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Democrat vs Conservative Political Differences

Diane Richardson, a former Democrat, with research by Laura Cambria, a chronic Conservative

AKA General Propaganda Debunked by the Following Truths

If you read my profile you will learn that I was once a Democrat, until I heard a group of Left-leaning global economists and members of the Federal Reserve (Fed) tell us (on the old The Economists TV Program, some 40 years ago) that they were going to orchestrate the need for the two-worker family, as they had done in Europe, because Americans at that time had too much money available for leisure activities. Can you fathom the arrogant control these Democrats felt they could and should exercise over lives and our money?

Being a Democrat (D) was easy then, because all I had to do was be for ‘world peace’ and ‘take care of the needy’ and so on, (not like those mean and uncaring Republicans (Rs)). Who was going to do all this? The ever knowing and controlling ‘government' of course. And who is the government? Like any business, it is a bunch of people charged with doing things, in this case to take care of the needy and keep the world at peace. To help them, our government is guided by the U.S. Constitution, to which every employee swears an oath to uphold.

The problem is, our government (a business) is usually run by a bunch of people who have no training in business, little or no problem solving skills, and no skills in leading people, so we get what we deserve: massive inefficient bureaucracies with so many people half of them have virtually nothing to do except occupy space and collect incomes and pensions. Or worse yet, when politically driven, to do whatever they can to inflict harm on their opponents. And if driven for power and control, to do whatever is necessary to keep and increase their power and control. The way that is done is by hiring people to write rules and regulations to control whatever they can. Today, added to those written by others, we have so many rules and regulations -- tens of thousands -- that Democrats have stalled our economy, and made running a small business nearly impossible.

A perfect example of Democrat power and control run amuck is the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as ObamaCare, because they could have easily created a simple non-intrusive healthcare system, like BasicCare. The simple truth is, Republicans and Conservatives (Cs) want everyone to have access to affordable healthcare, but Democrats never miss an opportunity to say otherwise. So the subject of good and evil cannot be avoided. Whether the Democratic Party is evil is for you to decide, but the closed-minds these people create by their lies comes awfully close to a demonic presence, given all the real good they could do instead, and a lying, racist, Muslim, Communist has surely earned his place as their leader.

Having made this point, I would now like to explain that our web site proves dozens of ways that Democrats have lied to us to gain more and more power and control, proving the simple adage, that power corrupts. And Republicans are no better, as we see both the House and the Senate controlled by members of both parties who do nothing but create laws that increase their power and control. This is why we will never have a simple tax system, because creating tax rules that favor certain industries provides politicians ‘contributions’ to help them stay in office.

So we have come to the inescapable conclusion that not only must the Obama administration go, most of Congress should also be replaced with people who want to take back our country and restore it to a level of sanity.

To which we offer the Tea Party, and people like Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donal Trump, Conservatives all. But, as you will learn on the Candidates Compared page, both Rubio and Cruz support the crony capitalism form of government mentioned above by refusing to deport illegals, which will eventually lead to green cards and amnesty, and both support free trade, while Trump does not. These two issues alone steal more than 50 million jobs away from Americans, with about $500 billion per year in revenue going to illegals. To learn more read Problem 2: Illegal Immigration is Sucking the Life Blood out of America. Limbaugh argues in favor of Cruz failing to see his position on immigration, while claiming Trump is more a centrist by his presumed position on healthcare. But as you will learn on the Candidates Compared page, there is no difference between them on healthcare simply because the government will always have to support the folks unable to pay for their healthcare or they will go to the emergency room. That is why we offer BasicCare. instead. And so-called free trade costs us over $1 trillion per year in lost GDP as US products are made and assembled in other countries. (Millions of jobs are lost, both directly and indirectly, when US products are made in other countries.)

The Tea Party is NOT as Democrats portray — it is NOT filled with radicals or racists. It is comprised of people like you and us, people who want a sane government that spends within its means and obeys the law, because the shrinking workforce can no longer support the level of government spending, and our level of printing money is so high that we will soon suffer the consequences in massive inflation, just like in third world countries when they go broke. To learn more, read the page on Globalism.

Nor is Sarah Palin as she is portrayed by the Left. Read the truth and learn for yourself. And it was Tina Fay on SNL that said she could see Russia from her house, not Sara Palin. In fact, neither is Rush Limbaugh as he is portrayed. The Left likes to browbeat people into not listening to those on the Right for fear they will learn the truth so they constantly harangue those they fear the most. For sure Limbaugh can be direct, even caustic at times, because he has felt the harsh criticisms for many years. But as you would learn, he is the most honest and politically astute man alive. Nearly every week a former Democrat calls and compliments him.

We will now provide our comparisons on the following subjects.

Political Differences: Democrat vs Conservative
Incompetent Socialist

Mrs. Clinton has a long history of corruption and is a proven liar on many issues and has engaged in many criminal activities.

She wants to be president, not to fix anything, but because she thinks she deserves it.

Partial List of Hillary Clinton's Acts and Positions
* She helped remove Gaddafi which destabilized Libya.
* She misplaced $6 billion as Secretary of State.
* She ignored over 200 Benghazi requests for protection, which led to the deaths of 4 Americans.
* She lied about cause of attack at Benghazi.
* She collected tens of millions from Sharia countries that give no rights to women.
* She collected tens of millions from countries that abuse human rights.
* She collected tens of millions from Wall Street.
* She collected millions from big global businesses.
* She supports increased H1-Bs, which take jobs from Americans.
* She supports loss of American jobs via TTP and NAFTA.
* She helped Russia secure 20% of US Uranium reserves.
* She supports open borders.
* She supports increasing unvetted Muslim immigration.
* She supports Amnesty for over 24 million illegals.
* She now supports gay marriage.
* She now supports abortion, even late term.
* She supports BLM and racism.
* She plans to dilute Medicare, which will reduce benefits to seniors.
* She plans to dissolve all gun rights (leaving only the Gov, police, bodyguards and criminals with guns) by appointing activist judges to the Supreme Court.
* She lied about use of a private server.
* She lied about security of gov emails, which caused the death of an Iranian scientist.
* She lied about deleting secure gov emails.
* She could not pass a security background check.
* She is a committed Progressive (Socialist/Communist).
* She has no idea how to fix the economy or has any goal to do so.

* Video: Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.

* Mrs. Clinton will continue Obama's Socialist/Communist policies, and seek an increase of $1 Trillion in additional tax revenue.

* Proof positive that Mrs. Clinton is both a fool and, like Obama, a supreme danger to America: The Clinton Foundation, State and Kremlin Connections.

* Mr. and Mrs. Clinton have a net worth of about $50 million, and the Clinton Foundation has collected over $500 million from influence peddling. Some of those crimes are described in the video 'Clinton Cash'.

"“Publicly, she pretends to be the warm, likeable grandmother. But privately she is a foul mouthed, short-tempered, nasty, vicious, extraordinarily abusive, maniac. I think she has bipolar, at least.”" (Source)

This opinion seems to be shared by a former White House Secret Service agent and a longtime consultant.

Mrs. Clinton is married to an impeached president and sexual predator. Together they have a long keep-secrets death list. Most recent death list.

Video: Here's what your vote for Hillary gets us: The Clinton Criminal Enterprise.

Accomplished Patriot

Mr. Trump has a long history of helping others during a career as a first class developer and entrepreneur, ethically and legally

He wants to be president to make America great again.

List of problems
* He is considered too brash and honest to be president.
* He filed for business bankruptcy twice, legally.
* He failed at imminent domain, which is legal in CT.
* He is under investigation for Edu fraud, but has solid proof of no fraud.

If elected, Mr. Trump will do the following: (Partial list.)
* He will appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court.
* He plans to fix our economy by eliminating Obama's policies and helping to grow the middle class.
* He has a plan to control immigration.
* He plans to create US energy independence from Saudi Arabia.
* He plans to fix Dodd-Frank or get it repealed.
* He plans to restore our military.
* He has a plan to help and protect our veterans.
* He plans to fix US infrastructure.
* He has a plan to fix the US healthcare system.
* He has a plan to make 'free trade' fair trade.
* He has a plan to bring jobs back to America.
* He has a plan to reduce taxes.
* He plans to fix and protect Social Security.
* He plans to heal racism.
* He plans to restore law and order.
* He has a plan to protect gun rights because only terrorists, criminals, gangs, the mentally ill and Democrats commit gun crimes.
* He will restore our sovereignty.
* He will restore our national security.
* He will restore relationships with our allies.
* He brings professional problem-solving skills to Gov.
* He brings professional leadership skills to Gov.
* He brings professional business skills to Gov.
* He supports the US Constitution, which protects all our rights.

* Sorry, Hillary: Trump’s policies are clearly better for blacks.

* Mr. Trump will make America great again.

As an experienced MBA and business professional, I am very confident he can do most of these things because they are very easy to do. These too are the reasons you must vote, and for Mr. Trump.

* Mr. Trump has created a net worth of over $10 billion in some of the most valued properties in the world.

"On the subject of Trump, Stone said that “the Trump you see on TV is the only Trump there is, he doesn’t have two personalities, he has one personality.”"

"He contrasted this with Hillary Clinton, who he described as having “two personalities.”" (Same Source)

Mr. Trump is married to a former international model that speaks 4 languages.

Mrs. Clinton's views on raising State owned children
What is left? What would that role be other than welfare 'nannies'?


The Democrat party, lead by Obama, is systematically increasing the size of the DHS and teaching that veterans and patriots are likely domestic terrorists, while allowing a large Islamic terrorist network in the US. 'Islamville,' Tennessee, is another extreme Muslim group in America.


Conservatives would stop the terrorist designation of patriotic Americans, and determine whether the radicals in the Islamic training camps are immigrants on welfare, and whether they should be deported for anti-American activities. In the meantime, we informed law enforcement.

Denial of Dangers

The FBI continues with ~1,000 cases of potential refugee terrorism, while Democrats deny the risk and use Mr. Khan to promote increased Muslin refugee resettlement. But Mr. Khan supports Shariah Las over the US Constitution: Read here or here. While Mr. Obama allows immigrants to avoid Oath of Allegiance and pledge to defend America.

Acceptance of Dangers

Muslim refugee terrorism, especially in Europe, and warnings from our own Gov, shows what we must do and Mr. Trump plans accordingly. Threats from ISIS. Response to Mr. Khan. At least 380 foreign born convicted of terrorism in US since 9/11. Constitutionality of Muslim ban.

False Issue

The Democrat party promotes government control of everything so it abhors free-market capitalism — even though it has worked fine for nearly 400 years — and does everything it can to insure that it does not work well by creating as many rules and regulations as it can. Read more about the Obama Democrat economy here.

Will Reduce Regulations

Conservatives know that free-market capitalism works because it was created by the pilgrims and is the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving. To learn more, read notes from Governor Bradford’s (1623) diary or read/listen to Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. (It's truly amazing how 'Democrats' have altered history to suit their agenda.)

Wants Socialist Controls

With a true unemployment rate of 19-25%, the Democrat party says that it is working hard to fix the economy, but any fool should be able to see that creating more then 24,000 rules and regulation, to make life better, has actually made it considerably worse. It takes the ability to think objectively to see this. And to see that Conservatives are not as the Left and mainstream media portray.

to the
Eliminate Socialist Controls

Conservatives would kill ObamaCare and replace it with a better alternative. Conservatives would kill many other nonsensical regulations harming the economy. They would not be kicking people off of welfare; they would instead be making jobs available that restore the American dream, and they would truly go after waste, fraud and abuse.


Many Democrat and Republican members of Congress support free trade in order to receive donations for reelection from global corporate lobbyists. We call them Globalists. This has given foreign countries the ability to buy up America.


Conservatives support America first through fair trade policies, so they are against trade pacts like NAFTA and TPP, which send employment overseas. The annualized trade deficit as of July 2016 was over $737 B. But brainless unions still support Democrats!


The Democrat party panders to women who want to feel in control of their bodies by being able to have an abortion at any time in the human development cycle. This reciprocal agreement keeps their votes. But there is a moral issue at stake here that the secular Liberal media and others try to hide.


Conservatives simply want us all to recognize that we are dealing with human life here, and Democrats should at least accept that after about 26 weeks (the third trimester) unborn babies are fully developed and with a little help could survive an early birth. So taking a life after 26 weeks is akin to murder.


The Left insists that gay marriage is a civil right based on love. Laws against sodomy contradict those beliefs. There should however be a simple legal mechanism for commitment, power of attorney and inheritance. Civil unions meet those requirements.


Conservatives base marriage as the longstanding coupling between a man and a woman, and for healthy procreation and child development. Marriage is a religious union. The government cannot marry anyone, it can only provide a civil union.


Democrats ‘project’ their own lack of self-confidence with regard to gun safety and only trust 'government agents’ to have guns. Note that most mass murders were committed by Fascists and Democrats.


Conservatives overall are confident and self-assured, and want to provide their own self-protection. They also don’t trust that the Left will not turn the government into an overbearing Fascist State.


The problem with once having racism in the American south, then using it as a weapon nationally to get their way, is that the Democrat party has succumbed to a sickness. The sickness is racism paranoia.


Conservatives are not racists and never have been, but Democrats simple won’t let this crutch go because it's such a great nation divider for them. To understand what might be thought of as racism, please read this and this.


Like Racism, the Democrat party encourages national division by claiming Rs/Cs favor the rich, but nearly always in political power never ‘actually’ help the poor. They just feed them and complain to get votes. Forbes 400 Richest Americans.


All Conservatives can do is show Democrat hypocrisy by naming the politically active rich, like Gates, Buffett, Steyers, Soros, Zuckerberg, the Kennedy clan. However, a recent study shows the US is no longer as founded, but an Oligarchy.


Recognizing that the white American population is in decline, the Democrat party and some Republicans want to legalize the 12-30M (Hispanics mostly, with their immigrated families) that have come here illegally, to eventually get their votes, over the objections of most Americans of all political persuasion.


Conservatives want secure borders and immigration law obeyed, and recognize that making 12-30M illegal Hispanics legal residents will greatly increase unemployment among low skilled Americans and greatly increase those receiving government welfare. And create a permanent Democrat controlled government.

False Issue

Here again, the Democrat party panders. This time to the lazy, as if they cannot get a valid ID at any place that provides a drivers license or picture ID card. Compare this requirement to what Mexico requires.

No Issue

Conservatives believe in one man or woman, one vote. And a valid ID is the only way to insure voter honesty, although we recently learned that thousands of people have been voting in more than one state.

False Issue

At the same time that the Democrat party took over healthcare it also took over the large student loan industry, then kept the high interest rates, even though the Prime Rate remains near zero. College students now have the highest debt balances in history as their debt grows with no jobs to make payments.

Will Reduce Rates

Conservatives would return the student loan industry back to the marketplace, so that competition can help drive down interest rates. This is very important, because student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. There is no reason why these rates should not be 2 to 3%.

Bad Management

Like Abortion, the Democrat party panders to employee unions to get their votes, and unions reciprocate. This pandering however has put some cities into bankruptcy and others on the edge, while robbing cities and states of the funds to do needed infrastructure repairs.

Would Resolve Problems

Conservatives accept that employee unions are necessary in some industries, for worker protection and safety, but not in any form of government. And they do not support employee unions that are greedy or demanding of closed shops or seats on corporate boards.

Wants Socialism

The Democrat party believes in wealth redistribution, so it wants taxes to be as high as is possible. The problem with this socialism is that they will eventually run out of other people’s money, especially when the rich mover to other countries. When that happens everyone will suffer greatly.

Would Reduce Taxes

Conservatives believe in low taxes, which has repeatedly shown that the government actually collects more revenue under these conditions because more people can be employed. Conservatives also believe in individual responsibility and that only the needy should be helped.

Wants Socialist Controls

The Democrat party believes that it should spend as much as it needs to do whatever it wants. As noted in the first paragraph, this party actually believes that all money should belong to the government and they should then decide how much wage earners can keep.

Size &
Balanced Budget

So that you can keep your own money, Conservatives believe in small government with budgets only large enough to do what is absolutely necessary. They also do not believe in automatic year-over-year budget increases as baseline budgeting legalizes.

Wants Socialist Controls

Promoting the universal need for healthcare, the Democrat party alone created ‘ObamaCare,’ through an illegal legislative process, which will in the end cover fewer Americans, with higher unpublished premiums and deductibles, while turning over our privacy and healthcare decisions to the IRS.

Competition to Reduce Costs

Conservatives supports less intrusive insurance plans with competition to reduce costs. We support non-intrusive BasicCare, states’ level healthcare without insurance, and having reasonable co-pays, and a tax on purchases of everything not a necessity of life.

Wants Socialist Controls

The Democrat party wants control through Socialism, so it does everything it can to make Americans dependent on its government. Its goal is to generate votes through fear of the loss of survival ‘benefits.' It is a sadistic, psychologically debilitating political party.

Safety Net Plus Freedom

Conservatives promote freedom, individuality responsibility and self-sufficiency, but fully recognizes the obligation to help those in need. So it would always provide help and a welfare safety net for everyone truly in need, and it would never end the Social Security Program. But it needs to be fixed

Wants Socialist Controls

The Federal Reserve is a private company extension of the Democrat party allowed to print and ’sell’ our money for its own benefit and those of the big banks. It ‘drives’ ‘Wall Street,' which is controlled by Democrats, and needs ‘flux’ to encourage price changes so big investment brokerages and traders can make a profit tricking people out of their money.

Eliminate Globalist Socialist Controls

Conservatives do not support the need for the Federal Reserve because of the inflation it causes in support big banks. JFK agreed, and was most probably murdered by the CIA because he was about to support a law to end it. Conservatives believe that we would be far better off using a stable low interest system, like the Canadian Banking System.

Wants Socialist Controls

Countries need laws to guide businesses, provide public safety, promote civil discourse, and to keep the peace. However, congress and the president through the years have created more laws than are necessary. Producing over 24,000, President Obama is the worst.

Eliminate Socialist Controls

Conservatives, would, given the chance, reduce the number of laws that are strangling the country and preventing employment. They would also eliminate some federal departments, which would further reduce government overreach.

Wants Socialist Controls

The Democrat party and Obama claim the Constitution is biased toward rich white people, so they have developed various schemes to say it should be considered a living document subject to interpretation. They also want laws that say what they can do for people instead of what the Constitution does: protect all our freedoms.

Follow US Constitution

Conservatives still see the US Constitution as the protector of all human rights and freedoms, and fear what Democrats could do to our country if laws were allowed to say what they can do for us. The prime example is the ACA, aka ObamaCare, which controls our lives while disguised as a tax.

Wants Globalized Socialism

Historically, the U.S. has been the global protector of peoples around the world. Jealous of our wealth and global reach, some countries object to our global presence, so the Obama response has been a complete disaster,* and to withdraw from Europe, leaving countries more vulnerable to attack. *Drone policy 'correction' and continues.

Wants America's Sovereignty

Conservatives accept the responsibility to be a global peacekeeper by projecting strength, so they would reverse most of Obama's positions, while still keeping a self-defense posture. Conservatives believe that free people in other countries should decide their own fate, and are always ready to help countries in need.

Wants Globalized Socialism

The Democrat party, lead by Obama, is methodically reducing the size of the U.S. Military and decommissioning weapons systems, while increasing the size of the DHS and departments like the TSA, made necessary by Obama's intentional international drone terrorism.

Wants America's Sovereignty

Conservatives would keep a strong military and reverse Obama policies that reduce arms and ‘kill’ valuable weapons systems currently installed on many naval ships. And by stopping international drone terrorism be able to downsize the DHS, TSA and the police state apparatus.

Totally Corrupt

Although history shows Bill Clinton ended his presidency with a surplus, the following Bush Administration could not find how $2.3 trillion was used. Similarly, Hillary Clinton could not account for $6 billion when Secretary of State under Obama. The Mainstream media was not interested in covering either story.

Our ‘Lost’
Restore Gov Ethics

Conservatives would reduce regulations to restore jobs, and reduce government spending. They also want to know if the lost $6 billion is related to the $8 billion Obama is said to have given the Muslim Brotherhood to buy a portion of the Sinai Desert from Egypt to give to Hamas, when Morsi was president.


The Obama Democrat party has gone out of its way to harm the US military by making rules of engagement Muslim-friendly, which doubled the Bush term combat deaths in half the time. Obama has also shamed and retired many officers, and said returning war fighters had psychological problems before enlistment as a defense for problems related to repeated tours in war zones.


Conservatives respect and applaud the US military and would do just the opposite because it’s members make many sacrifices to protect our freedoms and national security, as did veterans before them. It would reverse benefits taken, restore reduced wages, and provide enough healthcare to prevent the desire to destroy medical intake forms to reduce backlogs.

Wants NWO -- UN Agenda 21

The Democrat party, throughout the years, has increased the size of ‘government owned land’ to an absurd proportion. For example, the federal government now owns 52% of all western land, and over 80% of Nevada. Of course we want national parks, but the government has also taken large areas of grazing land and then made sheep and cattle ranchers pay for grazing!

Wants American Sovereignty

Confiscation in the name of conserver-ship can be carried too far. As can the government allowing large-scale solar energy and wind turbine farms on public lands in the name of reducing CO2 emmissions, while endangering indigenous wildlife. Conservatives would return some of that land back to the states, while opening some areas to the sensible production of energy.

Agenda Driven

While claiming to support the environment and the protection of wildlife, the federal govern has turned a blind-eye to the enormous damage to wildlife caused by large scale solar farms and wind turbines, and the fact that they are not carbon neutral overall. And they are pushing man-made global warming based on flawed science and computer models to increase taxes and population control.

& Wildlife
Common Sense Driven

Many Conservatives are also environmentalists and ‘tree huggers,’ and support the need to protect the Earth and all its inhabitants, so they wholeheartedly support protecting the Redwoods, and all ocean, river and land animals. Conservatives however still prefer the use of clean coal until better sources of energy can be developed, and see the man-made global warming issue for what it is — a big lie.

Wants Socialist Controls

The Democrat party has long understood that to get control over the U.S. population it must create a society with no moral guidance, so it promotes a Godless nation based on government rules. You can witness the results in children without fathers, the rate of abortions, inner city crime and the ubiquitous use of drugs to escape reality.

Wants Morality Guided Society

Conservatives have long understood that to keep a nation together it must have moral codes, so it promotes God’s Ten Commandments, the family, pro-life, the concept of neighbor helping neighbor, a clean and bright future, and do unto others as you would yourself be treated.

Wants Socialist Controls

Over many states’ objections, the Democrat party insists on government control of education by claiming supreme authority over the education of children. They have also created Common Core and forced states that want government aid to accept it. This is forced Socialism through teachers unions. Common Core has been shown to ’dumb down’ educational standards, promote Socialism and be anti-religion.

Restore States' Rights

Conservatives believe in states’ and parents rights. Conservatives would return grade school education to its traditional roots, and give back the control of children to their parents, and the right for each state to create its own educational curriculum. Educators have spoken out about Common Core’s biases and poor standards. Conservatives would stop Common Core, and restore other states' rights.

As we reflect on the above and the content of this web site it’s hard not to observe that the Democrat party has changed considerably since I was a member, as it was much more American and conservative then. With more socialists and 'progressives' now, it is the party of depression, hopelessness and despair. It seems to have no redeeming values other than to take from one to give to another — too drag down ‘the haves' — rather helping those without to do better on their own. They want to take care of everyone, like mothers without children who turn their instincts outward to hover, not in a helping benevolent way like a mentor or guardian but like an overbearing group of sick people. A group that constantly seeks control in every way that it can, and as a result it either spawns control freaks or drug addicts. Unwilling to seal the Mexican border and with so many school children on drugs, one has to wonder if they are not really in the drug business, or business of drugging to get conformity. It’s no wonder they try so hard to prevent those under their spell from listening to the Right by claiming Racism or some other ruse. No doubt, they are the real Fascists.

Liberals think they can coexist with everyone, except Republicans

The reason for this is that stubborn, naive, immature minds cannot deal with common sense.



Political Differences: Clinton vs Trump, Democrat vs Conservative

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