders' (Obama has instructed the Border Patrol to 'stand down') when many illegals, especially children, bring all sorts of diseases that can infect and harm Americans.

They argue that every illegal family helps our economy, while statistics show each cost us $700,000! With over 25 million illegal immigrants in country that's an enormous burden, while legal immigrants with useful skills wait years to be accepted!

They feel really sorry for the rest of the world, because our Constitution' and system of free-market capitalism allows us to prosper, but rather than help other countries to do the same, they prefer to destroy what we have!

They want to accept 12th Century Middle-East Muslim refugees with no vetting, even though some of them want to kill us only because we are not Muslim! Ever wonder why no gay couple asks a Muslim to bake their wedding cake, but will persecute a Christian for not doing so?

They support multiculturalism, which drives Americans and immigrants apart destroying 'America' in a variety of ways, rather than becoming members of the patriotic-American melting pot!

Many Liberals insult Christianity and Judaism, and their moral values, but think Shariah Law would be okay! I guess they didn't read the part where all sexual-deviants are put to death, and women have no rights whatsoever! I'll bet they'll love the call to public prayer five times per day!

They think ridiculing religion is fun never realizing it is the 'glue' to our moral behavior, and without it we are eventually all barbarians!

They think 12th Century people who grew up reading only one 6th Century book, the Qur'an, and taught Muhammad's Islam is the only way of life and all others must die, can be reasoned with! What's closer to reality? The Muslim author of Are [radicalized] Muslims Human creates a mindset that they are like 'terminators', Kill them or die! The FBI has 48 'high risk' terrorism cases from 900 active potential ISIS terrorism investigations! And Mr. Obama forgot to tell us that 21 Somali refugees have gone to fight for ISIS, and will presumably be allowed to return!

Afraid of choice that comes with open-minds they shutdown free speech!

They support a woman for president, who, as Secretary of State failed to protect her Libyan Ambassador from being murdered even after repeated requests for protection, 'lost' $6 billion, exposed government secrets, collected foreign money for her election, and lied repeatedly to escape being jailed!

They also support this woman for president because they love her husband, an accused serial rapist who lost his law license for violating its professional code of conduct!

They agree with a proven liar that we should fear global warming, even though there is evidence of wide-spread data tampering along with no proof and NASA and many scientists agree; even the polar bear population has tripled since Gore was born!

They are satisfied with a racist Communist president because he is a Democrat, even though he has created so many regulations we have tens of millions of Americans out of work and on the way to being $10 trillion more in debt! Ever wonder why a loaf of bread no longer costs 10 cents? Or 50 cents? Or $1?

They are also satisfied with a president that clearly favors Islam over Christianity and ISIS over America! Vladimir Putin is now trying to protect the world from ISIS, and help resolve the European Syrian crisis, while both Obama and Turkey's Erdogan seem satisfied with things as they are!

Liberals, many lawyers, politicians, writers and political pundits actually think Mr. Trump is unqualified to be president, when in fact he is the most qualified, perhaps ever, because America is like a corporation and Mr. Trump has the right education, business, customer and problem solving skills to make America great again. He would fix the economy by eliminating Obama's unwise and unnecessary 24,000 rules and regulations and provide for our safety with a proven DHS and military team. In contrast to the long standing evidence that shows lawyers and political science majors don't solve problems, they create them, after telling lie after lie to get elected.

They think Mr. Trump is racist when what he wants is to insure Americans get American jobs first, and insure that we don't import anymore Muslim terrorists.

They think Mr. Trump is racist when he wants is to close the borders to Hispanic murderers, gang members, drug cartels, slaver traders and welfare seeking illegal immigration because we are deep in debt and paying for inflation, as they cost us over $300 billion per year in crime, misery, death and taxes.

They think Mr. Trump is racist when what he wants to do is close the borders to unvetted Muslim refugees — created by a Syrian war that Obama helped to start and refuses to end. The Iraq, Afghan, Libyan, Proxy-Iran and Syrian Muslim wars have cost us about $6 trillion (and many lives) while the Muslim refugees (favoring Sharia Law) cost us additional billions each year in taxes, and rising terrorism.

But for all their ill gotten gains, like miserable lost souls, 'Liberals' are never happy, which is a sign of mental illness.

Stupid Liberals. More than half couldn't pass a simple test based in common sense, but they are allowed to vote for what's best for America!

What's the test? What is the answer to, Why is any Republican presidential candidate a better choice for president?

Stupid biased Liberals

Smart Americans for Donald Trump

Fred Thompson, RIP



Stupid Liberals

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