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The War on America Turns 50: How the Democrat Party is destroying America

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The Invisible Herd of Elephants: Uncounted Unemployment, and the Real Unemployment Rate

Summery: We’ve had enough lies.

The actual US Citizen unemployment rate is between 19 and 26.5%,* with an additional 25% without full time jobs.
Gallup explains it here, with details explained here.

The government hides the real citizen unemployment rate by providing electronic debit cards instead of food stamps, and shutting down soup kitchens and food pantries whenever they are reported.

Even worse, many of the new jobs are part-time.

Note: Keep in mind that welfare spending is only paid for from taxes by those that work, which is currently less than 1/3rd of the US population, and even then many of those pay no net taxes and also get tax redistribution checks. And all public employment is paid for out of taxes. In other words, a small portion of our population actually pays for everything. Or its debt spending that raises prices and could eventually cause a US bankruptcy.

** CEO of Gallup calls jobless rate ‘big lie’ created by White House, Wall Street, media," February 04, 2015,

** To learn how the economy works, and the primary reason why Obama should be impeached, read this page.

The new face of food stamps: working-age Americans

See also, "BRUCE: Feds disguising the devastation of poverty: Easy benefits allow the poor to settle into ambition-numbing subsistence," by Tammy Bruce, May 1, 2014.

The government is also having trouble reporting the correct Consumer Price Index (CPI), that many businesses and institutions use regularly and which Social Security payments are based, read this: Census office survey scandal grows as inflation stats faked

Stone Cold Proof That Gov’t Economic Numbers Are Being Highly Manipulated, by Michael Snyder, June 26, 2014, Activist Post.

51% of immigrant households on welfare, 30% 'native Americans'

*Pew: "Im­mig­rants [legal and illegal] make up 13 percent [42 m] of the pop­u­la­tion and 17 percent [27 m] of the [total available labor force]" This calculates to 26.5% of the current Obama workforce is immigrants taking jobs away from Americans, with most paying no net taxes.


The lost jobs and reduced work hours due to the business impact of ObamaCare and Obama policies can no longer pay the bills and put food on the table for those affected, while the other economic damage due to the increased costs of insurance premium and deductibles drains the life out of the middle class. Gallup warned us in February that the jobless rate was a “Big Lie” because among other reasons how the government classifies having a job causes more than 30 million U.S. workers to not be counted properly.

Using this new metric, more than 19% of the U.S. Citizen (private sector) worker population are now without jobs or full-time work and many others are severely underemployed.

Please keep this in mind: I am not speaking of public sector employees because All 22 million City, State and Federal employees DO NOT REALLY PAY TAXES, or PAY A FULL SHARE OF TAXES, because ALL their income must first come from tax paying workers in the private sector. In other words, 1) taxes are deducted from about 69 million (net tax-paying -- no rebate) private sector employees; 2) some of that money pays for the employment of 22 million public sector employees; 3) those public sector employees pay a portion of their income in taxes. Hence, ALL taxes are in reality paid by workers in the private sector.

Nearly all the money the Federal Government spends is also paid from private sector taxation, which right now supports benefits and entitlements for about 158 million (50% of US population), and millions of federal employees receive the highest pay in the country, while many are at work creating more regulations than the US Economy can handle causing private sector job losses or no growth.

Still further, the U3, which measures the so-called unemployment rate, is a record of only those in the overall job market that once had jobs, but remain unemployed for four weeks. After that the U3 does not count the millions still unemployed. The U3 also does not include first time job seekers; these ‘unemployed workers’ include all those who have finished school -- these should be counted as U7 -- and all new legal immigrants -- these should be counted as U8 -- seeking jobs. All together this uncounted unemployed population is estimated to add at least 10 million to the unemployed count, accumulated over 5 years.

Adding up the total, we have ~20 m (8.85 m (at 5.6%) + 11.15 m dropped from U3 after 4 weeks and still without jobs at the current unemployment rate of 5.6%), plus ~5 m first time job seekers after schooling and never counted (accumulated over 5 years), plus ~5 m legal immigrants seeking work (accumulated over 5 years), or 30 millions legal US workers without jobs. 30m divided by 158m (the estimated U.S. workforce) equals a real unemployment rate of 19% for U.S. Citizens and legal residents. (Corrected 6/21/2016, 8: 21 AM)

However, summing all these numbers, we get 30m unemployed (Gallup) plus 10m underemployed, giving us a grand total of 40 millions workers without full-time jobs.

40m divided by 158m equals 25%, which is the percentage of US workers looking for full time jobs, and in effect should be the real unemployment rate.

And if we were to analyze the U3 further, we would discover its absurdity: Let’s presume that there are no new jobs, and everyone is laid off at the same time. In other words, no one is employed — no one has a job. After four weeks the government’s U3 would say, be happy, because the unemployment rate is Zero!

Obama’s southern border illegal immigrant migration policies, plus his visa policies, plus his global Islamic refugee policies, plus his ‘free trade’ policies, further endanger the U.S. workforce.

If we truly want to fix the U.S. Economy we must correct these indicators and face these problems. We must also recognize that a free-market economy has only three elements: it produces things, it markets/sells things, and consumers buy things — there is nothing more to it. And only government regulation can slow it down.

Ignore Socialism long enough and one day we wake up in a communist country. ( Status Chart )

Statistics (In millions)

316 US Population
158 Total US labor force -- 50%
158 All those supported by the US labor force -- 50%

158 Total US labor force -- 100%
__69 Workers in the private sector that actually pay 'all' taxes -- 43.7% **
__37 Private sector workers that pay no net taxes then get wealth redistribution checks -- 23.4%
__30 U.S. Citizen workers unemployed -- 19%. The reason that the government reports a much lower rate is because it is also counting both legal and illegal immigrant employment -- and with an illegal immigrant population of over 25 million we can reasonable assume that many of these jobs are filled by illegal immigrants.
__22 workers in the public sector — 14% — all their income comes from taxes paid by private sector. But this 14% doesn't begin to foretell the enormous benefits and pensions debt these mostly unionized employees are causing states and cities, to the point of bankruptcy.

If you do not work in the private sector, whatever taxes you pay — income, property, sales, etc — first came from a check that was sent from taxes paid by the workers in the private sector.

**Thus, all taxes are actually paid by 21.9% of the total US population working in the private sector -- as explained in public sector.

158 All those supported by the US labor force -- 100%
__76 Under 18 years of age -- 48%
__44 Over 65 years of age -- 28%
__38 Working-age adults supported by benefits and entitlements -- 24%

"The Obama-Clinton Cloward-Piven [Socialist-State] legacy:"

"Today, roughly $1 trillion annually is given to more than 107 million Americans who receive some type of government benefits – not including Social Security, Medicare or unemployment."

"In 2007, there were 26 million recipients alone [receiving] food stamps before Obama took office. There are now a record 47 million and climbing. And that doesn’t include the expansion of other entitlements (like Obamacare) given to that skyrocketing number of so-called “needy people.”"

Note: All statistics were copied or calculated from 2013 US Census data. And calculated from this date sheet

$15,408 B
$13,761 B
$1,647 B
Bank Credit
$11,323 B
$1,479 B
Gov Non-MBS
$658 B

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The Invisible Herd of Elephants: Uncounted Unemployment, and the Real Unemployment Rate

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