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Diane Richardson

This is my solution to Same-sex Marriage.

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Democrat Propaganda: Same-sex Couples are Cheated out of Equality

Homosexuals aught not to push their new right too far because it could still be taken away, because the American Psychiatric Association (APA) had classified homosexuality as a mental disorder, and the only reason that the 'APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-II)' does not now show homosexuality as a mental disorder is that voting members of the APA were tricked into voting it out by homosexuals who got a copy of the member mailing list and produce a letter recommended its removal that was presumed to be from the Association.

This means that the Supreme Court's decision to give same-sex marriage legitimacy was actually bestowed on people the APA considers to have mental disorders, not people considered 'whole' in mind, body and spirit.

Homosexuality is a mental illness, voiding same-sex marriage: Is Homosexuality a Mental Disorder?

Shall we go back to court?

As background, in my book, written for students and low information voters, I say:

"Since the Left is trying to force society to accept same-sex couples, it, by default, supports sodomy. Churches are against same-sex marriage because sodomy is not condoned by their religious beliefs. The Right is against sodomy because it has the potential to create diseases. The Right is against same-sex marriage because it would sanction sodomy as a socially acceptable form of intimacy, which is the same as approving it. The Right believes that male-female coupling and marriage should be the accepted norm, and for procreation, as they have been throughout civilized history. The Right is also against forcing anyone or group to do anything.

As society experiences more freedoms, it continues to become more complex and difficult to integrate into, creating the need for attachments that serve our most intimate feelings and needs, many mercurial, some not. No doubt, many of the young and emotional involved see same-sex marriage through the eyes of love and or attachment. But, society will not be forced to do anything it feels is against its better nature.

Before the Left started forcing society to accept same-sex marriage, as apposed to civil unions - which resolve all the legal issues - like 'Boston Marriages', men living together and women living together were always accepted, now platonic relationships have become unnecessarily sexualized.

Like many people and families, this issue affects me personally, so it's very difficult for me. With deep feelings of right and wrong, I'm unable to support sodomy as a socially acceptable form of intimacy. But, to acknowledge that love and difficult legal issues are involved, I support Civil Unions." From Left vs Right: political position for a better America.

I now suggest that there is a sensible solution that should please almost everyone: If we recognize that only the church, or theologians, can perform marriage ceremonies, and that government can only perform civil ceremonies, then it should be so. It should therefore be accepted and understood that if couples are joined in a church they are married. And if couples are joined by anyone other than a recognized theologian, they have been joined legally by way of a civil ceremony.

The marriage licensing would stay the same; the final classification of 'marriage' or 'civl union' would be determined by the credentials of the person performing the ceremony. As a practical matter, they can all say that they are 'married' but the legal difference will be as documented.

What should the Supreme Court decide? Based on the Ninth and Tenth Amendment it shouldn't decide anything, because this is a states rights issue.

Now listen to a more scholarly approach, and the affects on children and society:

Ryan T. Anderson - What is Marriage?

StanfordAnscombeSociety SAS, Published on Jul 8, 2014.



Democrat Propaganda: Same-sex Couples are Cheated out of Equality

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