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February 10, 2016, minor edits ~ 9 hrs after publishing

Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Dear Rush,

I am a conservative, and I am for Trump.

And I am so sick of you claiming that Senator Cruz is a Conservative while Trump is not, I thought to write this letter.

Let's start with Cruz.

Like Mr. Trump, Senator Cruz says he wants a wall on the Mexican border. He also says that he won't support amnesty. And he says that he won't support green cards. Yet he does not want to deport illegals. Please explain to me how that works? Does this mean we have to support over 25 million illegals for as long as they live? And give them free health care? Or does this mean that he supports illegals but has twisted his message in a way to deceive us? For more detail, see Problem 2: Illegal Immigration is Sucking the Life Blood out of America

Speaking of deceiving us, unless he is in a false marriage in which he doesn't share beliefs and goals with his wife, please explain why he is happy with... (copied from our home page, under the title, The Real Senator Cruz is not being truthful and a stealth crony capitalist:):

Heidi Cruz has been involved in the corruption of our economy and sovereignty through trade policies, expanding immigration, promoting global warming, sharing our electric grid with Mexico, and corrupting our energy supply, on behalf of the CFR, the NAU and Goldman Sachs: why Senator Cruz should not get anywhere near the White House.

See also Note 1 on the Candidates Compared page.

Building a border fence while refusing to deport over 25 million illegal immigrants does nothing but 'lock them in' country. So to say that they will not get green cards or amnesty is disingenuous. But it does guarantee welfare payments! Therefore, supporting illegal immigrants, and unreasonable levels of legal (H1-B) immigration, and free trade, without protecting American workers is the work of crony capitalism, which supports business interests over America's interests -- see Candidates Compared.

On ethics, also copied from our home page under the same title:

Senator Cruz's staff stole Iowa caucus votes from Dr. Carson by calling Dr. Carson's supporters just before the voting saying he had dropped out of the race, knowing that he had not dropped out.

Email from Dr. Carson:


Exclusive audio was just released by Breitbart News which indicates that as the Iowa Caucuses were beginning on Monday night, the Cruz campaign called precinct captains across the state to inform them that I was suspending my campaign, and to instruct voters that "they should not waste a vote on Ben Carson and vote for Ted Cruz." You can listen below:

These calls were placed after my campaign clarified that any talk of suspension was false.

This kind of deceitful behavior is why the American people don't trust politicians and don't trust Washington, D.C. If Senator Cruz does not act, then he clearly represents D.C. values."

So I disagree with you -- I don't think this image is anywhere close to being like Reagan.

On Mr. Trump not being a Conservative

As a regular listener because you share and articulate many of my beliefs, I'm not sure why you classify Mr. Trump as not being a convert to conservatism, so I'll try to guess. Let's start with healthcare. I think that you claim he will just replace the Affordable Care Act, AKA ObamaCare, with just another government run health care system as proof he is not a conservative, because the Republican Party, not just conservatives, wants everyone to manage their own health by having a health savings account (HSA) instead. While I have not heard Mr. Trump say that he would not allow HSAs, I have heard him say that he would endeavor to reduce the cost of healthcare by negotiating the reduction in the cost of prescription drugs substantially, and he would insist on cross-border free-market principles to drive down the cost of insurance.

But the crux of the problem in the Republican plan, as I see it, is what happens to the vast majority of those that do not earn enough to create a useful HSA. Are you suggesting they should be left on their own? Or to the interests of their employer, if they have one, and that cares? That government should not help them? That we should just let them go to the emergency room at much higher cost than if they had sensible insurance coverage?

And how about Social Security? Are you suggesting that we should do away with the Social Security safety net? Please explain your arguments that Mr. Trump is not a conservative in more detail so we can all better understand them, because right now I see you as on the wrong side of making America great again.


Diane Richardson

MACP (Psychology and Counseling), MBA, business manager and turnaround expert, problem solving engineer, retired Director of MBA Programs, educator; author of Left vs. Right: political positions for a better America, written for students and low information voters; creator of,, and

The future of healthcare should be BasicCare —

(Due to vision problems that cannot be fixed, I apologize in advance for any errors in grammar or spelling. Please feel free to make corrections.)

PS: Among the many problems we face today, the most important are illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism, and jobs for Americans in a highly regulated, sovereignty-busting free-trade and crony capitalist economy, all sponsored by a destructive and outlaw (radical Muslim and Communist) president.

Mr. Trump is against all this legislative incompetence and ethical decay, and is without question the candidate with the strongest positions on controlling immigration and restoring US sovereignty, protecting the US and the world from radical Islam, and providing jobs for Americans by ensuring that we have trade and visa policies that favor America. He wants to put his hands-on leadership skills as a high-end real estate developer to work for us to lower taxes, save money and downsize the government, while creating a common sense driven economy with a moral center. With knowledge of just how complex a world he has been successful in, from city and code building permits to attracting high end customers, we are lucky he is a Republican candidate for president. So I am truly baffled by your position.

Why Ted Cruz is unfit to be president a citizen of the United States, or my friend or my neighbor: Video, Article. What an awful human being he is.

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Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

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