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If you Voted for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, Here’s What You Gave Us

Diane Richardson, a former Democrat, with research and edits by Laura Cambria, a chronic Conservative

April 11, 2015, edited April 13, 2015, 8:28 PM

Newtown Connecticut — the Sickest or Most Controlled Town in America

Accepting as true all that Mr. Halbig and his expert associates have discovered — see Newtown Massacre Fraud, Gun Control and the Totalitarian State — Newtown Connecticut gets our vote for sickest (most twisted) or most controlled town in America.

A rabid federal government focused on gun control cannot function in an unwilling environment. Thus, the people of Newtown support this government and its desires for gun control, apparently to almost any length, when there is no cause for such support.

As I reflect on the photos of the townspeople coming out to witness the rehearsal of the coming massacre of children, I am struck by the community aspect of this grotesque event — rehearsing a crime of such hideous proportions like watching a parade: the photos of the parents bring their children to the exercise, with one father carrying a child on his shoulders, and many folks milling about or standing in small groups. What kind of people enjoy such macabre?

I saw a mom with children nested within her arms-reach watching the other children in the pretend ’school evacuation line.’ I saw evidence of many actors and their general assignments — it surely was a wonderful event for them all.

Liberals/Democrats/Progressives (Communists) speak out so much about rightwing radicals — who are still listed by this same government as the #1 US domestic threat — yet prove beyond any doubt that they are the greatest threat to America, because they willfully support the destruction of the US Constitution and the emergence of the police state.

I wanted to say, Why else would they keep silent for over 2 years, regardless the threat? But then realized that the news media is also complicit, just like in fascism, leaving only mass protests as an option, if any feel oppressed. But with so many spies in a torn community, or the possibility of government community organizers (minders) in residence, what then? So it is as it is, a cloistered police state community, voluntarily or not.

Sick, stupid or afraid beyond measure — with the exception of two brave souls (and their supporters) — this community gets our vote for sickest or most controlled town in America. Only time will tell which.

Added 4/13/2015, 7:13 AM

Additional thoughts on community mindset and police state:

Because of mainstream media democrat-controlled news blackouts and lies, you have to know even in ‘your bones,’ something is wrong in America, when so many people are out of work and people are losing ownership of their homes.

In fact, to say something is wrong is a gross understatement because the ‘real’ unemployment rate is around 37% (1)(simple explanation); massive amounts of government regulation is slowing the economy, coupled with ubiquitous food stamp and housing assistance, out the lie of about 5.5 %.

So it comes as little surprise that Newtown, CT, a Liberal bastion of Wall Street and investment banking, supported by Fed quantitative easing, is oblivious to the horrendous economy and intentionally blind to the Obama administration’s overbearing regulations and lies — fat, dumb and happy, as they say. Until the police state hammer drops! (Perhaps telling us that Newtown had a greater psychological purpose.)

What is this police state hammer and when can we expect it to drop?

It’s not clear, but FEMA and the DHS have surely been planing for it for a long time (2) (3), and now the government controls the Internet as well as what we can find on it (4). The best guess is this fall, under the name Jade Helm.

Rationale: If we consider Obama’s foreign policies, he is clearly hands-off in support of other countries, so why does he keep doing urban zone military drills using gun ships? (5) Why does he now order a regional South West military police-state exercise — Jade Helm 15 (fifteenth time, each getting larger and or more complex, we presume) — this fall? (6*) (7*) (8) Does he want or hope to provoke ‘right-wing’ militias into a civil war in order to get the Martial Law he wants? Is this the way we would ordinarily talk about an American-born president claiming to be a Christian? What's wrong with this 'picture'?

Let’s hope that the real objective of JH-15 is to rid ISIS and drug cartels from both sides of the border and surrounding areas.

*These types of reports startle me, but Laura has been right so far. I have also found Hodges' analysis quite believable, and the unusually large boldface font format of the second article suggests that he is so convinced that he is right, that he is yelling at us to believe him and act accordingly.

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Newtown Connecticut — the Sickest or Most Controlled Town in America

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