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US Constitution
Proposed Amendments to the US Constitution

Five Consequences of America’s Moral Collapse

Diane Richardson

June 29, 2015; various additions and edits thereafter; last edit September 10, 2015


"A Republic, If You Can Keep It." Can We? Will We?


Make no mistake, America as we know it is under attack by many groups within and without the boundaries of our nation. (Examples) And if we don’t change our laws to protect what we have our nation will soon become a shell of itself by way of virtual Communism and Sharia Law.

Facts: Through President Obama and his Communist and Socialist staff (Example), we are already a Socialist nation by having about 69 million private sector workers pay all the bills for 316 million people, while about 26 million workers pay no net taxes then receive wealth redistribution checks. In addition, most of our wealth is in the hands of people that pay no taxes, and over 80 million other adults don’t work and live off entitlements or welfare then get the opportunity to vote for whatever they choose. And virtual Communism is taking control of our businesses through the creation of so many regulations that a Communist Party member need not be put in charge of each company because the regulations do that control instead. ( Real Unemployment Rate ) See degree to which we are a Socialist and Communist nation here.

Meanwhile, President Obama and his Muslim staff and advisors (Example) are ‘importing’ tens of thousands of Muslim fundamentalists from the Middle East without any vetting, then paying all their living expenses. These are the same types of Muslims that refuse to assimilate in European countries while causing them many problems as they insist on having Sharia Law. ( Muslim President )

Finally, finding known reference links for this article has been at times impossible because it seems they are no longer available due to government blacklisting of information — read this.

So, we must create laws to protect our Country, or it will soon be lost.

How to Amend the US Constitution

"Four Methods: Proposing an Amendment in Congress. Proposing an Amendment by Constitutional Convention. Ratifying an Amendment in State Legislatures. Ratifying an Amendment in State Conventions."

"Article V of the United States Constitution provides authority and instructions for amending the Constitution. Amendments can be proposed by Congress or by constitutional convention. They can be ratified by three fourths of state legislatures or by conventions in three fourths of the states. Some parts of the procedures for proposing and ratifying amendments are well established in federal and state laws, but some methods have never been used before."

The Conservative Party USA has compiled a great deal of information that tells us the States have for some time provided all the necessary requirements for Congress to schedule an Article V Constitutional Convention, yet it drags its feet toward that goal. ( Reference ) By doing so, Congress is in violation of the US Constitution. No doubt, the delay is partly due to the widely proposed congressional term limits.

In Chapter 14 of Commonsense Solutions for America, Brown, listed 20 recommendations. (Shown here in quotes by permission.) Brown further states "The American Common Sense Party has a constitutional convention page that outlines what Article V of The Constitution is and how to go about requesting that we have one." However, they will all be reorganized into categories on this page for better readability with additional recommendations. (Emphasis mine.)

In answer to those that fear an Article V convention because of these concerns, I suggest that the alternate methods available to amend the US Constitution be used. I make other suggestions below.

Prager University

Proposed Amendments to the US Constitution
using Alternate Methods to an Article V Convention (as outlined above)

The principles set forth in the US Constitution were never intended to allow for their demise; they were only intended to insure freedom, fairness and equality. If our way of life, as defined by the US Constitution, is to be protected, we must act to close all the loopholes.

Budget and Taxes

1) Amend the 16th Amendment to include a new system of taxation using the concepts outlined on this page.

Citizenship and Immigration

1) "Eliminate 'anchor babies' by requiring both parents be US citizens. I [Brown] would also remove citizenship from anchor babies when neither parent is a citizen." ( The problem is not only illegal Hispanics, it's also Birth Tourism )

2) "Persons that immigrate to the US illegally should not be eligible for citizenship, or any government position of employment or benefits, except for military service. Those who volunteer for military service and are accepted, and serve for 3 years honorably should be given US citizenship after passing the citizenship knowledge exam."

3) A person that seeks Sharia Law, or any other anti-American notion, after receiving US citizenship shall be stripped of citizenship and deported for violating the citizenship ‘Oath.’


1) "If education is the root of our national wealth and security then lets require a high school diploma for the right to vote, not age. " (Comment: See article on The right to vote.)

2) "If the welfare state is the root of our downfall and those on welfare can only be expected to vote in self-interest then lets deny voting privileges to those on public assistance." (Comment: See article on The right to vote.)

3) No political party shall be allowed to highjack the voting process. Therefore, voter IDs shall be used in all elections, and non-citizens shall not be allowed to vote. Electronic voting machines and processes shall carry foolproof tampering protocols that render those processes inoperable should an intrusion occur or any event that ends in a failure to record a proper vote.

4) The American people shall be protected from proposed laws with names that confuse voters or with names opposite to their intended purposes.

States' Rights

1) States’ rights shall not be infringed. Congress and the Office of the President shall implement no law that infringes on states’ rights, beyond those specifically permitted by the US Constitution or Bill of Rights.

This would have far reaching implications, necessitating the elimination of several cabinet level departments, including Education, Agriculture, Interior, and relegating these and other activities to advisory only.

Official Language

1) English shall be the official language.

Ethics in Government

1) The Attorney General of the United States shall not be a member of the political party in office. Argument: the quickest way to restore our government to its political foundation -- the US Constitution -- is to require that the Attorney General not be a member of the political party in office.

2) Congress shall not alter the treaty process.

3) Congress shall pass no law without a vote on its contents -- deemed votes shall not be used to create laws.

4) No judgement by the SCOTUS shall be considered law with less than two-thirds of members in agreement.

Major Tenents of United States Law Developed from the
Principles Set Forth in the US Constitution with Guiding Dictates

Budget and Taxes

There are many ways to destroy a nation, intentionally or through political incompetence. The recommendations outlined herein are intended to reduce those problems.

1) "Define all money to be spent by the Congress and the President in any given year to be the annual budget. Right now health care, defense spending, the national debt and all congressional appropriations [aka large wasteful pork* spending bills] are not in the budget. Allow additional spending for war only, only when war is declared. (And no tricks, like declaring war on poverty.)" *( Reference )

2) "Balanced budget."

3) Given the damages that can be done by deficit spending, the United States or any of its states or territories, shall not engage in deficit spending. Automatic increase 'Baseline Budgeting' shall be abolished. A government (territory, state or federal) that has or is about to run a deficit for four consecutive years shall be disqualified from wining the next election. ( See Summary of Left v Right Politics on Home page )

4) "Line item veto."

5) "When items are removed from a budget the funding for that item shall also be removed -- line item vetoes shall not be used too inflate the budget using funds from items removed."

6) "Biennial budgets instead of annual." Alternately, the annual US budget shall be considered ‘frozen’ should Congress fail to reach a compromise or decide not to take a final vote, and all budget funds for departments removed or reduced shall be automatically defunded proportionately. (Which also supports recommendation B2)

7) SEE CHANGES TO THE CONSTITUTION RECOMMENDED ABOVE. [["Repeal the 16th Amendment and replace it with a Fair (Sales) Tax Amendment. I [Brown] do not support this amendment as written. I would replace it with a Flat Tax for income taxes and a Limited Sales Tax for health care. I would also write it so that all federal taxes are paid through the states, not directly to the federal government. It's time to take back our country and restore our republic and this is a great way to start." I would prefer the concepts outlined on this page. ]]

8) To reduce mismanagement and prevent massive state freeloading, the United States shall spend no more than matching funds to save states from the pending devastation expected to be caused by the Cascadia Quake, and other widely known and preventable disasters.

9) No government entity shall sign, and no court shall uphold, a contract that leads to insolvency when taxes are levied to customary levels. (See this article for reasons.)

10) All unions shall contribute to their pension and benefits funds to a level of 50%.

11) Government entities shall not pay union members for union work.

Congress, the Presidency and Government Employees

1) "Limit terms of Congressional representatives (House and Senate) to two. I [Brown] favor two terms for House seats (4 years) and one term in the Senate (6 years). I would also repeal the 17th Amendment and allow state legislators to select members of the Senate because most citizens have no idea who is qualified and who is not. This would require senators to put greater emphasis on state government, where loyalties rightfully belongs. And it would make recalling and replacing a senator easier."

2) "Limit the House and Senate to 60 days in office and 4 months pay -- the less time in office the less damage they can do -- with no overrides, extensions or marathon sessions, except for consideration of declaring war. (War should not be changed to national security because it will open the door to many subjects, like controlling the internet, free speech, free trade, etc.)"

3) "Limit all government employee wages and benefits to no more than paid for equivalent work in the private sector [with no bonuses, or special benefits]. No exclusions and no overtime pay." (Comment: All public employees are paid from taxes so they should never earn more than a taxpayer holding an equivalent position. )

4) "A good way to hide information is to write laws in ways that cannot be understood. Require all pending legislation and laws to be written in plain English. No grandfathering - all laws are to be rewritten."

5) "Require all laws to be explained in no more than 2 pages using standard type. No grandfathering - all laws are to be rewritten." (Comment: legislators that say 'we need to pass the bill to see what's in it,' should be removed from office. Currently, bills presented for a vote are actually the underlying 'action items,' not the Executive Summaries, which are the intent of the proposed laws. Legislators should vote only on the intent of the law, in plain English, so that we could all understand what they are trying to do.)

To reduce and simplify the enormous list of government regulations, All Federal rules and regulations shall be based on the First Order Purpose, with reference to its intent within the US Constitution or common sense, or Second Order Directive, written in plain English, and shall not contain dozens of subcategories in legalize that no one can follow except those that created them at great expense.

Simplified example:
First Order Purpose: Based on common sense, Congress passes the Clean Air Act that said the air shall be clean from man-made pollutants whenever and wherever possible to practical cost-effective limitations.

Second Order Directive: Based on the Clean Air Act, government regulators create directives that say: 1) Automobile emissions shall be limited to: name chemical(s) and limit(s) in ppm.
2) Factories shall not emit pollutants greater than: name chemical(s) and limit(s) in ppm.
3) Fuel burning devices shall not emit pollutants great than: name chemical(s) and limit(s) in ppm.
4) Air within all occupied buildings shall not contain pollutants greater than: name chemical(s) and limit(s) in ppm.

A regulation process of this nature would eliminate millions of man-hours creating complex interconnected documents in legalize that force millions of people to spend countless hours trying to decipher and enforce them.

6) "Do not allow pending legislation to have more than one commonsense category of legislation -- if the subjects are not complimentary they should require separate votes. (I [Brown] cannot believe that I'm writing this silliness to guide those in Congress to what they should be doing to create good laws.)"

7) "Require all legislators to sign every proposed law when it goes to the floor for a vote attesting to the fact that he and she has read the proposed law and understands it before votes are taken."

8) "Require all legislators to do their job -- vote either Yah or Nay -- no Present or abstaining."

9) "If honesty and ethics are important to our society lets remove self-regulation by Congress and put it in the hands of a committee comprised of one private citizen from each state. This committee shall be comprised only of Notary Publics elected by the people without political consideration and this committee or board shall have complete authority to remove elected officials, including the President, if sufficient charges are proven."

10) The American people shall be protected from Congressional mandates that exempt Congress and or its staff from the rules they create — Congress, the presidency, and the supreme court shall participate in every rule of law.

11) The American people shall be protected from a judiciary and or prosecutorial misconduct: those that break the law to get convictions (then appear to be immune from prosecution) shall be penalized by imposing on them penalties equal to the punishment of the criminal acts they cause to be inflicted on the innocent.

12) The American people shall be protected from 'runaway government' by limiting employment to no more than 1% of net tax-paying full-time US workers, excluding military personnel.

13) The American people shall be protected from over-regulation by requiring ever proposed law or regulation to have an estimated cost to the Economy and loss of employment, and when either of those costs or losses exceed their preset limits they shall be changed to be less than the preset limits.

14) The American people shall be protected from over-regulation by repealing any law or regulation that caused or is estimated to cause more than 10 bankruptcies or the loss of more 100 jobs in any industry. This law shall exclude public sector employees and private sector unions.

15) The American Economy shall be protected from excessive imports by the use of false labeling by maintaining strick controls on "Made in America," which shall be understood to mean materials and labor.

16) The American Economy shall be protected from excessive job loss by limiting non-American personnel in call centers, regardless of location, to no more than 50%.

17) To support Social Security funding, Congress shall instruct the US Treasury to invest in ‘Small Beta’ Funds. ( Reference )

18) To support Medicare funding, the federal government shall replace the $716B it took from Medicare to support the ACA ( Reference ), and stop ’stealing’ from other intended purposes. ( Reference )

19) Those shown to be in violation of their primary responsibilities, or 'convicted' of ethical or moral violations, shall be terminated from government employment within 60 days.

20) Elected leaders in Congress shall designate committee membership and chairs to party members, regardless their voting preferences.

21) The Executive Branch shall loan, give or withhold financial support to foreign countries only with permission from Congress.

22) Congress shall not be impeded: Department heads and or government employees that stonewall Congress for more than 45 days shall be terminated. Former employee shall be jailed for contempt of Congress, for a period of time equal to the contempt.

23) A Federal employee delinquent on taxes shall have wages garnered on the first anniversary of the delinquent tax.

24) Federal employees shall not profit from federal employment directly or indirectly, or through spouses, significants others, cousins or friends.

25) Gross negligence, self-indulgence with taxpayer funds, and wasteful spending of taxpayer money shall be grounds for termination.

The US Supreme Court

1) The Supreme Court shall not engage in secret preceding and all decisions shall be made public. (There is very strong evidence that President Obama’s father is really Frank Marshall Davis (simply because he is ineligible to become president if his father was not an American citizen) -- which can be proven by several independent and secret DNA tests -- and he and his attorneys met with the Supreme Court in private session to approve his legitimacy to become president (along with a forged birth certificate to show that he was born in Hawaii instead of Kenya, as he had claimed previously for 16 years.) ( Reference -- 16 years ) ( Life-Davis-Constitution ) ( Citizenship Details )

2) Members of the Supreme Court that engage in social engineering or the presumption of the intentions of either party in a law suit, instead of making judgements on the documentation laid before them, shall be removed from office. ( Reference )

States' Rights

1) "If government control is the bane of a free society lets limit government control of land in any one state to no more than 40% and require approval of the citizens in that state. "The federal government owns nearly 30 percent of all the land in the country. In the West, those numbers soar even higher. The federal government controls more than 84 percent of the land in Nevada, more than 50 percent of the land in Alaska, Utah, Oregon and Idaho, and more than 40 percent of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming." [1]"

3) Congress and or the Office of the President shall implement no law that coerces or 'blackmails' states' to act contrary to their intended, perceived or desired best interests.


Five Consequences of America’s Moral Collapse

The United States developed as a moral nation because of its religious beliefs. If our national sense of morality is to be preserved and protected, then:

1) Its traditional (one man one woman) marriage laws must also be protected. There is nothing a traditional religious marriage bestows on a M-F 'couple' that a civil union does not have, except a religious blessing. Religion can never bless sodomy. Nor can the government force religious institutions to act against their better judgements. Therefore, marriage shall be defined as the union of one man and one woman, and civil unions shall include other human pairing accepted in US law.

2) The United Staes developed as a moral nation because of its religious beliefs. If our national sense of morality is to be preserved and protected, in the face of the religious Ten Commandments being challenged and removed from public view throughout the country, on a technicality, they should be replaced by a national moral code so that morality becomes a reflex in the face of a dilemma rather than a consideration. It is suggested that a modified version of the five Buddhist Precepts be used as a US Code of Morality:

• Do not murder.
• Do not do anything that could endanger the lives or wellbeing of others.
• Protect all life and the environment.
• Do not steal, or misappropriating someone’s personal or private property.
• Do not make false statements or bear false witness.
• Do not engage in improper sexual conduct. (e.g. sexual contact not sanctioned by secular laws, religious code or law, or by one’s parents and guardians).

( Reference )

3) Abortion. We know that many people and religions cherish life and abhor abortion, while others treat life with little respect. I see abortion as an issue of control. Those that trust and respect humanity against those that seek to control it, using excuses like overpopulation or ‘breeding’ to manage family or cultural worker populations, or for whatever their collective goals. In America, the women for abortion instead seek this level of control to fend off an over controlling male dominated society by demanding self-control of their own bodies. Which ultimately comes down to self-indulgence, whenever the government provides free contraceptives, and adoption is readily available.

Although I strongly favor the declaration of life at conception, and that it should be protected, if we are to advance toward a society without abortion we must first compromise in law,. The first reasonable compromise would be to agree to no abortions after viability of life of the unborn, which currently stands at about 26 weeks. After that it’s murder. Update: After learning that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby body parts, I now strongly favor no compromise -- we should outlaw abortion, except to save the life of the mother.

4) Those serving convictions for premeditated murder, based on DNA evidence, shall be executed within one year of sentencing.

5) The Federal government, in all cases, shall be limited to paying a death gratuity of no more than is provided to survivors of members of the US military, which currently stands at $100,000.

6) All ‘entitlements’ shall be means tested.

7) Sex education in public schools shall not be taught before grade 6, all content shall be approved by a state licensed psychiatrist, and all sex education shall be taught by a state licensed psychologist.

8) The United States shall never abandon a prisoner of war. ( Reference )

National Security

The Freedoms set forth in the US Constitution were never intended to allow for their demise; they were only intended to insure freedom, fairness and equality. If our way of life, as defined by the US Constitution, is to be protected — as the charters of both Congress (domestic) and the US presidency (foreign) are understood to be defined, then:

1) Our educational processes shall be protected from stealth invasion (JFK) to corrupt the minds of developing Americans. Therefore, no school (grade school, undergraduate or graduate), public or private, shall be licensed to teach if it has a faculty that is more than 50% anti-American (Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Progressive, anti-Judeo-Christian). Educational processes, scholastic materials publications, review boards and purchasing authority shall be equally apportioned.

2) Our ‘news‘ shall be protected from stealth invasion to corrupt the minds of Americans. Therefore, no purveyor of news with a readership of over 100K, public or private, shall publish if it has an editorial or writing staff that is more than 50% anti-American (Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Progressive, anti-Judeo-Christian).

3) Our national security shall be equally protected from the use of electronic conveniences that could be destroyed by a natural or man-made EMP or equally devastating disaster leaving America and Americans without the proper skills or tools to effectively communicate, and exposed to excessive government control. Therefore, all attempts shall be made to insure a proper way of life without such modern conveniences.

4) Our national security shall be equally protected from overwhelming foreign invasion through unintended consequences leaving us vulnerable in times of international conflict — for example, an overabundance of the necessities of life not produced in America, then not available during an international dispute. Therefore, no merchant that can be defined as a purveyor of general merchandise shall sell more than 50% foreign products, good or services. And these foreign products, good and services, in each category, shall never exceed 50% of their GDP.

5) Our sovereignty shall not be abrogated. Our Sovereignty shall be protected from International Invasion by unlawful immigration, International Law, Treaties and Sharia Law. ( Argument 1 ) ( Argument 2 ) ( Argument 3 )

6) Our Natural, Deplete-able and Energy resources shall be protected by strict limits on foreign ownership and exportation.

7) The United States shall maintain its critical infrastructure in order to prevent widespread human and financial catastrophe. ( Reference )

Abuses of the US Constitution

1) The American people shall be protected from False Credentialing and Propaganda — the Free Press that is in reality a propaganda arm of any political party as can be judged from the excessive use of the 'interchangeable' staff they each employ, and the news they publish or withhold in unison. Violators should also be subject to RICO charges.

2) The American people shall be protected from False Crimes, Deceptive Acts and Propaganda — the false crimes that are in reality attempts to misleads Americans in order to create regulations and laws that would not otherwise be needed.
For example: The Newtown Sandy Hook Massacre Hoax that was intended to create gun control legislation. Example 2
Or the purchase of gun shops to close them.
Or the government forcing banks to close accounts of gun shops because of claims of high risk.
Violators should also be subject to RICO charges.

3) The American people shall be protected from Lies, False Information, Coordinated Media Blackouts, Deceptive Acts and Propaganda — the bias and false information that are in reality attempts to mislead and control Americans. ( Reference )
Other examples:

a) The false Unemployment Rate that is intended to create the allusion that the US Economy is okay and there is low unemployment when in fact the US Economy is not okay and there is very high unemployment. (Detailed Analysis)

b) Or charges of Racism or Political Abuse when such charges cannot be substantiated. ( Argument 1 ) ( Argument 2 ) ( Argument 3 ) ( Argument 4 )

c) Or both the government and the media not reporting illegal immigrant crime statistics, which in some states is extremely high, and in some cases quite revolting. ( Reference )

d) Or government requested blacklisting of search engined results. ( Reference )

e) Or coordinated media blackouts. ( Reference )

f) Or government collusion in support of big business over smaller ones. ( Reference )

Violators should also be subject to RICO charges.

4) Each and every US military veteran, and member of the US Coast Guard, having served honorably, shall receive his or her service weapon upon discharge, with 100 rounds of ammunition and a cleaning kit. And no diagnosis of PTSD shall be used to takeaway such weapon or any others.



US Constitution
Proposed Amendments to the US Constitution

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