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Mr. Obama's Destruction of the World in support of Islam

Diane Richardson

April 29, 2014, 8 PM

A Witness to Evil

If I am to believe my analysis of what has been made available to me, there is an evil so despicable that it needs to be told as loudly as I can tell it, so it can be erased.

I don’t mean the evil of Hitler's Third Reich that school children no longer learn about. Like the gathering of 6 million European Jews during the Second World War, then forcing them into freight-cars that took them to concentration camps, then stripped them of their humanity and forced them into rooms with ‘showers’ that were really gas chambers, before looting their dead bodies of their Gold teeth before incinerating them. (1a)(1b)

Or the evil by the Japanese across a number of land and island nations, from the late Ninetieth Century to the end of the Second World War. (2a)(2b)

And I don’t mean the evil of the likes of the United Nations Agenda 21 that intends a future urban-collective world of their making and control. (3)

I also don’t mean the evil of brainwashed Muslims, whose very existence is dedicated to the cruelties of centuries long past, that rape and kill Christians whenever they can and dream of killing more Jews, and want to convert or kill everyone else that is not Muslim. And are determined to force people to live by strict Islamic law. (4a)(4b)(4c) That is, when they are not killing or enslaving each other.

I don’t even mean the evil of Marxism, aka Communism, the utopian world of Social-Democrats that takes away our natural freedoms and forces us to live greatly inferior lives. (5a)(5b)

I mean the evil of the United States Democratic Party: The evil of its so-called compassion and social justice that has a real unemployment rate of 19%. (6a, and posted below.) The evil of the party that hides the fact that, as Vice President, Lyndon Johnson had the CIA kill JFK (6b)(6c), because JFK planned to end the Federal Reserve (6d) and had war policies that Johnson disagreed with. (6e**) The same Lyndon Johnson that blocked Civil Rights legislation proposed by Republicans, then:

““Upon assuming the presidency…wrote similar legislation [to what Republicans had written on Civil Rights] “while claiming, and I quote, “I’ll have those niggers voting democratic for the next two hundred years.””

””In other words, Johnson and the Democrat party, deliberately impoverished blacks by promising them welfare and other government subsidies. In the long run, this did nothing but create a dependent class that can be counted on to vote democrat over and over again. This is why comparing blacks, who blindly support Obama and the Democrats, is more conducive to comparing Jews who supported Hitler, they are trapped in an endless cycle of self-destruction, following those deliberately misleading them.””” (7)

This is the same evil Democratic Party that selected a black man named Barack Hussein Obama to become President of the United States because blacks are so easily fooled, because they knew that Obama had, for 16 years previous to 2007, claimed to be Kenyan-born (8a**), and has now been proven to be Barry Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia (8b), and to be both a Muslim (8c) and Communist. (8d)(8e) This is the same evil Democratic Party that is so power hungry that, since Johnson, has intentionally subjugated tens of millions of human souls to a zombie-like existence of racist hate and government dependence, just to get their 'votes,' while blaming the Republican Party for their fate. This my friend is real evil because death ends misery, no matter how cruel, while this form of decades-long brainwashed ‘living’ slowly sucks all dignity from their impoverished souls.

And what have these ‘caring’ Socialist-Democrats, now lead by a non-American, Muslim Communist, accomplished by the imprisonment of free will and their racist lies:

A) The highest school dropout rate in the nation’s history (9a1), which leads to lives of dependence and misery, or crime, drugs and gang deaths, instead of successful lives by any measure. (9a2*)

B) The creation of the need for the two-worker family leaving nothing to spend on having fun. (9b)

C) A society that prefers drugs to escape reality, rather than hobbies or self-improvement. (9c)

D) The diminished meaning of the family, children without fathers, and poverty. (9d)

E) The loss of the teaching of history in schools, and the joy of learning, and examples of morality that help to keep us strait and honest and caring, and replacing it with material that is more like government training programs. (9e)

F) The loss of helpful lesson plans to nurture the individual spirit in favor of the support for how the 'government keeps the economy going and creates jobs,' which is socialist nonsense, and how to engage in political protest and social justice. (9f)(9g)

G) The loss of about 60 million American souls via abortion since Roe v Wade, which translates into about 200 million fewer Americans today. (9h) But it seems that Democratic Party support for abortion had more than one goal, as reported by none other than a justice of the US Supreme Court: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg supported abortion to reduce undesirable populations. (9j)

H) And should Congress pass immigration reform that allows 20-40 million illegal Hispanic immigrants -- they keep coming in high numbers -- to earn citizenship, the Socialist Democratic Party will have control over our government 'forever,' and Americans and immigrants from legal immigration will never again have the opportunity to start low-skill part-time jobs to gain work experience, because these immigrants will take them and keep them 'till hell freezes over.'

Questions: If not for evil un-American purposes, why should a country founded on peaceful coexistence and freedom support terrorist organizations like al Qaeda (10a*) and the Muslim Brotherhood (10b*)? But we are, because Obama is a Sunni Muslim. And, if not for evil un-American purposes, why should our children be taught inferior Socialistic education through Common Core (10c**), which favors Islam while dishonoring Christianity and Judaism? (10d Link removed by source.) (10e Link removed by source.), and asks students to "Think Like a Nazi and Explain Why Jews Are Evil." (10f) These are facts, because Barack Hussein Obama's administration is guided by Socialists, Communist and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. (10g)(10h)

So ‘Democrats’ can have their lying, cheating, racist, Communist ‘Democratic Party’ and I will do everything in my power to destroy it.

PS: I hear pundits complain over and over about all the mistakes Obama has made, because they simply refuse to consider the evidence: The US is exactly the way an anti-American Muslim Communist president would have it be; in Obama’s mind he has been a great success so far, and he’s not done.

BOOM! The [Black] Sheriff Just Told Al Sharpton To Take A Seat- SLAMS Him For His Lies…. April 24, 2016.

“Post reconstruction blacks voted predominantly for the Republican Party,” Clarke explained.

But then “the Democrats came in with this false narrative. They put blinders over black people’s eyes, they separated them from their history, and they created this false narrative that has been very appealing over time, but it is a big lie,” he continued.

“We’re gonna have to go back now, reconnect black folks with their history, tell them the real story of what political party freed the slaves, and what political party gave blacks the advances and rights that they do today.”

On the state of our economy: "BRUCE: Feds disguising the devastation of poverty: Easy benefits allow the poor to settle into ambition-numbing subsistence," by Tammy Bruce,, May 1, 2014.

On Racism: "The Racist, Discriminating Democratic Party," by Ronn Torossian,, April 14, 2014.

Summary article on Racism and poverty by a black American: Dear Baltimore Family and Friends: Y’all Bein' Played!, by Lloyd Marcus,, May 3, 2015

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Notes, with research supported by Laura Cambria

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The government hides the real unemployment rate of 19% by providing electronic debit cards to eliminate food stamps, soup lines and kitchens, and by only reporting those that once had full-time jobs and continue to ‘officially’ look for work, up to 4 weeks. The government is not reporting unemployment after 4 weeks, and anyone that wants to start work for the first time, which includes those finishing school and new immigrants, which add more than half to the worker population, while older workers, in a continuous process, either stop working, find other things to do, or retire.

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Confirmation of the theory above: I knew that Hunt confessed but did not know until a recent research that he implicated Johnson and Hoover: “Hunt’s Deathbed Confession Reveals JFK Killers: The Last Confession Of E. Howard Hunt - US government/CIA team murdered JFK,” by Larry Chin, Online Journal Associate Editor, 4-4-7,

Update July 27, 2015: LBJ admits to planning and killing JFK: LBJ Night Before JFK Assassination: “Those SOB’s Will Never Embarrass Me Again?"

For more information see Duquesne University's forensic analysis on the Corruption page.

Given the above, it follows that RFK had to be murdered also to prevent him from exacting retribution should he become president. And the media was and remains silent to protect their Democratic Party.

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A Witness to Evil

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