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America needs Trump, the world needs Trump, and here's why

I'm not sure I can articulate this in a way the hard Left ideologues can understand it but almost everyone else should.

To begin, this article should be read first: Trump Economy to End Crimes Against America.

There are perhaps five possible presidential outcomes, and one is neither Senator Cruz nor Governor Kasich.

Senator Cruz is not eligible because he is not 'natural born'; he may not even be a US citizen.

Governor Kasich has too little appeal, most probably because his state is in trouble because he expanded government after it struck oil, but now the price of oil is down. He also offers a future too much like what we have, as does Mrs. Clinton (as well as Senator Cruz) -- a crony capitalist economy doomed to eventual failure in what I've characterized as death by a thousand cuts in the above article. But his continued presence in the race should not be underestimated because the GOP has said their nominee will be from the three remaining candidates and we know they don't want Trump or Cruz, so he remains the stealth nominee.

John Kasich Goes All In For Amnesty: Illegals ‘Made In The Image Of The Lord’, The Associated Press, by Julia Hahn, 14 Mar 2016 Miami, FL

Senator Sanders offers far worse than what we have in a socialist state economy that could become communist -- hard socialism by force and or intimidation while controlling the means of production -- when what he wants to happen does not happen. Does he really think that he can increase taxes without consequences? In free countries when things get out of control the rich move. For example, over 10,000 millionaires have moved out of France, most going to places like Australia. The only way Senator Sanders could keep millionaires from leaving would be to close the borders and cancel their passports as all communist countries do. What this really suggests is that everyone's taxes would rise substantially if his goal would be the Nordic model of socialism.

Mr. Trump is, however, much of what the Left thinks he is -- somewhat crude, sometimes immature, politically undisciplined, and so brutally honest it sometimes hurts. The political portrait of him also being a liar -- re Trump University -- is for the courts to decide, but to support him he says he has documented proof of happy graduates. Very experienced and successful in the world of business (Note 1), he has outspoken opinions but has shown that he is willing to adjust with more information. In fact, what I see is that he is almost always negotiating a future deal by what he says about most anything publicly, posturing a hard line as a basis for future successful negotiation -- as in the Art of the Deal -- which is fundamental to the way he thinks. But, as a statesman, he is right now a step down in conventional presidential class, as Senator Sanders would seem to be.

What I find extremely distasteful and for which Mr. Trump should sue CBS and its affiliates, is misrepresenting Mr. Trump during its prime time evening show Inside Edition. (March 30 or 31, 2016)

On that night they showed a video clip of Mr. Trump boasting about being very rich, then asked a local in Scotland how he felt about that, and the Scotsman indicated that true Scots don't behave that way.

What no one seemed to know is that boasting is part of many of Mr. Trumps rallies to suggest that the skills that made him rich would be used to make America rich too.

While I don't understand why the FEC allows lying to Americans to get votes because it clearly is voter tampering, for CBS to intentionally bias Scots against Mr. Trump would seem to be slanderous, and should be sued for damages.

1980-2015, Donald J. Trump, The Long Road to the White House

Importantly, Mr. Trump represents a type of boldness on foreign policy and leadership that can save us from the financial ruin that will eventually cause us to fail domestically and militarily. And by doing so teach the rest of the world how to grow up and prosper too.

This is desperately needed because crony capitalists in government have sold us out to the global corporations. And they in turn are allowing 'America's' intellectual properties, products and services to be bought up by China and other countries using revenues from unfair trade policies, which will leave us weak and poor. The Muslim Brotherhood has also been allowed to infect Common Core sowing hate against Christians and Jews while promoting Islam (which does not agree to accept our Constitution or Bill of Rights). And the global elites are running the Fed and the US banking system to help insure perpetual enslavement to their financial policies, while the country falls deeper into the hands of the UN's Agenda 21 (a no-borders form of global socialism). While the rest of the free world has leaned on us by not contributing its fair share to insure global freedom or even their own safety.

Mr. Trump sees all this, and as a committed patriot wants to help, so he should be applauded not ridiculed. He wants to end all the abuses by restoring fair trade, jobs and the US economy. He wants to restore the military, and I'm sure that he would let his generals do what they need to do the way they need to do it. And he wants to end Common Core. You can read his other positions in his papers at his website or by tuning in to his rallies. You can also learn what a great guy he really is by going to his section on our home page, and learn all his positions on the Candidates Compared page. In the meantime, Mr. Trump will learn to be the type of president we all expect him to be.

The fourth alternative is a new insider as Hillary's (Note 2) replacement should she be indicted; most likely Mr. Biden, who looks the part but would continue Obama's dreadful policies along with Washington corruption and crony capitalism, as would Mr. Ryan, if he is chosen by the GOP during a contested convention. Both insure the eventual death of America as we know it.

VIDEO: After Trump's win in Indiana, after which Cruz and Kasich dropped out: Gingrich: Speaker Ryan made a big mistake today

May. 05, 2016 - 11:47 - Former House speaker reacts on 'Hannity' to current speaker hesitating to support the presumptive Republican nominee.

VIDEO: Trump on potential VP pick, funding campaign, foreign policy

May. 05, 2016 - 22:30 - On 'Special Report,' Republican presidential candidate opens up about the search for a vice presidential choice, reaching out to Sanders voters, fighting ISIS, Putin, economy and jobs, domestic policy

Clinton v Trump

Note 1: The REAL Donald J. Trump on Finances. By Thornton Crowe

In 1991, Mr. Trump "was invited to speak to the House Task Force on Urgent Fiscal Issues... to talk about his experience and the state of the country's failing economy... He succinctly explains the issues as well as the reason why government... needed to... undo the reforms that were passed in 1986."

Note 2: Mrs. Clinton does political pandering without a conscience: Hillary Clinton’s ‘unborn person’ comments anger both pro-choice, pro-life sides -- Outlines abortion views after Trump comments spark furor.* By Bradford Richardson - The Washington Times - Sunday, April 3, 2016.

*During questioning intended to embarrass him -- while displaying an open fully committed posture -- Mr. Trump was badgered into answering a hypothetical question about punishment for abortion IF it were illegal. To which he responded that the (guilty) women should be punished. He later said that abortion providers should be punished instead. I disagree. Those that break the should be punished. But the punishment in this case could be that these women should be required to undergo counseling, which should include seeking adoption first because an 'unborn person' deserves more consideration and respect than is suggested by Mrs. Clinton.

And I did not say a word about immigration. Or the high percentage of Muslim refugees who would like to impose Sharia on us or the common practice of female genital mutilation that Muslim refugees bring with them as part of the unwillingness to assimilate that neither party seems willing to discuss.

Why they want to stop Donal Trump.

The Trump Family That I Know - Lynne Patton.

Voting Machines and GOP Fraud?

We have also learned of Diebold and other voting machine fraud and the suggestion that the GOP is not only fully aware of it but planning to use it in New York to limit Trump votes.

Use Diebold to limit Trump votes

1A, New York, Diebold, Vote Machine Hacking,A1,Hillary, 1,a,Trump, Bernie, Cruz
2016 Election Restoration.Published on Mar 27, 2016

GOP leaders against Trump

Video clip: Obama calls for more openness to refugees in wake of attacks (?!)
Mar. 28, 2016 - 4:36 - KT McFarland calls the administration's view 'untethered from reality'

Women of Germany support Trump

Women of Europe support Trump

Fred Thompson, RIP



America needs Trump, the world needs Trump, and here's why

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