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The Wall

It never occurred to me how important The Wall really was until I read Why the Wall Will Work by Christopher Manion (Breitbart, 14 April 2016). Then many thoughts seemed to fall into place. So this is not just about the benefits of The Wall but also about all the related activities.

Of course we know the purpose of the The Wall, The Trump Wall, is to stop illegal immigration at the Mexican border, and we know it is also to stop the importation of illegal drugs, and would-be terrorists, murderers, kidnapers, rapists and gang members. And it is to restore US sovereignty.

But lets also acknowledge that it is to help restore public safety while reducing the cost of local and national government, and welfare costs.

There is also the cost of unemployment caused by illegals that businesses encourage to get cheap labor, which could be equated to a form of racism if we consider that blacks are the most negatively affected, and the cost of sanctuary cities that harbor criminals, and the cost of illegals causing traffic accidents and deaths with no insurance then running away.

There is also the cost of the IRS allowing false information that is used to generate very large tax credits each year that are then used on extravagant spending or sent back to Mexico as part of the remittance program the US Treasury Department helps to facilitate. The IRS also encouraging illegals to use stolen Social Security numbers for similar purposes.

The IRS even has the ability to stop identity theft
related to Social Security numbers but refuse to do it or even notify the victims!

I also learned that Mexico encourages all this to generate a great source of revenue -- beyond free trade imbalances -- that helps the country to avoid the need to stop crime and develop their own civil society.

So I will try to outline what I think we should do after The Trump Wall is in place.

A) Failure of a government employee to report a crime or a suspected crime to a law enforcement agency shall be a crime with a minimum sentence of one year in jail in addition to all attending legal proceedings.

B) The IRS shall not change the mailing or check-to address of a Social Security recipient without verification of that recipient's original signature after verification of that person's identity, which should be biometric.

C) To reduce an overall cost of $300 to $500 billion per year (nearly one third to one half a trillion per year), while encourage an orderly self-deportation process, we should start fazing out all welfare benefits to illegals. This could be done at a rate of 33% per year over three years or 20% per year over 5 years. But outright fraud should be halted immediately, like allowing dependents in Mexico (or wherever) and allowing the false use of Social Security numbers.

D) The employment ID process must be put in place immediately, as should the penalties for crime -- no more catch and release.

E) We should also allow all Mexicans who served honorable in the US military to receive US citizenship even if they have since committed petty crimes and been deported.

Deporting non-American US veterans for petty crimes after they served their sentences while not deporting non-veteran illegal immigrants who were released early after being convicted of or charged with committing kidnapping, rape and murder shows both malevolence and anti-veteran views, especially in view of the frightening information contained in the following videos. How do these veterans get the veterans benefits and health care we promise?

F) All funding to states' with sanctuary cities must be stopped, and as 'sponsors' of illegals, held directly responsible when they commit crimes.

G) We should help Mexico clean up crime by offering the US military in an organized clean sweep. Otherwise it remains a failed state and criminal enterprise that depends on our sympathies for its survival.

H) We should offer the Mexican government both a carrot and stick: we will help its government develop fair trade businesses, but punish the Mexican government through sanctions should it violate the principles of the agreement.

J) In view of the dangers described herein, and the wanton 'punishment' inflicted by ISIS and radical Muslims, I also believe it's time we became very serious on capital crime and started executing those criminals without delay. Compassion is wasted on mindless thugs.

K) Given the degree to which drug traffickers will go to injure others to move drugs, and create victims, drug trafficking shall become a capital crime subject to the death penalty.

L) Compelling Mexico to Pay for the Wall .

M) Additional thoughts can be read here

Very disturbing video by former border patrol agents.

Former Border Patrol agent warns what's coming.

Zach Taylor is a 27 year veteran Border Patrol agent with supervisory experience. He has testified before Congress as an expert witness on criminal activity in wilderness areas. His message is credible. He accuses the federal government in a coverup that is deliberately shielding critical information from the public.

Taylor says that whoever is perpetrating the border crisis is engaged in a perfect asymmetrical military tactic. While the American people focus on "the children," he points out that they are actually only a tiny proportion of the people crossing the border. That we are apprehending about 10 percent of the illegal border crossers, and that the other 90 percent are not children. Since only 10 - 15 percent of those apprehended are children, that means we are focused on about 1 percent of the problem. The adults that we are missing are bringing in weapons, personnel and supplies while our attention is diverted by the needs of the children.

Read more at YouTube.

GOP leaders against Trump

Video clip: Obama calls for more openness to refugees in wake of attacks (?!)
Mar. 28, 2016 - 4:36 - KT McFarland calls the administration's view 'untethered from reality'



The Trump Wall

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