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Diane Richardson, with research supported by Laura J Cambria

May 23, 2014, added link* June 2, 2014, 6 PM

The Obama Administration’s Conspiracy Against the US Military and its Veterans

In order to prove a conspiracy one must prove an attempt by two or more persons to commit a criminal act. The conspiracy we claim is by one Barack Hussein Obama against the US Military and its Veterans as a proxy against the United States of America, a country he hates, while attempting to change it as quickly as he can, with the support of his Socialist, Communist and Muslim agents in various branches of the federal government. The charge is ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ in violation of his oath of office, including treason and murder.

The evidence will show that because,
A) Obama is a non-citizen usurper, he feels no binding allegiance to America, freeing him from any and all national bonds,
B) as a Communist, Obama hates our Constitution and constantly attempts to avoid its constraints without guilt,
C) as both a Muslim and would-be ruler, Obama feels the military would not support his attempts to overthrow the US government by way of a phony national emergency that would become martial law, so he is trying to mold it to his liking with younger more malleable leaders while reducing its potential dangers to his future actions, and
D) Obama is taking out his frustrations and resentments on the standing military and veterans as acts of revenge against a rich, racist country that favors whites and doesn’t support his style of Communist dictatorial control.
E) We will also show that Obama’s foreign policy is to weaken the United States in every way that he can, while helping our enemies and potential enemies, who would then become his partners in a new Communist, Muslim lead, America. While those still fooled complain about the silly or incongruent things he does that don’t conform to their more patriotic US-centric expectations.

It might sound a bit crazy to you, but the evidence has been accumulating for the last 6 years.

A) Obama is a non-citizen

By his own words in his book promotion literature here.
and his bio while in the Illinois Senate,
and as recorded here.

B) Obama is a Communist who hates America as it is

• Recorded here.
• He is destroying the country to create communism recorded here.
• He is selling parts of America to the Chinese government by converting US debt recorded here.

C) Obama is a Muslim and would-be ruler

• He is a Muslim recorded here.
• He is a would-be ruler recorded here.
• He has Socialist, Communist and Muslim agents in various branches of the federal government and advisers recorded here.
• Obama seems to follow these four Muslim friendly rules of engagement recorded here.

• This is why he will not help Dr. Shakeel Afridi imprisoned in Pakistan for helping to get Bin Ladin
• This is why he will not help a US citizen imprisoned in Iran
• This is why he will not give weapons to Christian-led Nigeria or help any Christian nation or Christians in distress, unless forced in some way.
• This is why Common Core favors Islam and denigrates Christians and Jews recorded here.
• This is why Obama does not appoint an Ambassador for Religious Freedom because he does not believe in it at a fundamental level, because he is a (Sunni) Muslim, no matter what he says.
• This is why Obama does what he does with regard to religion recorded philosophically here.

D: Obama’s revenge against the US Military as a proxy against the US he hates
Evidence List:

While it’s easy to say that this is not Obama’s fault, please consider that ‘big government’ by Democrats proves once again that it does not work, and that the folks he appoints to head some cabinet posts, are ‘by design’ intentionally ‘unskilled’ for the positions for which they were selected — J Biden, H Clinton, J Kerry, Gen E Shinseki.
60 Dead Veterans left to rot in LA County Morgue for 18 months while Obama Gets Photo Op in Afghanistan. (2)

• 2009: “Senators slam plan for wounded vets to use private insurance,” by Adam Levine, CNN.

• Obama team considering plan in which vets would use private insurance for wounds
• No official proposal to create such a program has been announced publicly
• Veterans organizations have been lobbying Congress to oppose the idea
• Lawmakers say plan would be rejected if it goes to Congress

• 2009: “Veterans groups irate at Obama’s private insurance proposal,” by Adam Levine, CNN.

• Obama plan would charge veterans' private health care for service-related injuries
• Groups say government has moral obligation to pay for service-connected injuries
• Obama says plan will generate $540 million for Department of Veterans Affairs

• 2009: “Veterans Groups Blast Obama Plan for Private Insurance to Pay for Service-Related Health Care,” March 17, 2009,

• Obama was warned of the VA hospital overload in 2008, but ignored it for 6 years, until the meltdown in 2014:
• "He KNEW! Obama told of Veterans Affairs health care debacle as far back as 2008,” by Jim McElhatton, The Washington Times, May 18, 2014.

Obama Was Warned About VA Hospitals 5 Years Ago!, by The Elephant’s Child, May 19, 2014, 8:55 pm.
• We were unable to find this news reported by ABC, NBC, CBS, USA Today or the Washington Post
• Obama remains quiet because he expected this to happen, so he needs to find a way to ‘express’ phony surprise and anger that it did. But he will be slow to fix anything because he doesn’t wan to.

• Obama’s Muslim enemy-friendly rules of engagement in war zones created more than twice the deaths in four years that occurred during the eight-year Bush presidency recorded here.
• War fighters know these Muslim enemy-friendly rules of engagement hurt them, but they probably don't fully understand why the president does not fully support them by having these Muslim enemy-friendly rules, creating a number of potential psychological problems. Then Obama failed to properly support their needs after returning with assorted PTSD issues, resulting in increased suicides and deaths recorded ("" target="_blank">here. Link removed at source.)
• But to cover up the Muslim enemy-friendly rules of engagement, Obama insulted war fighters by having a report created that says that they already had mental problems before enlistment recorded here.
• Obama allowed the killing of SEAL Team 6 — Extortion 17 — as Muslim payback for killing Bin Ladin recorded here.
• Obama caught officers in various phony scandals, then demoted them and or changed their assignments, reducing military effectiveness — see news
• Obama asked dozens of generals and command officers to retire recorded here.
• Obama is reducing nuclear arms for Russia, increasing the threat of war — see news
• Obama is decommissioning active superior advanced weapons systems on war ships, increasing the threat of war, recorded here, with further explanation here under National Defense.
• Obama reduced the pay of National Guard troops on active duty recorded here, with further context here.
• Obama took away small but important veterans benefits for no good reason, recorded here and here.
• Obama wants to further disrespect the military by closing PXs (tax-free post exchanges or commissaries) recorded here and here.
• Obama shutdown visits to national memorials during sequester, and tried to prevent veterans from the monuments — this took extra effort and money to do — recorded here.
• Obama's 'National Police Force,' now called 'Federal Protective Services,' has been intimidating 'patriots,' recorded here, and sent warnings to all government agencies and domestic police departments that veterans, patriots and Constitution Americans are to be considered enemies of the State, recorded here and here here.
• Obama is destroying military cohesion and morale ("" target="_blank">here. Link removed at source.)

E) Intentional Damage to the US Military

Gordon Helsel, Team Obama has brought Americans to an all-time low — let's come together now in faith and action,, December 28, 2013.

F) Obama Foreign Policy

Senators that voted to cut military pensions

With all the government waste, and welfare to over 50% (millions) of illegal immigrants, Democrat Senators, and a few Republicans, actually thought it appropriate to cut military pensions, breaking promises to our most honorable Americans.

Fred Thompson, RIP



The Obama Administration’s Conspiracy Against the US Military and its Veterans

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