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Diane Richardson, a former Democrat, with research by Laura Cambria, a chronic Conservative

If you Voted for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, Here’s What You Gave Us


List of Articles by Diane Richardson (All articles are subject to minor edits and additions as more is learned.)

Trump Economy to End Crimes Against America

Why We Support Trump

Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Solutions for Americans

Democrat Propaganda: A Democrat President was Needed to Save Us from Bush’s failing 2008 Economy

Term Limited or Passage of ACID* Test

Democrat Propaganda: America, and by implication Americans, are causing Global Warming

Understanding the 'Muslim Problem' and Resolving it

Immigration and Refugee Solutions to Help Make America Great Again

Democrat Propaganda: Same-sex Couples are Cheated out of Equality

The Strong Cities Network or near-future Obama Police State

The Essence of Evil

Democrat v Conservative Political Differences

Candidates on Issues: Voting Preferences of Republican Presidential Candidates with Sufficient Charisma and Gravitas to Win in 2016

The Invisible Herd of Elephants: Uncounted Unemployment, and the Real Unemployment Rate

Globalism (is a Scam)

Proposed Amendments to the US Constitution

The Obama Plan for the Destruction of America

A New System of Taxation

Newtown Connecticut — the Sickest or Most Controlled Town in America

Newtown Massacre Fraud, Gun Control and the Totalitarian State

'White Privilege’ is just another form of Democrat Racism and Attempt to Control Americans

Civil RICO: A way for ordinary American citizens or groups to take the Obama Administration to State Court' for committing crimes against America

How Obama is using the US Presidency to Weaken the US while Strengthening the Adversarial Muslim World

The Obama Administration’s Conspiracy Against the US Military and its Veterans

When are Black Americans Going to Wake up to Their Intentional Ongoing Slavery?

A Witness to Evil

The March Toward The New World Order

Proposed Amendment for The Right to Vote

Open Letter to the U.S. House and Senate, RE: The common threads between Obama and Putin, and the likely outcomes

Supreme Court of the United States, Open Letter to Chief Justice John Roberts

The Obama Administration and its Comparison to a Fourth Reich

A better alternative to National Healthcare is BasicCare

Behavior, Power and Control, Racism and Playing the N Word Game

Analysis of the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman Encounter

University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address

Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, BJ 77, ninth commander of U.S.Special Operations Command,
Texas Exes Life Member, and Distinguished Alumnus
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*** How, exactly, is Obama violating the U.S. Constitution? ***

Constitutional Emergency

Talking Liberty: How Private Property is Being Abolished in America

Recommended Reading

Five Consequences of America’s Moral Collapse, John Hawkins,, July 25, 2015

Summary article on Racism and poverty by a black American: Dear Baltimore Family and Friends: Y’all Bein' Played!, by Lloyd Marcus,, May 3, 2015

L. Ron Obama and the Church of Progressivism, by Bruce Thornton,, April 16, 2015

"Life After The State Will Be Good!," by Bob Livingston, January 27, 2014, Personal Liberty Digest,

"The “Lone Survivor” Litmus Test," by Jim ONeill, January 21, 2014,

"How about ending the Democrat “War on the American Way of Life”: “Robbing” and the “War on Christmas”," by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Sunday, December 8, 2013,

"Is Humanity Declaring Checkmate On The New World Order?," by Bernie Suarez, December 4, 2013,

"How ‘victimhood’ kills achievement," by Thomas Sowell, December 3, 2013,

Proof that the victimhood that the Left teaches causes many to give up trying to improve themselves. Imagine what would happen to our country if we all believed them!

"How the US gave guns to Mexican cartels," By John Dodson, December 1, 2013,

"I Told You So: Obama Really Stole The Election!," by Wayne Allyn Root, November 21, 2013, Personal Liberty Digest,

"Add it up. The 2012 Presidential election was stolen based on the cover-up of murder [Benghazi], a Mafia-like conspiracy to use the IRS to silence free speech and destroy Obama’s political opposition, bogus healthcare promises [ObamaCare], and fraudulent jobs reports [to suggest that the economy was improving when it was not].” (And we add that Senator Reid did his part by suggesting that Romney didn't pay his taxes, as if the IRS would let a presidential candidate slip bye, proving once again that Liberal/Democrat/Socialist/Progressive/Communist politicians are the biggest liars on the planet.)

"Nanny Knows Best," by Bob Livingston, November 18, 2013, Personal Liberty Digest.

From Ethanol, wind and solar energy, to fire hydrants and chickens, read how Liberal/Democrat/Socialist/Progressive/Communist bureaucrats are destroying America's grasslands and wildlife while making everything we consume more expensive: “There is little more damaging than government when it sets out to solve a problem.”




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