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Diane Richardson

March 6, 2014

“In his excellent introduction to this definitive American translation of Mein Kampf, Konrad Heiden writes: "For years Mein Kampf stood as proof of the blindness and complacency of the world. For in its pages Hitler announced -- long before he came to power -- a program of blood and terror in a self-revelation of such overwhelming frankness that few among its readers had the courage to believe it ... That such a man could go so far toward realizing his ambitions, and -- above all -- could find millions of willing tools and helpers; that is a phenomenon the world will ponder for centuries to come." We would be wrong in thinking that such a program, such a man, and such appalling consequences could not reappear in our world of the present. We cannot permit our selves the luxury of forgetting the tragedy of World War II or the man who, more than any other, fostered it. Mein Kampf must be read and constantly remembered as a specimen of evil demagoguery that people whenever men grow tired of thinking and acting for themselves.”

From the description of Mein Kampf Paperback – September 15, 1998 by Adolf Hitler (Author), Ralph Manheim (Translator), at (1)

The Obama Administration and its Comparison to a Fourth Reich

While adding a blog on debunking Democrat belief that Neo-Nazis (new Nazis) are Right-wing Radicals to our web site (2), a disturbing collection of thoughts instantly came together in a way they had never done so before. I suppose the delay was denial, even though the evidence was quite clear and always there to be seen.

For example, on the home page, we identify many of the ways the Left — “Liberals,” Democrats/Progressives/Socialists/Communists and Obamaites, aka Social-Democrats — lie to deceive school children and young adults, and their followers, just like the Social-Democrats of Hitler’s Third Reich did, and how psychiatrists describe their attempts to take care of us birth-to-death and control us in every way possible as a sickness.

On the Enemy #1 page, we attempt to outline Barack Obama’s Communist, Racist, hate-filled Hawaiian upbringing and young adulthood in Chicago, and his presidential rain of terror on citizens of other countries, for which he has been named a war criminal. And the terrorists that he alone has created that we must now defend against with a huge DHS and TSA. While his NSA, and desire for a national civilian police force that is being constituted by commandeering and training police forces throughout the country, seem to have Police State intentions.

On the Jihad W H page, we describe his many actions to prepare for civil unrest and Martial Law, including internment camps for political dissidents. I removed the evidence on rail cars and shackles because it seemed just too unbelievable, until a recently retired Army general offered his own concern about the need for these rail cars in one of his own articles.

Then, throughout the web site, we describe dozens of actions that his administration has taking to destroy America, with obvious intent to harm and discredit the U.S. military, while putting millions out of work and onto welfare and driving our debt to unfathomable proportions.

But the most disturbingly revelation is the ongoing hate leveled at Republicans, with no reported evidence of misdeed, just like Hitler’s regime did to the Jews. But which everyone, including his adoring press, glosses over as deserving political bias against Fox News and talk radio, the only remaining major voices against his many unAmerican deeds and violations of his oath of office.

But what of it? An argument could be made that with a declining popularity ‘Obama’ -- his real name is Barry Soetoro, and he is a Muslim -- no longer has the majority support needed to carryout such a ‘takeover.’ However, once he disables the internet and collects a few thousand adversarial leaders, with his 2,700 armored vehicles, and puts them in detention camps or just kills them, he only has a decentralized and disorganized resistance to deal with. But he needs followers to carryout any action. So, the real question is, Who do 'these many different Americans’ follow if Obama declares a state of emergency or Martial Law? The answers surely depends on what is perceived as the emergency. Therefore, in the following analysis, we are only concerned with the answer to, If it’s perceived as a takeover.

A) Who do the U.S. military follow? Aside from Muslim dissidents, nearly every member of the military, present and past, is a true-blue American. The military will only follow someone who it perceives as their real leader, most probably a respected member of Congress or a current or retired General, like retired 4-star General Keane. Or General Powell. And, given how much Obama has tried to harm serving members of the military and their dependents, and veterans, by taking away long standing benefits, and most recently allowed a report that claims that a “large number of soldiers had mental illness before [enlistment]” (3), it’s easy to assume that the military will not follow his orders. “If it’s perceived as a takeover."

In fact, the report to insult serving members and veterans was most probably published to provoke an adversarial response — an incident, at the planned May 16th Washington Mall protest to remove him from office, that could be used to declare a state of emergency.

B) Who do over 100,000 armed government agents (from within many different agencies) follow? They will follow the orders of the president until an order is given that violates a moral code, or they suspect a takeover.

C) Who would the police forces scattered throughout the U.S. follow under Martial Law? Answer: Given many are military veterans, most will not follow his directives, if they perceive anything other than a genuine emergency.

Complications: At this time, it is known that 22 anti-American Islamic training camps exist throughout the U.S. that the Obama government has given orders to ignore. (4) Although they may be deployed to act on his behalf before any planned takeover, we believe that they are being watched by ‘Americans’ in order to take action should their be a need. The question is, How many Americans might they be able to kill before they are eliminated. And what will the drug and street gangs do?

D) Who will Democrats, the mainstream media and welfare recipients follow? Although most welfare support is provided out of state funds, given Obama controls the government, the money supply, the food and the fuel supply, the answer is, most probably the president, until a leader steps forward and restores the Internet, and gives countermanding orders supported by Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court.

As for the rest of us, most are expected to side with the Right, because, after all, we are Americans. But in times of emergency chaos rains, so street battles might rage until, either the resistance is out of ammunition and annihilated, or Obama is arrested. In the meantime, some patriotic governors may try to act independently.

But with five years of obvious destruction, and nearly three years left to go in his administration, Republicans in the House and Senate seem oblivious to the coming apocalypse, which could be described as the coming of The Fourth Reich.

3) “Large number of soldiers had mental illness before enlisting,” March 04, 2014, The Wall Street Journal,
4) "Terror in USA – 22 Training Camps, Minneapolis Explosion," February 19, 2014 | Filed underTerror | By SUAadmin,



The Obama Administration and its Comparison to a Fourth Reich

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