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Diane Richardson

This is my solution to the general 'crime' of letting young Americans vote, and how their lack of education in Economics hurts Americans and America, and how Government Propaganda & Disinformation hurts America.

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April 8, 2014, veterans exception added April 21, 2016 3:09 AM

Proposed Amendment for The Right to Vote

Purpose: The right to vote should be earned by making a positive contribution to society during four years of participation in the eligibility process. The measure of that positive contribution to society shall be as described.

Anyone that serves honorably in the US military should be given citizenship if not a citizen and be allowed to vote without conditions, as should all veterans. I would even allow then to go to the head on the line.

A) A college degree, with at least one (1) course in US History, one (1) course in Constitutional Law, one (1) course in macro Economics, and one (1) course in micro/US Economics, with grades of ‘C” or higher, and three (3) months of ongoing “net employment” measured after one (1) year of employment, as described below.


B) A high school diploma and three (3) months of ongoing “net employment measured after four years of participation in the eligibility process, as defined below.”

“Net employment” (ne) shall be defined as

a) four (4) years of successful employment (se) at or above the minimum wage measured in months minus (—) the time spent collecting welfare (cw) measured in months.


b) Three (3) months of net homemaking measured after three (3 years of ongoing “homemaking with children” (hmwc) minus (—) the time spent collecting welfare (w) measured in months.


C) Any clearly defined combination of the required accomplishments, to earn the right to vote.

D) Those with mental illnesses that prevent the ability to make sensible life choices shall not have the right to vote.


Example of positive net employment and the right to vote = + 48m (se/hmwc) — 36m (cw) = +12m net employment, which is higher than the minimum 3 months of net employment required.

Example of negative net employment and the withdrawal of the right to vote = + 36m (se/hmwc) — 48m (cw) = — 12m net employment, which is lower that the minimum 3 months of net employment required.

The rules for retirees and those on Social Security would be the same, using their final scores.

All constitutional amendments and laws giving the right to vote shall be replaced by a properly articulated version of the following expression:

Welfare Deadbeats Should Not Vote!

It’s time to ban deadbeats from the voting booth! People can set their own destinies. They can choose to be a contributing member of society in every way including voting, or they can choose to be leeches, in which case they can no longer choose what they leech. Which would you choose?

Hillary, the choice for Democrats!

G_d help us!



Right to Vote: Proposed Amendment for The Right to Vote

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